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THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
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The thorium high-temperature reactor in Hamm-Uentrop, Schmehausen

Pebble bed reactor with 300 MW output

by Werner Neubauer

The nuclear reactor THTR 300 in Hamm-Uentrop, Schmehausen was shut down in 1989 because the operating company could not get the reactor under control and the really big problems - e.g. the radioactive contamination of the environment in May 1986 - tried to 'sweep it under the carpet'.

See: History # The accident

Problems like those with the incident on May 4th and 5th, 1986 in the THTR in Hamm-Uentrop and only a few days earlier on April 26th, 1986 - with far more serious consequences - in the NPP Chernobyl became visible, the attentive observer can see nowadays at atomic plants all over the world ...

See: News


Since the mid-1940s, massive human-generated radioactive radiation has been released.

See: INES (International Nuclear Event Scale) and the list of incidents and accidents in nuclear facilities

Based on this data, I created the following world map using GoogleMaps:

The map of the nuclear world

The map of the atomic world - Google Maps! - Status of processing at the time of publication in 2011The map of the atomic world - Google Maps! - Status of processing November 2016From uranium mining and processing, to nuclear research, the construction and operation of nuclear plants, including incidents in nuclear power plants, to the handling of uranium ammunition, nuclear weapons and nuclear waste. - Worldwide, almost everything at a glance with Google Maps -

Nuclear lobby

It is noticeable systematic approach the so-called Responsible person in dealing with accidents in nuclear plants or their cover-up. This procedure is always and everywhere quite similar ...

Therefore, the experiences that we opponents of the THTR have gained in tranquil Hamm since the 1970s can be quite helpful, even 50 years later, even deeper ones insight in enabling current events.

The aims to make people - cost worldwide - help to see through and dispel the 'fog of corruption'. Those responsible on site and the Nuclear lobby use the same strategies around the world to cover up the truth.

And the truth is, it's all about money. Regardless of whether over international arms exports - arms trade there is talk or about the fact that nuclear power plants, Football stadiums or Waste incineration plants are to be built, large sums of money are pumped into the landscape from the start.

Much of the money ends up in the ground in the form of concrete, much to the delight of cement manufacturers and contractors - but sooner or later much of it also ends up in the ground Landscape maintenance = bribe on the accounts of politicians, lobbyists, employees of the supervisory authorities and many other responsible persons, multipliers and decision-makers.

There are beneficiaries and takers of dirty money at all levels...

And so, of course, there are also particularly good commissioned writers, called noble feathers, who write wonderful stories - eg about clean, cheap nuclear energy, etc. and who are extraordinarily well paid for these modern fairy tales. But the most expensive figures in this system of corruption are of course the "oh so serious" politicians, as long as they are considered irreproachable. In recent years, however, the type of politician has changed dramatically. I refer to this new breed of politicians as great statesmen or horror clowns, depending on the importance and dimension of their deeds ...


The hour of the killer clowns 

Today, capital no longer relies on technocrats and manager types, but on authoritarian jokes like Trump, Johnson or Bolsonaro ...


I hope you can read here and there help to clear this fog a bit!


Hubris, fraud, corruption?
Not only in the nuclear industry ...

Joke on the edge and completely beside the topic; but then the one that is no longer so new occurs to me Berlin Airport BER one that Elbphilharmonie and the downhill train station Stuttgart 21 Etc. ...

All these major construction projects have one thing in common: they were and are almost exclusively, but abundantly, taxpayers' money burned or diverted.

Responsible is amazingly always the same: None!


The nuclear industry is however
something very special!

Because this is not just about problems due to being shoddy, stupid, Corruption, Greed, botched construction and the immense waste of taxpayers' money ...


The Greenpeace '2010 Atomic Subsidy Study'says:
In Germany alone, the nuclear industry received subsidies from 1950 to 2010 of 204 billion euros.

The 'cleaning up behind them' gets taxpayers at least more 100 billion euros costs!

Of the Risks to our democracy and the totally inadequate Insurance for nuclear facilities etc. I don't even want to start at this point, I wrote about these topics in 'History'.

See: History # Arguments against the nuclear industry


... the central problem with the nuclear industry or the entire uranium economy, the systematic trivialization of the 'radioactive radiation'.

The atomic friends, beaming as always, claim to have everything under control - critics point to the unmanageably long periods of time and incalculable, long-term consequences and risks of 'radioactive radiation'.


What is 'radioactive low radiation'
and what are their consequences?

The answer is simply:

- Radioactive low-level radiation collects completely unnoticed in the living organism, accumulates there and causes the same in the long term Symptoms of radiation sickness like short-term, massive radiation!

- Because the effects of this low radiation may only take many years or Generations later become clearly visible, the 'cause'stay calm. Nobody will be able to prove anything to you after so many years!


The relevant publications by Andrei Sakharov (1958) and Prof Ernest J Sternglass (1977) as well as several more recent ones Studies on low radiation are not really made known to the general public or have been successfully pushed out of the public consciousness.

See: low-level radioactive radiation



THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
Communication Intention What to do?

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"In times of global fraud, it is considered a revolutionary act
if you tell the truth. "
- George Orwell -


Problems with the nuclear industry:

1. The lie of life

1943 began in the USA, as part of the Manhattan project, the construction of the Hanford Nuclear Complex Site.

Here was the plutonium for the first Nuclear weapons test 'Trinity' and for 'Fat Man', the Nagasaki atomic bomb produced and here in December 1949 the insane experiment 'green run' where huge amounts of radioactive gas were blown into the wind to measure where it would come down again. Residents of the irradiated area did not feel the effects until years later, when cancer rates inexplicably skyrocketed.

Today this vast area in Washington State is the worst radioactively contaminated area in the United States and one Nature reserve.

Even then, the costs of building and maintaining these nuclear facilities were gigantic and should have been Military budget let the government explode. So the costs had to be reduced, but this was only possible to a very limited extent for various reasons (including security).

On the other hand, it is 'business as usual' for every administration to distribute costs over different budget items.

So from now on 'nuclear research and development' was fed from a wide variety of sources. The public budgets, both national and regional, the areas of research and education, health, economy, energy and defense, etc., all contributed and continue to do their part to this day.

So it is no wonder and actually also no secret at all; the money is missing everywhere, what we see are dilapidated streets, schools, hospitals etc.

About the acquisition of so-called 'Third-party funding'Other interested parties were also involved. Even then, creativity knew no bounds and the financing of atomic research became increasingly obscure.

The nuclear industry has been around since the mid-20th century 'too big to fail'.

Any supposedly purely civilian nuclear research was and is primarily one from the start military matter. Nuclear researchers have to submit to the wishes and demands of the military.

However, a few things were already clear to the strategists back then:

Nuclear power plants do not make economic sense:
Too dangerous, too expensive and because of the insanely high cost of disposal, they just aren't competitive...

But if the electricity and the material for the bomb are produced in the same process, the immense effort can pay off. The military budget only needs to be increased moderately, and the citizens pay a large part of the nuclear weapons research and production through electricity bills and taxes without complaint.

In this context, it should not be forgotten that the nuclear industry is extremely generous, always and everywhere. Of course, she is particularly generous in the vicinity of her production facilities and industrial sites. Every politician in every municipality and in every town hall benefits from the flow of money. From the fishing clubs to all sports and rifle clubs to the goat breeding association, everyone gets a piece of the big cake.

That is why the representatives of the nuclear industry continue to be very welcome with their lavish donations at the power plant sites.

Money doesn't stink, and neither does radioactivity.


2. Susceptibility of the systems due to incorrect assessments in planning and sloppiness in construction

In 1988 it was, among other things, the bolts at THTR - a good 20 years later the ones Dowels in Brunsbüttel and 25 years later it was missing Tsunami protective wall in Fukushima at a few meters above sea level.

Natural disasters, like that Tōhoku earthquake 2011 and the subsequent tsunami in Japan are not exactly predictable. Neither does big fires in Los Alamos / New Mexico, Flood in NebraskaOr Earthquake in the eastern United States. But such natural events can occur and should have been taken into account when planning such dangerous systems, as well as the enormous forces, e.g. due to extreme temperature fluctuations and corrosive radiation, to which the built-in materials are exposed, especially in the 'hot areas' of the nuclear facilities.

That brings us to the topic of 'insurance', but there isn't much to say about it. Nuclear facilities in Europe are usually only up to a damage amount of 1 billion euros insured ... (see next point).


3. Malfunctions in the operation of the systems triggered by operating errors

According to official statements, human error was the cause of the events in Chernobyl on April 26, 1986, the accident on May 4-5, 1986 in the THTR in Hamm-Uentrop and in many other places around the world.

Please refer: 'INES and the list of incidents'And'The map of the nuclear world'.

The estimated Amount of damage the consequences of a disaster in Europe lie between € 100 billion and € 430 billion, proper insurance would drive the cost of running a nuclear power plant skyrocketing. That is why there is not a single Akw worldwide with even remotely adequate insurance.

See: Story # arguments 3. insurance


4. Mobbing of internal reminders in research and in operations in the nuclear industry

The internal critics of the nuclear industry, instead of taking their suggestions seriously and involving them, are first bullied, then sidelined and if they dare to defend themselves against it, they are consistently and only worked to silence and discredit them.

In the USA the most famous cases are the 'father of the atomic bomb' Robert Oppenheimer and also the discoverer of the nuclear chain reaction Leo Szilard.

In the USSR, the 'father of the Tsar bomb' and later Nobel Prize winner Andrei Sakharov and many others.

Here in Germany it is: dr Klaus Traube, dr Rainer Moorman, Dr.-Ing. Thilo Scholz.

These people worked in atomic research and knew the problems from personal experience.

- There is one around the international nuclear business Omerta-Culture emerged and has solidified over time.

A culture of silence that makes unprejudiced, open-ended research impossible and massively calls the safe operation of nuclear facilities into question.

Such symptoms of social decomposition are most evident when one looks at the Influence of the Mafia on Italian society in the 20th century considered.


5. The information policy of the operating companies

As eloquent as the THTR operating company HKG was silent in May 1986, its company spokespeople and lobbyists chattered as frankly, meaninglessly and without ceasing in the months and years that followed. They tried to downplay the problems and to cloud the public's view of the facts with huge clouds of words.

Also in 2007 the head of Vattenfall on the events in Brunsbüttel and in 2011 the Japanese government spokesman Edano on the subject of Fukushima.

The list of false promises, lies and cover-ups could go on and on ...

Then as now:

- The supervisory authorities are lied to and betrayed with impunity.

- The public is being 'duped' by all those involved.

See: The cold shiver runs down my spine - Mirror 17/1987


6. The lies, false promises, and real deeds of politicians

In every single one of the THTR circulars, Horst Blume points out the lies and false promises made by politicians of all stripes. Lip service from 'nuclear power is safe' to 'the greatest possible transparency and openness in investigating the incidents ...' is intended to obscure the fact that exactly the opposite is actually being practiced.

For example, this is what we are asking for comprehensive cancer study has not been described as pointless, but only as completely exaggerated. In fact, very little or nothing was implemented ...

- Inquiries on the subject have so far simply been ignored, regardless of which coalition (red-green, black-red, black-yellow) in the federal and state levels.

In spite of all this, there are now a few relevant ones Radioactivity studies, including the 'INWORKS study'from 2015.



THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
Communication Intention What to do?

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Says one pig to another:
"You, I heard the farmer only feeds us so he can slaughter us."

Answers the other pig:
"Oh, you always with your conspiracy theories!"


Those who speak the truth will be accused of lying and insulted by the horror clowns.

information war | In Russia, Belarus and the Ukraine the topic of Chernobyl has been successfully made a taboo by the incumbent rulers. Stories about the place and the events are no longer told and people only speak the names of the victims behind closed doors. People are ashamed of the truth and afraid of repression, because the victims are treated with distrust and contempt, not those responsible for the causes of the disaster.

It has been practiced in a very similar way in Japan since 2011.

The Direction of movement of the radioactive clouds after the explosions in the reactor blocks of the Fukushima 1 Daichi and 2 Daini nuclear power plants on March 12.03. to 16.03.2011/XNUMX/XNUMX was initially veiled, and many of the severely affected areas were not evacuated.

People have been denied radiation exposure measurements on their bodies in the hospital.

3 years after the catastrophe, in 2014, journalists in Japan already had big problems if they even wanted to talk about 'Fukushima'.

Critical journalists were no longer invited to press conferences, finished articles were discontinued and in individual cases stubborn reporters had their employment contracts terminated.


"Lying press" - The intention of this disparagement should be clear to everyone. If press people are considered liars in the eyes of the public, the widespread corrupt horror clown easy game when lying in office.

"You can't believe the lying press anyway..."

The undifferentiated hate tirades against the free press in general have a clear goal, they should contribute to the freedom of the press as Fourth estate to weaken it in order to then destroy the other three pillars of democracy at the same time.

As 'Reporters Without Borders'reports are becoming more common and worldwide Journalists threatened, they really need courage for their job ...!

The screamers, on the other hand, are not hiding behind the very values ​​- 'freedom of expression and democracy' - which they want to abolish and are thus allowed to utter any nonsense with impunity!


In spite of all:
Our best tool is attention -
Watch their fingers!

The described effects of these quasi-mafia-like structures were not only observed in the planning, construction, operation and decommissioning of nuclear power plants, but also in other work on nuclear industry facilities - worldwide - and so we in Germany are definitely not at the end of our exit efforts arrived, but are only just beginning to come to terms with what has happened.

Because as long as more and more radioactive nuclear waste is being driven through the area in castor containers, by truck, ship or train - and in the best case only recycled into fresh fuel for nuclear power plants around the world - we cannot have achieved our goal yet.

See the Spiegel article from March 29.03.2018, XNUMX: Hundreds of nuclear shipments through German ports


Despots love nuclear power plants!

The nuclear economy is an ideal instrument of power for any despotic ruler, because whoever exercises control over the paths taken by uranium quickly has an entire state under his control.

See: history # Arguments against the nuclear industry

- Asks the politicians standing for election clear questions and demands clear, clear answers as well.

- Forces them to make clear statements and keeps a close eye on you when they put their promises into practice.

Otherwise the glorious ascent of a noble bearer of hope, but only the entry into the nuclear industry through the back door, e.g. under the name 'Transmutation'.


Intermediate storage, repository? Nuclear waste dump!

Whether we call it a nuclear waste repository or a nuclear waste interim storage facility, nuclear waste, like our health, probably doesn't really matter. It cannot be about any play on words, it can only be about how responsibly we deal with nuclear waste. 

- Dumping nuclear waste into the sea has been banned since 1994; that has increased the price for this form of 'disposal' enormously and the Disposal mafia could hardly believe her luck.

- Radioactive waste should not be put into the taiga or any other at the 'end of the world' Deposit deep down in the mountain, where it can react 'out of sight, out of mind' for thousands of years, unobserved.

- Storing radioactive waste in the open air is also not a really good idea (see e.g. 'West Lake Landfill'in St. Louis).

This highly dangerous material must be stored as safely as possible behind thick walls, easily accessible, in small units and under constant observation by science, research and the public. That will certainly be very expensive, but it is unavoidable and feasible.

See: nukleare-welt.html # atomic waste

There is no 'end', as the word 'repository' implies, when it comes to 'nuclear waste' ...


The researchers and scientists, who are so dear to all of us, should direct the focus of their efforts, as far away as possible from the development of ever newer, larger, more dangerous weapon systems and 'human happiness steam engines', to healing the damage that has been done to date.

That will certainly not bring as much third-party funding, fame, honor and prizes from Nobel Dynamite, but it may bring mankind more securely into the future.

Maybe then, at the next 'March for Science', I can walk along without this strange feeling in my stomach. I think it would be really great if the working title then 'March for a science free of defense technology'would be ...


THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
Communication Intention What to do?

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Communication is a fine art

After it didn't work out Incident at the THTR to cover it up or keep it out of the media, the "HKG" in the Hammer town hall, at a hearing before the city council, answer questions.

What wonderful, and above all wretchedly long, stories told us the gentlemen of the nuclear industry back then - after weeks of breathing.

The main headings were as follows:

- Trust us!
- We're not lying!
- We guarantee Inherent security!
- We work hard and do everything we can!
- We are your neighbors and we also live here with our children!

Those who were still awake after these tirades of justification felt pity. Yes, you could almost feel sorry for the poor 'causers' of these homemade problems.

Unfortunately, all of these stories had tiny flaws, were barely half-true or just crudely distracted from the topic
- For example, the lecturer's children went to boarding school in Switzerland for 8-9 months a year -

That seems to have been the means of communication of choice back then (1986): not laying it on too thick when lying - telling half the truth - was the trick.

However, it is now clear that times are changing:

At least since Don Trumpl's election campaign for the US presidency in the fall of 2016 Cambridge Analytica was accompanied, will again obviously lied and cheated. Fears and hatred against minorities are fueled again, insanely brutal Reason garnished with wild grimaces and the Mobster activated!


Tragedy Wikipedia

A few years ago, individual articles in Wikipedia read as if they had been copied directly from the brochures of the nuclear industry, and former employees were suspected of being responsible for the "embellishments in Wikipedia". Apparently, however, the nuclear industry also employs many interns and outside consultants, some of whom "keep Wikipedia in order" to avoid using the nasty word "manipulation". Even in 2022, the situation has not improved, but rather worsened. In the meantime, it can even be observed that important information simply disappears completely.

Apparently, slowly but surely, all important information about accidents in the nuclear industry is being removed from Wikipedia!

What's wrong with Wikipedia?

At work on the ""Map of the nuclear world" " and on "INES and the list of incidents ..." It happens again and again that I get information about an accident at a nuclear facility, but I can't find anything in the relevant Wikipedia articles about this accident. Lately such incidents have become more frequent and I have serious concerns about the credibility of Wikipedia.


Sellafield - Nuclear factory, GBR

Between 1955 and 2005 were related to the nuclear factory Sellafield known over 20 accidents, almost all of which involved significant releases of radioactivity. Up to the Windscale brand 1957 and two other incidents in 2005 and 2014, all these incidents have been removed from German Wikipedia.

Nuclear Power Accidents


LLNL - Lawrenz Livermore National Laboratory, CA, USA

Am 20 January 1965 and at 8 June 1970 large releases of radioactivity have occurred in the LLNL.

In the Wikipedia article "Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory" will both Uncases not even mentioned anymore.


Millstone NPP, Waterford, CT, USA

A hydrogen gas explosion 10 June 1977 in the Millstone-1 reactor damaged three buildings and forced the shutdown of the reactor.

The Wikipedia article "Millstone Nuclear Power Plant" does not contain any reference to this explosion.


I would regret it very much if Wikipedia were to be made useless by interest-driven, distorted history and the associated loss of credibility.


On the subject of Wikipedia, see also the THTR Newsletter No. 117 from the year 2007.


Horror clowns, great statesmen and pocket fillers...

'Then as now and here and there' - lack of transparency, deception and disinformation, like at 'Don Nukleone' at home ...

Don Nukleone alias Franz-Josef Strauss - 'A Munich man in heaven' - and the weir cock on the dung heap ...

 - "Don Nucleone" and his frantically active helpers -

Speaking of 'Don Nucleone', the older of our readers will be amazed at the striking resemblance of the 'Angel on the Cloud' to a prominent and large German politician Atomic bomb fan of the last century immediately noticed and recognized him, but 'Who the hell' was this handsome rooster? N / A?

You can find the solution to this riddle in the THTR Circular No. 127

Yes the Franz-Josef Strauss, he already knew how to do it and he was a gifted speaker - very quietly hide important information in loud rumbling speech - everyone is upset about the shape and tone, and hardly anyone notices the explosiveness of the content.

 Anyone who has 'HEU' (highly enriched uranium) can also build the bomb.


The regional princes ...

Laurenz Meyer - The RWE candidate is our best regional example of the big game for big moneyLaurenz Meyer has the nickname "pocket fillerTruly deserved. In the nine months before he left the Bundestag in 2009, Mr. Meyer's office ordered 11 fine fountain pens from Montblanc worth more than 3.000 euros via the Bundestag's contribution-in-kind account.

The RWE paid in the year 2001 only the ex-CDU general Laurence Meyer 130.000 Euros
(Please refer 'Laurenz Very Hungry' in the mirror) ...

So the operators of nuclear facilities are still very skillful in doing what they do best.

They run their nuclear power plants as cheaply as possible, pay their politicians the same way and are true masters of disinformation.

So 'the politicians' (I know: not all of them are like that ...) act, mostly clumsily, as if they were doing something.

Well, 'the politicians' are doing something too, they support themselves first and foremost. They copy diligently for their doctoral theses and/or otherwise fine-tune their careers in order to use the time until the next election sensibly...


Even if I should 'here and there' give the impression that I want to 'lump everyone together', I can assure you that I am very much in a position to differentiate.

I know there are also 'politicians' who don't deal with'MIC'and honestly just follow their conscience (I just can't think of a name).

So when I say 'the politicians', I mean the people who are willing to sacrifice 'everything and everyone' to gain power and/or even just a little bit of it, the pocket fillers...


The gentlemen from the nuclear industry and theirs lobbyists In politics you can blame a lot, but when it comes to 'communication as art' I can only take my hat off, they take a very clear and consistent line:

Three monkeys from Wikipedia, photographer Marcus Tièschky in Nikkö Japan

Hear nothing - say nothing - see nothing

If that doesn't work anymore then the motto is 'babble to sleep' or 'chatter to death'. To this day, supervisory authorities and politicians have allegedly not found any means (or sought?) To keep an eye on these gentlemen and / or. to control the ways of money.

From the beginning there were secret agreements and contracts for the benefit of the nuclear industry, not just for the Nuclear phase-out!

See: Documents on nuclear policy


Dear politicians! Instead of just promoting the video surveillance of public places, you should finally order independent, complete video surveillance of the nuclear control centers - and maybe also work on your own credibility ;-)


Addendum 2016 - The video surveillance of public places in all of Germany is as good as done, no subway station and no fountain without video surveillance, only the control rooms of atomic plants are - as before - not independently monitored.

If an accident happens, as happened at THTR in May 1986, the Measuring devices switched off will ...


THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
Communication Intention What to do?

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My intention - why I have been working on '' since 2003:

When I searched the 'world wide web' in 2003 for the terms - atomic power plant, nuclear power plant, atomic plants, power plant, THTR, HTR, PBMR, pebble cluster, THTR 300 Thorium high temperature reactor Hamm-Uentrop - etc. I noticed that the internet was teeming with praise and belittling retellings from the brochures of the industry, but there was hardly any critical comment, e.g. on the scandalous events surrounding the 'Incident' at THTR in May 1986 and also the newer developments, e.g. the planned construction of an HTR in South Africa, were kept quiet.

I was fed up with the lies of this corrupt gang ...

So I went to work and ordered the first domain - - THTR-A was the name of the transport cask with which the spent fuel element balls of the THTR were brought to the interim storage facility in Ahaus.

Back in 1989, when the THTR was finally switched off, the responsible men howled softly to themselves, the politicians would have given in, would have let them down and anyway would not be real men, because real men don't just shut the shop down when things get tight.

To this day, these Stromers still tell the same half-true stories. The nuclear power plant operators and their well-financed lobbyists and supporters in politics are talking about the shutdown of the THTR for economic reasons and - as is their style - simply not telling the whole truth, because:

The fact is:

1.) The construction time of the reactor was estimated at 5 years, but then it took three times as long, namely an impressive 15 years. The costs did not triple in that time, no, they multiplied by 6, from the planned 650 million DM to at least 4 billion DM.

The necessary repairs to the THTR would have devoured a further billions of DM in taxpayers' money and the reactor just a little more Runtime given.

Please refer: 'The THTR breakdown list'

Any other decision by politics, other than shutting down the THTR, would actually have been economic nonsense.

2.) The accident in May 1986. The incident was denied by the operating company HKG - "On which day did you say? No, there is nothing, nothing unusual happened that day!" When the incident could no longer be denied, the release of radioactivity into the environment was first denied, then admitted 'very carefully' and finally they argued about the amount of radiation that had escaped, because the measuring device had been switched off and so there was now times no exact dates.
The truth only came to light bit by bit, always just as much as could no longer be denied.

3.) The danger of proliferation (Dissemination of weapons-grade material). Yuck, how indecent - you don't talk about that, either then or now, on the Internet any more than in the glossy brochures of the industry. Although these gentlemen know very well that it is particularly easy to remove fuel from the pebble bed reactor, as this is an important part of the pebble bed reactor system. The freshly enriched, approx. 6 cm large uranium balls come in at the top and at the bottom they fall out again as ready-hatched, handy plutonium portions.
An ideal starting material for building bombs at home after work.

4.) Disposal. Is it really worth talking about? This calming-sounding word creation is just a linguistic joke anyway. Just like the end in 'final storage', there is no 'disposal' and also no 'final storage', there is at most a postponement of the problem to tomorrow via interim storage - Manjana, Manjana.
In a few hundred years, our descendants will be much smarter than we are anyway. If they survive this!


The nuclear lobbyists tell us - nuclear power could protect the climate, no CO2 and such ... - Hurray, hurray and how well that fits the spirit of the times! It's not true, but it sounds amazing!

Nuclear power is not a solution - The energy cliff -
by Jan Willem Storm van Leeuwen


What is it really about:

- Cancer studies - When will the health risks of nuclear power plants finally be comprehensively and seriously investigated?

We need cancer studies without lousy compromises. Not a childhood cancer study with questionable restrictions - 'But please only near the nuclear power plants that are still producing electricity'. - No, comprehensive cancer studies that include all people and all nuclear facilities, including facilities that have long been closed or test sites. Research and test facilities such as those in Jülich and Hamm as well as the former uranium mining sites in the Ore Mountains, production facilities such as the interim storage facility in Ahaus, Urenco in Gronau and the GKSS locations ... and much more.

Addendum - There are now some 'Radioactivity studies'.


- How can one, on the one hand, propagate the 'war on terror' and, on the other hand, ensure the worldwide dissemination of nuclear weapons-grade material?

The civil nuclear industry and the arms industry work highly lucratively, effectively and hand in hand. Some spread the material for building dirty bombs all over the world. The others are arming the police and the military so that they can fight the terrorists and bring back the scattered radioactive material, worldwide.

Please refer: 'War on terror'


- Where did all the money go? Where is it stored?
In Switzerland, in Lichtenstein or in the Caribbean ?!

Only several billion DM and later at least as many billions of euros in tax money wandered through the pockets of the nuclear industry. Was everything kosher?

Please refer: 'Corruption and revolving door'


Question after question, we are looking for answers.
Help with!

I, built in 1957, have very good memories of the events around the THTR in the years 1986 - 1989 and therefore consider it my task to document the history from my point of view before the great forgetfulness strikes me too.

Similarities with other living people are not excluded ... ;-)

I make no claim to the completeness of my research and / or the like. technical overview, that means: You are cordially invited to work on '' as well as on the 'THTR-Rundbrief'.

See the contacts in: 'Imprint'


THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
Communication Intention What to do?

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What can i do?

1.) Change the electricity provider, Electricity without an atom there are now quite cheap ...

2.) To be informed! Read the '' regularly - e.g. ''- is a good start ...

3.) Get active yourself, support your local Citizens' Initiative and sponsor independent control bodies, for example the 'THTR circular'and with it this homepage' '...


Work on phasing out nuclear power!

A few years ago the USA, France and Great Britain tried to sell a few atomic plants to anyone who was not quick enough on the tree.

In the meantime these providers have withdrawn from the surefire business - but always these annoying liability questions too -

The offended at that time Companies are today (2017) either totally bankrupt or vegetate as undead with state alimentation!


The new pseudo-economic giants China and Russia have now taken on the part of notoriously great statesmen around the world to finance and build expensive nuclear facilities.

'Made in China' and 'Made in Russia' and guaranteed 'without guarantee'.


Quote from the 2007 KIKK study:

"The closer the place of residence to an NPP increases the risk of cancer for children."

The KIKK study, published at the end of 2007, as well as another study from the USA from summer 2007, suggest this connection. Will there be any legal consequences to be drawn from these findings at some point?

A really comprehensive cancer study is blocked by politics ... (What it's about: cancer studies)

So while we are waiting for long overdue consequences, I have already visualized the realistic possibility:

A template for stickers

leukemia 2.1 Four stickers on a A4 sheet as a PDF file.

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10 lies of the nuclear lobby
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As you will see on the following pages, the matter is far from over. As always, the 'friends of a bright future' are optimistic and do not allow themselves to be shaken by reality.

The HTR technology, here in Germany - in spite of all verbal declarations of exit, with taxpayers money - should be used in several places around the world - see for example South Africa - Go online under the name PBMR (Pebble Bed Modular Reactor).

Almost all of these projects have now been completed. Only in China there is a 10 MW HTR experimental reactor on which Tsinghua University in Beijing, but mostly silent. Two 200 MW HTR should actually be in Dec. 2017 in Shandong go online, but they won't be until 2021...

However, we can be absolutely sure of one thing. They won't give up, as long as the tax money is flowing, they'll try to get there!

South Korean President Moon had the oldest reactor in South Korea on June 18.06.2017, XNUMX Kori-1 switched off and by 2040 the remaining reactors should be shut down (25 reactors down). That could MIC not put up with. Since May 2022 is in South Korea the well-known corrupt nuclear clique, came back to power with a wafer-thin majority and the new conservative President Yoon Suk-yeol stopped the nuclear phase-out in July 2022.


The latest hit in the nuclear industry is called 'generation IV'.

Of course, the development and processing costs will continue to be borne by the taxpayer, the risks will be left to the local population and the resulting profits will be privatized!

So everything as usual, even with the 6 new lines of the fourth generation of nuclear reactors!



Logo of farmers and consumers against atomic energy - a pitchfork and fork crossed in front of the THTR 300 high temperature reactor Hamm-UentropThis page is dedicated to the members of the various citizens' groups from the near and far vicinity of the reactor, very different people without certain political preferences who are interested in THTR 300 Thorium high temperature reactor in Hamm - Uentrop met to demonstrate unity against a 'despicable technique'.

Without the non-violent commitment of all these people, it would not have been possible to change the 'Atom Hurray Policy' of that time in Hamm and North Rhine-Westphalia. The continuous and tireless efforts of the farmers and their willingness to do whatever is necessary deserve special mention.


Wishing you a lot of fun reading would not be appropriate on this topic, instead I wish you a lot of perseverance in reading and a lot more patience and passion in implementing the knowledge you have gained.


If you happen to have photos, illustrative material, etc. If you have other information, please send it to me.

Werner Neubauer


PS: The names of informants and supporters are only given at their express request.


THTR 300 Problems Truth and lie
Communication Intention What to do?

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