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The PDF file "Nuclear Power Accidents" contains a number of other incidents from various areas of the nuclear industry. Some of the incidents were never published through official channels, so this information could only be made available to the public in a roundabout way. The list of incidents in the PDF file is therefore not 100 % identical with "INES and the disturbances in nuclear facilities", but represents an addition.

4 November 2004 (INES ? Class.?) NPP Balakovo, RUS

11 November 1983 (INES 3) Nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

16 November 2001 (INES ? Class.?) High Flux Reactor, Petten, NLD

19 November 2003 (INES 2 Class.?) Nuclear factory La Hague, FRA

19 November 1975 (INES ? Class.?) NPP Gundremmingen, GER

20 November 1959 (INES 4) Nuclear factory Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA

22 November 2002 (INES 2) NPP Tihange, BEL

28 November 2007 (INES 2) NPP Asco, ESP

29 November 1970 (INES 3 | NAMS 2,5) Nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

29 November 1955 (INES 4) Research reactor EBR-I, NTRS Idaho, USA

30 November 1975 (INES 5) NPP Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad, USSR


2 December 2009 (INES 2) Cruas, FRA

2 December 1949 (INES 4 | NAMS 3,8) Nuclear factory Hanford, USA


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2. December


China | United States | fossilCOP28

Phase out of oil, gas and coal

China and the USA are ignoring the most pressing problem at the world climate conference

Without phasing out oil, gas and coal, global warming cannot be limited to a tolerable level - all experts agree on that. Nevertheless, the topic is controversial at the UN climate conference. How do the world powers China and the USA position themselves?

At the World Climate Conference in Dubai, the planet's two biggest climate sinners, China and the USA, spoke out in more detail for the first time. The two world powers, otherwise at odds on many points, agreed to ignore the proverbial elephant in the room: This refers to the exit from oil, gas and coal, which dozens of states and hundreds of environmental organizations have called for. US Vice President Kamala Harris made no mention of the issue in her speech to the plenary session on Saturday. And also in the speech of the Chinese Vice Prime Minister the evening before: booming silence.

This is not a wonder. The USA, for example, is now the largest oil producer in the world and at the same time the largest oil consumer. And the gigantic empire of China, which releases almost a third of all greenhouse gases worldwide, wants to rely on climate-damaging coal for decades to come and not become climate-neutral until 2060 at the earliest...


Nuclear weapons | deterrence | Peace Movement

Nuclear weapons: What if nuclear deterrence fails?

As tensions grow, the West relies on deterrence. This is a dangerous wrong turn. Security policy must be democratized. A guest post.

Peace is the masterpiece of reason.
Immanuel Kant

In my opinion, there was never any chance that nuclear deterrence would solve the problem of peace forever: this solution strikes me as crazy madness.
Carl Friedrich von Weizsäcker

Although the peace movement has become somewhat quiet, security policy remains a central issue of public interest. Security policy issues are no longer the exclusive preserve of scientists, politicians or military experts...


Emissions trading | Land rights | Blue Carbon

Area larger than the United Kingdom

Sheikh is buying up African forests on a large scale

As chairman of Blue Carbon, Ahmed Dalmook al-Maktoum from the United Arab Emirates does carbon deals with African countries. It's about billions of euros and a huge area of ​​valuable land.

Numerous heads of state and government are currently meeting in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to debate climate protection measures at COP28 - or "the fate of humanity", to use the pathetic words of UN Secretary-General António Guterres . It's about the progress made so far, the energy transition that needs to be managed and the question of what fair climate protection, and even fair coexistence in the world, actually looks like.

At the same time, negotiations have been underway for months by a company based in the UAE that wants to buy rights to vast African forest areas in a series of comprehensive compensation deals. An area of ​​at least 25 million hectares of forest is affected, i.e. larger than the United Kingdom, according to the British “Guardian,” among others.
reported. A member of Dubai's royal family is said to be in charge of the business...


Olaf Scholz | Climate conferencePhase-outfossil | 1,5 degrees

COP28 climate summit:

Scholz calls for a global exit from coal, oil and gas

In Dubai, the Chancellor called for a global shift away from fossil fuels. Climate change remains “the great, global challenge of our time.”

"We must now all show a firm determination to get out of fossil fuels - first and foremost coal. We can set sail for this at this climate conference," said the SPD politician in his speech in Dubai on Saturday. Olaf Scholz also said that it is still possible to reduce climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions this decade to such an extent that the 2015 degree target agreed in Paris in 1,5 is met. "But science tells us very clearly: We have to hurry up - despite all the geopolitical tensions," he said, referring to the wars in the Gaza Strip and Ukraine.

Climate change remains “the great, global challenge of our time,” emphasized Scholz. But there are already all the necessary means to meet this challenge. "The technologies are there: wind power, photovoltaics, electric drives, green hydrogen." Germany is pressing ahead with these developments. "As a successful industrial country, we want to live and work climate-neutrally by 2045."

Scholz appeals to the almost 200 countries that will be meeting in Dubai until mid-December to get involved in the energy transition...


World Climate Conference | COP28

120 countries want to triple electricity production from renewable energy sources

At the World Climate Conference in the United Arab Emirates, numerous countries joined the plan to triple their electricity generation from renewable energy sources by 2030. The president of the conference, al-Jaber, said in Dubai that 120 countries had signed so far. The signatories include Germany and the other EU states.

The goal is also to double energy efficiency. This means that less energy will be required to produce goods or services.

A group of around 20 countries called for the expansion of nuclear power. The aim is to reduce dependence on fossil fuels, it said. The USA, France, Great Britain and the host country United Arab Emirates are among those involved in the joint declaration. Russia and China, which also have a larger number of nuclear power plants, have not signed...


Climate protectionJusticeCO2 budget

Study on justice in climate protection:

The account has long been overdrawn

The CO2 budget for the 1,5 degree global warming target is shrinking. A study shows: Rich countries used up their share decades ago.

[...] Rich countries like the USA or Germany started burning fossil fuels long before others. They have industrialized themselves with the energy obtained in this way and secured an economic advantage. And they have brought the world to the brink of climate collapse.

How fair is it that these countries want to continue emitting greenhouse gases for several decades while many people in the world have little access to energy? And what if these people live in countries that have historically contributed little to the climate crisis?

The world's fossil energy can be understood as a huge legacy...


INES Category 2 "Incident"2 December 2009 (INES 2) Cruas, FRA

Vegetation blocked the inlet of the cooling system, the system had to be shut down and repaired. (Cost approx. US$4 million)

Nuclear Power Accidents

Wikipedia fr

Centrale nucleaire de Cruas

On December 2, in Unit 4 of Cruas NPP, leaves and other fall debris accumulated in the river cooling water circuit and clogged it. The reactor was shut down and switched to hot standby with the flow-independent emergency power supply via the steam generators. However, even after this process, the reactor core must be further cooled with the river cooling water - because of the ongoing decay - in the so-called after-cooling mode, so that it does not overheat and melt ...

Nuclear power accidents by country#France

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ines42 December 1949 (INES 4 | NAMS 3,8) Nuclear factory Hanford, USA

Those responsible intentionally bet, among other things, 8.000 curies (289 TBq) Iodine-131 free; this experiment became known much later as the "Green Run". (Cost approx. US$1100 million)

Nuclear Power Accidents

Back then, very few knew what was happening in Hanford. But by now we've all heard something about it, or to put it another way, we've all heard something about it!


green run

The 'Green Run' experiment involved the release of a radioactive cloud from the Hanford Site military nuclear complex. Estimates are in the range of several hundred TBq Iodine 131 and even more cesium 133. The proportion of iodine 131 alone was 5500 curies; This corresponds to approximately 250 times the amount that, according to official information, was released into the surrounding area in the 1979 accident at the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant near Harrisburg. The danger of iodine 131 for the thyroid was not yet recognized in the 1940s; iodine 131 could escape unfiltered from the Hanford Site's systems even when used as intended. During normal operation, several 10 TBq medium- and long-lived nuclides released into the Columbia River. Hanford is considered the most radioactively contaminated place in the Western Hemisphere...

Hanford site

The US pays over $200.000 billion annually to private corporations to decontaminate the facility; in addition, around 2014 cubic meters of radioactive waste must be disposed of. In early 2047, a decontamination project manager was fired for the third time after he or she raised concerns about the safety of operations and monitoring procedures. A preliminary plan called for the end of the work in 2014, since 2052 the Ministry of Energy has been assuming at least XNUMX ...

Nuclear power accidents by country#United_States


Hanford (USA)

The Hanford Military Complex is located on the Columbia River north of the city of Richland in northwest Washington state and was used to produce plutonium for military use from 1943 ...

With Hanford, the USA has the worst irradiated nuclear facility in the western world, which was shut down in 1988 and has been decontaminated ever since...


1. December


Low-level radiationIPPNWCancer

More cancer deaths than expected even with low radiation doses

This is shown by a study of nuclear workers. It also affects patients and medical staff.

“Statistical evaluations in larger population groups show that no health effects can be detected at radiation doses below 100 mSv.” This is what it says in a fact sheet from the Federal Office of Energy from 2018, which the authority is still distributing.

“This statement contradicts recent scientific findings,” said the association “Doctors for Social Responsibility and the Prevention of Nuclear War” (PSR/IPPNW) in an article in the “Schweizerische Ärztezeitung” last year. The authors cited “results from more than 20 epidemiological studies over the past 15 years.”

Now comes another important one Study added that supports this statement. It shows a connection between low levels of radioactive radiation and more cancer deaths and is intended to serve as information for radiation protection commissions - also with regard to the risk-benefit assessment in medical examinations...


Israel's intelligence services have failed

Report from the “New York Times”

Israel is said to have known about Hamas' detailed attack plans for more than a year

Blueprints for such an attack were apparently circulating in Israeli security circles months before the Hamas massacre. However, according to a media report, the plans were considered too ambitious.

Leading people in Israel's army and secret services are said to have been informed about the terrorist organization's attack plans more than a year before Hamas' devastating terrorist attack against Israel. This is what the »New York Times« citing a 40-page document that describes in great detail an invasion of Israeli territory.

The document is codenamed “Jericho Wall” and is said to have been similar in every detail to the attack that Hamas terrorists carried out from the Gaza Strip on October 7th. The scenario was dismissed by Israeli military and intelligence officials as too demanding and difficult to execute. Most recently, the "Financial Times" had already reported on earlier warnings within Israeli security circles, which, however, were said to have been dismissed as an "imaginary scenario" by a high-ranking officer in the Israeli military intelligence service...



IAEA calls for more nuclear power at the world climate conference

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, climate neutrality cannot be achieved without nuclear power. She is now officially announcing this in Dubai.

The UN's International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) emphasized on the second day of the World Climate Conference in Dubai that nuclear power is necessary to counter climate change. Since the beginning of the 21st century, nuclear power has ensured that 30 gigatons of greenhouse gases have been avoided, according to a statement that, according to the IAEA, is supported by several countries.

“Net zero requires nuclear power,” summarizes the IAEA. Studies have shown that in order to achieve the goal of becoming CO₂-neutral worldwide by 2050, investments must be made in nuclear power. The IAEA does not say which ones exactly in its communication.

It's about "building a low-carbon bridge to the future." This also requires investments in small modular reactors, with which nuclear power plants can be built more easily and operated more flexibly. IAEA Director General Raphael Grossi called for a fair environment, which is currently not the case...


Mr. Grossi is really an excellent entertainer, I'm always moved to tears. And he is absolutely right, there is no such thing as a fair environment. The IAEA, as a lobby and fig leaf for the nuclear industry, is financed by over 170 member states with billions of dollars, while opponents of nuclear power rely on donations from the public.


WürgassenNuclear wasteBus Routes

Because of criticism: Probably a new transport study on the planned nuclear waste storage facility in Beverungen-Würgassen

The BI Atomfreis-3-Ländeeck reports that a new feasibility study with a focus on logistics for the planned nuclear waste storage facility in Würgassen has been put out to tender. The opponents noticed a few things.

Due to massive criticism of the planned Konrad logistics center (LoK) in Würgassen, the Waste Management Commission (ESK) published a statement in August. In doing so, she qualified the safety criteria she had set herself for such a construction project in various points so that the BGZ's location decision for Würgassen could continue to be adhered to.

With regard to transport logistics, however, the ESK considered it necessary to examine the points criticized in the Regio-Consult report, as the citizens' initiative Atomfreis-3-Ländeeck recapitulates.

This report was commissioned by the BI with the support of individual municipalities and districts. “However, it should be clarified promptly what effort may still be required for a robust transport infrastructure,” was the ESK’s note.

[...] "The fact that the BGZ did not integrate such a study as part of the selection process before determining the Würgassen location for the LoK shows once again that the BGZ is not interested in finding the safest and most economical solution to the problem of nuclear waste disposal went ..."


Atmosphere | Elon MuskSpaceX

SpaceX: Scientists concerned – Rockets are tearing “atmospheric holes” in the sky

It's a visually stunning form of aurora created by falling SpaceX rockets. The pieces that fall back to Earth temporarily tear holes in the ionosphere and create glowing red balls of light.

Experts are concerned that these blood-red light displays - also called SpaceX auroras - could cause unknown problems for astronomy and communications. A significantly increased occurrence of the phenomena is to be expected, although no impact on the life and limb of the earth's inhabitants or the environment.

Rockets tear holes in the atmosphere

Basically, both ascending and descending launch vehicles trigger ionospheric holes because they release fuel into the ionosphere. This causes ionized oxygen atoms to recombine or turn back into normal gas molecules.

The phenomenon has been known for decades. Launching rockets into space can tear holes in the upper ionosphere. This is the part of the atmosphere between 80 and 644 kilometers above the Earth's surface. Here gas is ionized or freed of electrons...


Konrad shaftbuilding permitInstructions for cancellation

Nuclear waste repository Konrad shaft: Opponents demand decision

Environment Minister Meyer (Greens) wants to decide by the end of December whether the building permit for the Schacht Konrad nuclear waste repository in Salzgitter will be revoked. Critics are calling for an early decision.

With a rally in front of Schacht Konrad, they wanted to initiate a "countdown" that would from now on remind the minister daily of the pending decision, the Schacht Konrad working group said. Salzgitter's mayor Frank Klingebiel (CDU), among others, was scheduled to appear as a speaker. The critics then wanted to march with torches and lanterns to the Konradhaus in the Bleckenstedt district.

AG demands revocation of the building permit

AG Schacht Konrad is also calling on Environment Minister Christian Meyer to decide to revoke the building permit...


Henry Kissingerwar criminal

This realpolitiker was an unmolested war criminal

It was not until May 2023 that the National Security Archive in Washington published seriously incriminating material about Henry Kissinger.

The 100th birthday [last May] generated worldwide coverage of his legacy as a leading statesman, master diplomat and realpolitik foreign policy strategist. “Nobody in the world has more experience in international affairs,” The Economist recently wrote in a eulogy for Kissinger.

During his tenure as national security adviser and secretary of state from January 1969 to January 1977, Kissinger produced a long series of secret documents recording his policy considerations, discussions, and directives on many initiatives. He became famous for some of these initiatives: detente with the USSR, opening up to China and shuttle diplomacy in the Middle East.

But the historical records also document the dark side of Kissinger's controversial term in office:

  • his role in the overthrow of democracy and the rise of dictatorship in Chile,
  • his contempt for human rights and his support for dirty and even genocidal wars abroad,
  • secret bombings in Southeast Asia,
  • his involvement in the Nixon administration's criminal activities, including secret wiretapping of his own high-ranking aides.

To contribute to a balanced and more comprehensive assessment of Kissinger's legacy, the National Security Archive hereby compiles a small dossier of declassified records...


30. November


FinlandOlkiluotoEPR | Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant Units 1, 2 and 3

Second defect within a few days

Finland: Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor shuts down again after breakdown

The third reactor at the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant has already experienced some disruptions since it was commissioned in spring 2022. Now it has happened twice within a few days that Block 3 had to be taken off the grid.

Specifically, a short circuit led to a shutdown this Wednesday after a fault in the turbine system had already occurred last Sunday. The restart was actually planned for the middle of the week.

“During tests, a brief short circuit was generated in the power plant environment, which caused a voltage drop,” the operator of the power plant, Teollisuuden Voima, had to admit the next breakdown within a few days...


BudgetLobbyingDebt brake

Money, influence, and lobbying: Hardly anyone talks about the cause of the budget crisis

The investment backlog is getting bigger and the budget is getting smaller. And the Bundestag approves the government's wrong move. Who benefits from this system error? A guest comment.

People don't talk about money. However, that is exactly what should be done with regard to the federal budget. Now, due to the constitutional ruling and the “missing” 60 billion, a public debate can no longer be prevented.

But the discourse is characterized by smokescreens, deceptions and distractions from what is really at stake: our money, influence and profit lobbying. A particularly clear example of this is the defense budget.

The budget is shrinking

Our economic and monetary system is designed in such a way that everything must grow compulsorily: economic output, income, profits - this necessarily also increases the costs and expenditure of the state.

The federal budget continued to rise to a record of almost 500 billion euros in 2021. Of course, this was also due to the Corona period.

Since then, however, we have not emerged from crisis mode.

In addition, all economic institutes - regardless of their orientation - such as the German Economic Institute (IW), speak of a growing investment backlog.

Nevertheless, the budget has been scaled back and next year only just under 446 billion euros will be made available.

Savings are being made in many areas and no one is fighting against them. As is usually the case, all of this would have taken place silently.

But then there was the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

Saving is considered a great virtue in Germany, and the debt brake is the most sacred cow in politics today...


Environmental associations | Climate Protection Act

Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court:

Court obliges government to take immediate action against greenhouse gases

Germany is not doing enough to reduce harmful greenhouse gases, say two associations. They were right in court. The government is now considering whether to appeal.

Following a ruling by the Berlin-Brandenburg Higher Administrative Court, the federal government must decide on additional immediate measures to reduce greenhouse gases from traffic and buildings. The court decided this after complaints from Deutsche Umwelthilfe and the environmental association BUND. It allowed for revision. The government is now considering whether to go this route...


Greenhouse gas1,5 degreesCOP28

“We need emergency braking”

Climate researcher Niklas Höhne on the difference between a two-degree and four-degree world, the lessons from Corona and the most important point at the climate summit in Dubai.

Climate reporter°: Mr. Höhne, global greenhouse gas emissions rose to an all-time high of 2022 billion tons in 57,4. The global community had already decided 30 years earlier at the UN Earth Summit to radically limit emissions. Is the matter hopeless - now, two days before the UN climate conference number 28?

Niklas Höhne: Not hopeless, but frustrating. 20 years ago we already knew what to do. A soft landing at the 1,5 degree target could have been achieved by gradually slowing down CO2 emissions.

What we need to do now is emergency braking. It's no longer a matter of slowing down elegantly, but of actually coming to a stop in front of the red light. This requires really drastic measures...


1,5 degreesWorld Climate ConferenceCOP28

COP28: What are the chances at the World Climate Conference?

Key themes and difficulties of the climate summit in Dubai

Bad omens: The world climate conference COP30 begins today, November 2023, 28, in Dubai. For two weeks, delegates from 197 countries will negotiate further climate protection measures, financial aid for countries particularly affected by the climate crisis and what has been achieved so far. But the conditions for an agreement are anything but favorable: the war in Ukraine, the Middle East conflict and the energy shortage have hardened the political fronts. And the host country has so far been better known for oil and gas than for climate protection.

At what is now the 28th World Climate Conference in Dubai, the 12 parties to the UN Climate Convention - 198 countries and the EU - will meet until December 197th to discuss climate protection. After the international community decided in the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 to limit global warming to 1,5 degrees, but a maximum of 2 degrees, compared to pre-industrial levels, the summit will now take stock...


INES Category 5 "Serious Accident"30 November 1975 (INES 5) NPP Sosnovy Bor, Leningrad, USSR

There was a loss of coolant in a fuel channel of Unit 1, which led to the decomposition of a fuel element
fuel element and resulted in a significant radiation release that lasted for a month. (release approx. 55.500 TBq, cost approx. 99,5 million US$)

Nuclear Power Accidents


Leningrad Nuclear Power Plant

In 1975 there was a partial destruction of the reactor core in Unit 1 of the Leningrad NPP. The reactor was shut down. The next day, the core was cleaned by pumping an emergency reserve of nitrogen through it and blowing it down the exhaust stack. Approximately 1,5 megacuries (55 PBq) of radioactive substances released into the environment.

Nuclear power accidents by country#Russia

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Leningrad nuclear power plant (Russia)

In 1975 the core of the reactor was partially destroyed, resulting in 1,5 million. Curie radioactive substances released into the environment...


29. November


Belgium | lifetime extension | Tihange | Purpose

Nuclear power in Tihange and Doel:

Belgium's government does not rule out extension for nuclear reactors

The closure of the Belgian nuclear power plants in Tihange and Doel has already been postponed several times. Now Prime Minister De Croo is discussing a further extension of the reactors.

According to Prime Minister Alexander De Croo, nuclear reactors in Belgium could run for even longer than currently planned. “A 20-year extension is entirely possible if a next government continues our work,” De Croo wrote on the X (formerly Twitter) platform on Wednesday. More nuclear power is good for climate neutrality and ensures affordable energy. One of the two Belgian nuclear power plants is located not far from the border with Germany...


Greenpeace | Ocean | deep seabed mining

Greenpeace activists on occupation:

“Deep-sea mining destroys oceans”

Two activists want to stop a ship from searching the Pacific floor for raw materials. They say deep sea mining is like the oil industry.

taz: The Canadian company “The Metals Company” is exploring the seabed in the deep sea off the Pacific island of Nauru because it wants to extract raw materials there. As Greenpeace activists, you occupied the ship. Since when?

Amanda Louise Bright: We didn't get promoted right away. For the first four days we paddled peacefully and continuously on the sea, thwarting The Metals Company's (TMC) plans from dawn to dusk.

Sofia Castellanos: On the fourth day we started climbing. We've been taking turns manning the ship's crane since Saturday, and we're still here. On the crane we unfurled banners with the message “Stop deep sea mining” in English and our own languages. This was very important for us for various reasons.

Helle: For me, the message in Norwegian was important because my country has announced plans for deep-sea mining in the Arctic. The fact that the Norwegian government promises to protect the oceans one day and proposes deep-sea mining the next is hypocrisy of the highest order. Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre and the Norwegian Parliament have a moral and legal obligation to protect the Arctic for me and for future generations.

Castilians: Deep sea mining is no different than the oil industry. In Mexico, we have spent years cleaning up countless oil spills on our coasts. I can't go back and stop the oil industry from starting, but I'm here because we can stop deep sea mining before it destroys our oceans...


Energy transition without Subsidies for Climate killer

Cut 65 billion in subsidies for things that damage the climate

In order to plug Germany's billion-dollar hole, there is no need to make any cuts in social matters or in the expansion of infrastructure in the medium term.

Since the German Federal Court of Justice put an end to the government's debt cheating, the traffic light coalition has been trying to figure out how to plug the $60 billion hole.

It doesn't have to come at the expense of restructuring Deutsche Bahn or digitalization or social benefits. It would be enough to abolish all subsidies for activities that damage the climate and the environment. Tax relief or tax privileges are subsidies by another name. Abolishing them would bring savings of around 65 billion euros...


Emissions trading | CO2 priceClimate and Transformation Fund

"The sensible way"

Climate economist calls for higher CO2 prices instead of taking on debt

Since the Federal Constitutional Court's budget ruling, the climate and transformation fund has been missing 60 billion euros. To compensate for this, climate researcher Ottmar Edenhofer relies on national emissions trading. That offers more advantages than higher national debt.

The climate and economic expert Ottmar Edenhofer has advocated achieving the transformation necessary to achieve the climate goals through higher CO2 pricing. “Climate protection through higher debt will no longer be possible in the future,” said the director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), referring to the Constitutional Court ruling on the debt brake.

[...] The fund is therefore now missing funds, most of which had already been planned. In addition, the court has also tightened booking rules and requires a clearer allocation of loans to a financial year. Apart from the disputed transfer, the KTF is already fed primarily from income from European and national emissions trading.


CDUMerzthutjanix do not want any Reform for Debt brake

Wegner contradicts Merz and calls for reform

CDU leader Merz and CSU boss Söder tried to put a stop to the internal party debate about the debt brake - without success. Berlin's CDU head of government Wegner sticks to his call for reforms.

The dispute in the Union over how to deal with the debt brake is not letting up. Berlin's governing mayor Kai Wegner has responded to criticism from CDU federal chairman Friedrich Merz and repeated his call for a reform of the debt brake. “I have a clear stance: reforming the debt brake for future investments is urgently needed,” said CDU politician Wegner to the magazine “Stern”.

Both CSU leader Markus Söder and CDU leader Friedrich Merz had previously tried to end the debate about reforming the debt brake within their own ranks with words of power. Several politicians from the Union parties, including some CDU prime ministers, had previously shown themselves open to reform...


INES Category 3 "Serious Incident"29 November 1970 (INES 3 | NAMS 2,5) Nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

 There was a release of approx. 230 through the chimney of building B1,6 TBq Plutonium. (Cost approx. US$100 million)

Nuclear Power Accidents

This incident as well as several other releases of radioactivity are in Wikipedia no longer to be found.


Sellafield (formerly Windscale)

The complex was made famous by a catastrophic fire in 1957 and by frequent nuclear incidents, which is one of the reasons why it was renamed Sellafield. Up until the mid-1980s, large quantities of the nuclear waste generated in day-to-day operations were discharged in liquid form via a pipeline into the Irish Sea.

Sellafield # Incidents

Radiological releases

Between 1950 and 2000 there were 21 serious off-site incidents or accidents involving radiological releases that warranted classification on the International Nuclear Event Scale, one at Level 5, five at Level 4 and fifteen at Level 3. In addition, there were in intentional releases of plutonium and irradiated uranium oxide particles into the atmosphere known for extended periods in the 1950s and 1960s...

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Sellafield (formerly_Windscale), United Kingdom

According to the operator Sellafield Ltd., since April 2016 a subsidiary of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) on behalf of the British government, reprocessing work at Sellafield will be completed in 2020. A transformation program has been initiated which aims to decontaminate Sellafield, reduce the hazard situation and reduce costs.

According to an October 2018 report, the decommissioning of Sellafield is scheduled to be completed by 2120. Estimated to cost £121bn...

There are comparable nuclear factories all over the world:

Uranium enrichment and reprocessing - facilities and sites

During reprocessing, the inventory of spent fuel elements can be separated from one another in a complex chemical process (PUREX). Separated uranium and plutonium can then be reused. As far as the theory...


INES Category 4 "Accident"29 November 1955 (INES 4) Research reactor EBR-I, NTRS Idaho, USA

 Partial meltdown during a coolant flow test. (Cost approx. US$1500 million)

Nuclear Power Accidents


Idaho Falls, USA - 1955: Partial meltdown at EBR-1

The first accident occurred in the Experimental Breeder Reactor (EBR-1). After two years of construction, the fast breeder went into operation in 1951 and had an output of 0,2 MW. According to a 1953 calculation, he created only one new atom for each split atom.

When the EBR-1 was subjected to a performance upgrade test on November 29, 1955, a technician made a fatal error. Using a button, he accidentally pushed a slow-moving control rod (instead of a fast-moving one) into the reactor core. The technician noticed the error immediately, but after just a few seconds half of the radioactive core had melted. The EBR-1 was decommissioned in 1964.

The partial meltdown was rated level 4 (accident) on the INES scale...

Slowly but surely, all relevant information on disruptions in the nuclear industry is being removed from Wikipedia away!


Idaho National Laboratory

In this Wikipedia article on the INL, the INES 4 accident of November 29, 1955 is not even mentioned ...

List of accidents in nuclear facilities

November 29, 1955 - At the National Reactor Testing Station Idaho, the EBR-I research reactor suffered a partial meltdown. The core, made of enriched uranium combined with 2% zirconium, melted in tests that called for a rapid increase in power due to fuel tubes warping. Evaporation of the coolant NaK transported the melting fuel into the cooling system tubes and dropped below criticality, causing the reactor to shut itself down...

In the English Wikipedia doesn't look much better...

Nuclear power accidents by country#United_States

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28. November


Agricultureopen spaces | agrivoltaics

How “Agri-PV” connects agriculture and solar parks

Fields in Brandenburg are in great demand as areas for new solar systems. But farmers then have to decide: agriculture or energy production? So-called “Agri-PV” is intended to combine both by keeping the floors under the modules usable. 

In the Sunfarming test facility in Rathenow (Havelland), farmers have been experimenting since 2022 with how animal husbandry or vegetable cultivation could work under solar panels. Agri-photovoltaics (agri-PV) is the name of the concept in which farming under solar cells should remain possible.

In Agri-PV systems, the panels are usually mounted higher than conventional ground-mounted solar systems. This means that agricultural products can continue to be harvested underneath - and at the same time the electricity can be supplied above...


FactsClimate conferenceCOP28

COP28: Climate change in 11 graphics

The UN climate conference in Dubai is once again bringing the climate crisis into focus. We show the most important facts about how the planet has already changed.

World leaders are discussing the causes and effects of climate change for the 28th time. The following five questions and answers show how much our planet has already changed.

#1 Which region emits the most CO2?

#2 What are the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions?

#3 How have CO2 emissions changed over the past centuries?

#4 How much has the earth warmed already?

#5 How much has sea level already risen?


Energy transitionSolar systemsBureaucracy

How solar systems on apartment buildings are hindered by bureaucracy

Solar power is important for the energy transition. But bureaucracy is hindering their expansion, especially in cities with their apartment buildings.

Electricity is expensive, and at some point you may be required to have a solar system on the roof. So why not capture solar power straight away, even on apartment buildings? “We get a lot of inquiries,” says Rudolf Stürzer. The lawyer is chairman of the Munich and surrounding area house and landowners association. “But many then left the consultation feeling very cool.” The reason is easy to name but complicated to deal with: bureaucracy...


Climate conferenceLeakCOP28

COP28: Climate conference scandal?

The United Arab Emirates are said to have used preliminary summit talks to arrange fossil fuel deals

Bock turned into a gardener: Leaked documents suggest that the president of the upcoming world climate summit in Dubai, Sultan Al Jaber, used or at least wanted to use preliminary talks for COP28 as a means of initiating fossil fuel deals. Accordingly, Al Jaber put offers for liquid gas and other fossil fuels on the agenda at the bilateral talks, as members of the COP28 team also confirmed. Al Jaber is also CEO of the United Arab Emirates' national oil company Adnoc.

Already in the run-up to the upcoming COP28 world climate summit, criticism was raised about allowing the climate protection negotiations to take place in Dubai of all places. The United Arab Emirates (UAE) derives a large part of its wealth from the production and sale of oil and gas - and thus fossil energy sources. It was also criticized that the official president of COP28, Sultan Al Jaber, is CEO of the national oil company Adnoc - and has refused to leave this post at least for the duration of the climate summit.

Leak reveals COP president's commercial interests

Now explosive information has come to light: The Center for Climate Reporting (CCR) and the BBC in Great Britain have received more than 150 pages of leaked documents that suggest serious misconduct by Sultan Al Jaber and his staff. Accordingly, All Jaber is said to have used the bilateral preliminary discussions in more than 30 countries in recent months to initiate new business for Adnoc...


Temperature1,5 degreesCOP28

UN Secretary General Guterres calls for an end to the fossil fuel age

“Antarctica is crying out for action”: UN chief Guterres called for decisive action ahead of the world climate summit. Without a change of course, there is a risk of a devastating rise in temperatures.

UN Secretary General António Guterres called on the international community to take decisive action against climate change three days before the start of the World Climate Conference (COP28) in Dubai. Humanity is caught in a “deadly cycle,” but the solutions are well known, Guterres said on Monday. He added that leaders must act to "limit global temperature rise to 1,5 degrees Celsius, protect people from climate chaos and end the age of fossil fuels"...


INES Category 2 "Incident"28 November 2007 (INES 2) NPP Asco, ESP


Akw Ascó (Spain)

Escape of radioactive water

In November 2007, the conditions in the nuclear power plant seemed appalling. Radioactive particles were released through the ventilation and also reached houses and the Ebro. The operators only admitted the leak months later after environmental protection organizations had received the relevant information. In the meantime, dozens of school classes had visited the nuclear power plant. Proceedings have been opened against those responsible...


Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

In an incident on November 28, 2007, radioactive particles totaling 84,95 million becquerels were released into the environment. However, the operating company only informed the supervisory authorities (“Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear”, CSN) on April 4, 2008 and only incompletely. On April 15, 2008, the accident was classified as level 2 of the INES.

Asco Nuclear Power Plant

In November 2007, an INES level 1 incident occurred in reactor block 2. The Spanish Nuclear Safety Council (CSN) was only informed about the leak on April 4th. Although the leak began in November, the particles were not discovered outdoors until March 2008.

The CSN initially estimated the total radioactivity detected to be around 235.000 becquerels. The operator of the plant later estimated that a maximum of 2,3 microcuries of radioactivity escaped. CSN announced that it would change the classification of the leak from Level 1 to Level 2 because "the control of the radioactive material was inadequate and incomplete and deficient information was submitted to the control authority." An investigation was launched and the director of the facility was fired...

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27. November


Aiwanger | Transformation | Citizen's Income

“Go massively into social matters”: Aiwanger wants to save money on migration and citizens’ money

He calls for “a massive impact on social issues, but not at the expense of pensioners”: Free Voters leader Hubert Aiwanger has clear ideas about where the federal government should make savings - the fact that the 60 billion hole cannot even begin to be filled leaves him alone unimpressed.

After the Karlsruhe budget verdict, Bavaria's Economics Minister Hubert Aiwanger rejected savings in economic projects and called for cuts in citizens' benefits and in the area of ​​migration. “My suggestion is to make a massive impact on social issues, but not at the expense of pensioners,” said the Free Voter politician on Monday evening on ZDF’s “heute journal”...


Nuclear waste dump | Nuclear Research Center | JRC

New construction is delayed for years

Nuclear storage facility in Karlsruhe: Opponents speak of “worrying conditions”

The planned new building for the EU nuclear research center at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology has been delayed by several years. That's why the Karlsruhe Anti-Nuclear Initiative is concerned.

The Karlsruhe Anti-Nuclear Initiative is concerned about the delay in the construction of the new nuclear research center at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). The Joint Research Center (JRC), part of the former nuclear research center on the KIT site, is considered the most important location in the EU for nuclear research. Large quantities of radioactive substances have been stored here and researched on them for decades.

In the future, the radioactive materials will be stored safely in a new building that has been planned for years. But completion has been delayed by several years. Now the anti-nuclear initiative Karlsruhe is criticizing the delay in construction and safety...


Constitutional Court | Budget | Transformation Fund

Social measures and climate projects in communities threatened by budget crisis

The Federal Constitutional Court's ruling on the Climate and Transformation Fund has not only put the traffic light coalition into crisis mode. Cities, towns and districts will also feel the effects. They are dependent on money from the federal government, especially in the social sector. An expert in municipal finance sees potential for savings, especially in the company car allowance.

[...] Like many local officials, Stefan Nüßle, first alderman of the Nordhausen district, is still unsure what will happen to him and his district's budget after the debt brake ruling. First, he suspects, the disruption will be felt at the job center. Their financing has been on shaky ground for years anyway, says Nüßle.

[...] The municipalities also expect noticeable changes in projects that should be paid for from the canceled climate and transformation fund, says Mischa Woitschek, managing director of the Saxon Association of Cities and Municipalities. "The climate and transformation fund included funding programs, such as the promotion of municipal heat planning, energy-efficient urban renovation, but also model projects for public transport to enable the switch to alternative forms of drive." Of course, it could now be the case that these funding applications will no longer be approved and therefore the measures cannot be implemented, fears Woitschek...


Green party conference

“It worries me a lot” – Trittin takes on Friedrich Merz at the Green Party conference

The Greens are not just using their party conference to position themselves for the future. Friedrich Merz in particular gets his fat off at the event.

Karlsruhe – For months, the Greens seemed to be the favorite whipping boy in the traffic light coalition. Former left-wing politician Sahra Wagenknecht even called it “the most dangerous party” in the Bundestag. CDU leader Friedrich Merz chose the Eco Party as the Union's “main opponent” in the summer because it would endanger democracy. He recently followed up with the accusation that there were “20-year-old college dropouts” in the Bundestag faction.

[...] Trittin compares Merz with Trump at the Green Party conference: “Don’t leave the country to such politics”

Trittin even compared Merz to Donald Trump. In other words, the president who has shaken democracy in the USA and still has intact prospects of returning to the White House in just over a year. “He basically imposed a Trumpesque line and a policy à la Trump on the CDU/CSU parliamentary group,” says the Green politician: “And that worries me very much, because we cannot leave the country to such politics.”

In these times, all of this literally screams for a comeback from the Union camp. This is always something to keep in mind. Even after the end in Hesse, there are still five state governments in which black and green have to work side by side: Baden-Württemberg, Brandenburg, North Rhine-Westphalia, Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein.

There the CDU is in coalition with its “main opponent”. And the Greens govern with a “party of yesterday”.


FinlandOlkiluotoEPR reactor | Olkiluoto Nuclear Power Plant Units 1, 2 and 3

EPR nuclear reactor Olkiluoto III shut down

Rubbish from the start

Olkiluoto III was one of a few new nuclear reactors and went into operation in April 2023. Due to massive design-related vibrations in the reactor pressure vessel, more than 13 months had passed since the first network connection. Now an automatic quick shutdown surprised the operator group TVO.

[...] Construction of the EPR reactor at the Finnish Olkiluoto nuclear power plant began in August 2005. Every one or two years the estimated construction costs had to be revised upwards - from the original 3,2 billion euros to 4,5, to 5,5, to 6,6, to 8,5, to 10,5... Originally it was The start of operations was announced for 2009, but this was also successively postponed to 2011, to 2012, to 2014, to 2016... The first criticality could be announced in December 10, more than 2021 years late. The first network coupling took place in March 2022 and commercial operations began a year later in April 2023...


26. November


Merzthutjanix | Kini Jödler | Höckler

Dangerous clichés

“Green” has nothing to do with knitted sweaters and jute bags – but with the future of all of us

The Green party conference is coming to an end, but “green projects” are seen as a problem – for the Union and the employer president. The color once had a lot of meaning as a symbol. Now it seems more of an obstacle.

As is well known, Friedrich Merz thinks little of the Greens. Only recently did the CDU leader declare that the Green Party's parliamentary group is full of "20-year-old college dropouts" who "explain the world from morning to evening" to the rest of the country. Chancellor Olaf Scholz lets these people do what they want and wants to “finance all projects that are too important to the green milieu.”

The first half is already unintentionally strange in that there are more MPs with a university degree (and also a higher proportion of doctorates) in the Green parliamentary group, with a total of 92,4 percent, than in the Union parliamentary group (90,4 percent).

However, the second part of the tirade, the one about “projects that are too important to the green milieu,” is even more unrealistic. Employer President Rainer Dulger echoed the same sentiments this weekend: “Green traffic light projects” would now have to be “shelved.” They “no longer fit the times” and weakened “the business location.” “Older entrepreneurs” are therefore thinking about “quitting altogether.” One wonders who it is that “no longer fits into the times”...


Green party conferencestate-supporting | asylum law

Dispute among the Greens over asylum policy:

At some point it's too much

The Greens are hardening on asylum policy. The crazy thing about it: They are currently being criticized for policies that they are not implementing.

The Green party conference was largely quiet for three days, even when it came to the debt brake and the now missing 60 billion euros in the climate and transformation fund, which will make it even more difficult to implement green policies in the traffic lights. It was only in the debate on migration and asylum policy that the unease that had gathered in parts of the grassroots was released. About the fact that the Greens are involved in the toughest tightening of asylum laws in the last 30 years; and that it is wrong to respond to a shift to the right by increasingly accommodating the right. Formulating criticism of its own top people and letting off steam was important for the party. Will there be consequences? Can one doubt it?

For leading Greens it is clear: Given the social mood, it would be wrong to emphasize humanity too much in the asylum debate. Instead, the Greens also have to talk about order: i.e. about control, limitations, deportation. Otherwise, according to the analysis, they would continue to lose social approval and end up back in the niche...


AfD | Radical | Extreme right

Sociologist on the radicalism of the AfD:

“Something has shifted”

Wilhelm Heitmeyer has dealt with authoritarian attitudes and right-wing extremism for decades. How does he explain Germany's shift to the right?

taz: Mr. Heitmeyer, many have long seen the right-wing extremist AfD as a problem in the East. Now it has also achieved its highest results to date in the western German states of Bavaria and Hesse at 15 and 18 percent. What's going on there?

Wilhelm Heitmeyer: You have to start with the characterization of the AfD. Right-wing populism is still commonly spoken of in a trivializing manner, sometimes even “partly right-wing extremist.” I always ask, but what about the other parts? The classification as right-wing extremist no longer deters sympathizers and voters. That was different in the times of the NPD and Republicans. And right-wing populism is anyway an empty shell without criteria into which you can pour anything. The term is only aimed at states of excitement, but the AfD goes far beyond that. It is much more dangerous because it is attractive to different population groups.

How do you characterize the AfD?

It is authoritarian national radicalism. This explains the current high. The AfD propagates an authoritarian social model with traditional ways of life - against pluralistic culture and for ethnic homogeneity. Nationalism is the superior idea of ​​German culture. In terms of economic policy, “Germany first” is called for. Then there is the ethnic national identity politics with being German as an identity anchor and the reinterpretation of the German past. The radicalism consists primarily in communication and mobilization with group-related misanthropy against certain marked population groups. These components are attractive, and this is how election results have to be interpreted...


Energy transition | Heat pump | District heating

Energy transition by the sea: Large heat pumps are better than coal

A new type of seawater heat pump is currently being built in the Danish coastal town of Esbjerg. Starting next year, it will make the local coal-fired power station superfluous. The Danish Queen will come to the inauguration ceremony. What makes the project so special? And: Is it a role model for Northern Germany?

The small town of Esbjerg is located in the southwest of Denmark, directly on the North Sea. Around 70.000 people live there. Having become rich through oil deposits off the coast, the city is now relying on the offshore wind industry: the port is a transshipment point for wind turbines that are being built in the North Sea.

Climate-friendly energy is a big issue anyway. A unique system is currently being built on site: the largest seawater heat pump in the world. Mayor Jesper Frost Rasmussen is enthusiastic about the 300 million euro project: "I am very excited every time I visit the facility. I am aware that we are writing the history of the future here."

The coal-fired power plant is not good for the climate balance

The huge heat pump is intended to make a significant contribution to making the old coal-fired power plant in the city obsolete. The schedule is ambitious: the new system should be ready by the end of June 2024 so that the coal-fired power plant can then be switched off...


Climate Crisis | Subsidies | climate emergency | Debt brake

Debt against the climate crisis, fossil peaks and populist reflexes

The deep climate crisis can only be solved over decades, which is why the debt brake should be suspended, says Claudia Kemfert, energy economist and member of the editorial board of Klimareporter°. She criticizes the climate summit president because he sees the future in “emission-free” instead of renewable energies.

Climate reporter°: Ms. Kemfert, with the decision of the Federal Constitutional Court, the traffic light is suddenly missing 60 billion euros for its climate and transformation fund. What does this mean for climate protection in the country?

Claudia Kemmert: A most unfortunate situation. But not hopeless. The government should now do three things. First: cut spending in non-future areas. We pay over 60 billion in environmentally harmful subsidies every year, part of which can be given away immediately. The abolition of diesel and company car privileges, for example, is long overdue.

Secondly: examine unnecessary spending by the climate fund. It should be examined whether microelectronics could be subsidized from sources other than the climate fund and whether the electricity tax reduction really makes sense as planned.

Third: suspending the debt brake. There are sufficient justifications for this. The Federal Constitutional Court delivered them itself in its 2021 climate judgment. Climate protection is therefore a central task of the state. We are in the middle of a profound climate crisis that cannot be solved in a year, but only over decades.

We should declare a climate emergency now so that we can take action again. And at the same time use the opportunity to fundamentally reform the debt brake. We need more flexibility. Not only the current government, but also all future governments have an international duty. Germany has signed the Paris Agreement, agreed to a climate protection law and binding climate targets. To achieve this, we must reduce CO2 emissions and we must invest...


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Greenwashing | Nationalisation for energy suppliersCOP28

Greenwashing at COP28: How corporations lobby against climate goals

World climate conference could become a big show. Energy companies often do not keep climate promises. Why energy supply belongs in the public sector.

The large fossil energy companies are pushing their net-zero emissions targets while in the background they are trying to work against corresponding climate policies. A large presence of the fossil fuel lobby is once again to be feared at the climate summit.

The Arab Emirates' state oil and gas company, Adnoc, has flared gas almost daily in its oil and gas fields for the past 20 years, reported "The Guardian" last Friday.

This is explosive in several respects. Firstly, flaring is a waste of resources, harmful to the environment and climate and can in most cases be avoided with appropriate technologies. Secondly, Adnoc committed to ending routine flaring 20 years ago. And thirdly, Sultan Al Jaber, the managing director of Adnoc, is president of the upcoming COP 28 climate conference.

The suspicion of routine flaring comes from satellite images, the Guardian said. Adnoc, in turn, denies the allegation that pilot flames could have been confused with flares in the satellite images.

But it's not just Adnoc that behaves in a non-transparent manner, the government of the United Arab Emirates has also not reported the level of its methane emissions to the United Nations for almost ten years. reported the Guardian also recently. Methane can escape when fossil fuels are extracted.

The risk of greenwashing at the climate conference

The host of the climate conference is thus setting a bad example and is raising doubts about its credibility. Because their own climate-damaging practices and the non-transparent handling of them question the actual interest in climate protection.

Instead, the climate conference could become a major greenwashing event for fossil fuel companies and states unwilling to act. However, greenwashing actors have long been present at international climate conferences.

As data from the non-governmental organization Corporate Europe Observatory (CEO) shows, lobbyists for the large fossil fuel companies have often had access to the UN climate negotiations over the past 20 years. In at least 7.200 cases, representatives of corporations and their lobby associations were granted access to the climate negotiations, says CEO.

Contradictory behavior of the energy companies

Fossil companies are lobbying behind the scenes against net-zero emissions targets, which they themselves like to promote in an effective way, an investigation by the... Think Tanks Influence Map firmly. Chevron, Delta Air Lines, Duke Energy, ExxonMobil, Glencore International, Nippon Steel Corporation, Repsol, Stellantis, Southern Company and Woodside Energy Group Ltd. are among the companies with the highest risk of greenwashing.

“They have all announced a net zero target or a similar target, but InfluenceMap’s data shows that their climate policy commitment is not aligned with the policy to implement the Paris Agreement,” it said. The number of times a company mentions the term “net zero emissions” on its website would typically be unrelated to the company’s actual climate action.

ExxonMobil has, for example, B. spoke out against the new power plant regulations in the USA and in favor of expanding oil and gas production in the USA. Chevron is also committed to issuing new offshore mining licenses in the USA. The Japanese steel company Nippon is campaigning against a carbon dioxide tax and against coal-free steel production in its own country. The Spanish energy company Repsol is lobbying against the ban on cars with combustion engines in the EU from 2035 and for Spain to invest again in new gas projects.

Greenwashing in the multinational energy industry

A study by the Transnational Institute (TNI) entitled "Green Multinationals Exposed". It examines 15 multinational energy companies that present themselves with a green image and also invest in renewable energies. However, the companies continue to do business with fossil fuels and are even expanding them.

In the worst case (Adani Group), funds from the renewable energy sector were diverted to financing coal mining. A popular strategy is also to sell the dirty coal business to other companies that will then continue to operate it - in Europe there have been several sales to Energetický a Průmyslový Holding (EPH). E.ON, in turn, founded its own new company, Uniper, to outsource its climate-damaging business. The companies examined sometimes sold nuclear power, electricity from large hydroelectric power plants, wood burning or waste incineration as green electricity.

Plea for a public energy supply

Companies also find it difficult to be green investors, according to the study. The investment costs are often largely covered by government funding and subsidies, while the subsequent profits are not used for new investments in renewable energies, but are distributed to shareholders.

A good argument for organizing energy supply in public hands from the outset: "(…) electricity generation from renewable energies depends heavily on subsidies or high wholesale prices, which means that either taxpayers or consumers are responsible for the returns on their energy bills "Multinational corporations pay. In a public system, the profits would flow back to the general public," the study says.


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The map of the nuclear world

At the end of the event, gardener Ziegenbock invites the guests to eat in the garden...

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Greenwashing | NationalisationCOP28

brought the following results, among others:

November 12, 2023 - McKinsey and the Climate Conference - The Doom Consultants


December 29, 2022 - “Greenwashing” in the EU: Nuclear energy and gas receive the eco-label


September 29, 2022 - Bas is in favor of nationalizing the supply of water, electricity and gas


The search engine Ecosia is planting trees!

Search word = COP28


UN climate conference in Dubai 2023

The UN Climate Change Conference in Dubai 2023, or COP 28 for short (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, 28th Conference of the Parties, “Conference of the Parties”) is the 28th UN Climate Change Conference.

It will take place from November 30th to December 12th, 2023 in Dubai, capital of the Emirate of Dubai and largest city in the United Arab Emirates...


The lack of separation between the organization of COP 28 and the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), for example the separation of their IT systems, is criticized.

Specifically, over 130 politicians from Europe and the USA have called for the removal of COP 28 President Ahmed Al Jaber: The decision to appoint the head of one of the world's largest oil and gas companies as COP 28 president increases the risk to undermine negotiations. After data analysis on the company's future plans for oil and gas extraction and the foreseeable massive consequences for the global climate, criticism of the selection of the COP 28 president was again expressed.

The one from the international management consulting company. According to Agence France-Presse (AFP), the conference plan drawn up by McKinsey & Company for COP 28 envisages an “energy transition narrative” that aims to achieve a significant proportion of fossil fuels beyond 2050 and the development of new oil and gas reserves - The UN Secretary General António Gueterres commented on this objective as “moral and economic madness”.

Activists also criticized the lack of freedom of speech in Dubai.

The British daily newspaper The Guardian accuses the COP 28 team of greenwashing on Wikipedia.



Search word = COP28 climate conference

Countless videos on the topic...


ARTEde - November 24, 2023 - 12:50

COP28: Where does the EU stand?

Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reactor failure" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic


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