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The thorium high-temperature reactor in Hamm-Uentrop, Schmehausen

Pebble bed reactor with 300 MW output

by Werner Neubauer

The nuclear reactor THTR-300 in Hamm-Uentrop, Schmehausen was shut down in 1989 because the operating company couldn't get the reactor under control and tried to "sweep under the carpet" the really big problems - such as the radioactive contamination of the environment in May 1986.

See: History # The accident

Problems like those in the incident on May 04th and 05th, 1986 at the THTR in Hamm-Uentrop and just a few days earlier on April 26th, 1986 - with much more serious consequences - in Chernobyl NPP became visible, the attentive observer must recognize today at nuclear facilities worldwide...

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Nuclear lobby

It is noticeable systematic approach the so-called Responsible person in dealing with accidents in nuclear plants or their cover-up. This procedure is always and everywhere quite similar ...

Therefore, the experiences that we opponents of the THTR have gained in tranquil Hamm since the 1970s can be quite helpful, even 50 years later, even deeper ones insight in enabling current events.

The aims to make people - worldwide - help to see through and dispel the 'fog of corruption'. Those responsible on site and the Nuclear lobby use the same strategies around the world to cover up the truth.

And the truth is, it's all about money. Regardless of whether over international arms exports - arms trade there is talk or about the fact that nuclear power plants, Football stadiums or Waste incineration plants are to be built, large sums of money are pumped into the landscape from the start.

Much of the money ends up in the ground in the form of concrete, much to the delight of cement manufacturers and contractors - but sooner or later much of it also ends up in the ground Landscape maintenance = bribe on the accounts of politicians, lobbyists, employees of the supervisory authorities and many other responsible persons, multipliers and decision-makers.

There are beneficiaries and takers of dirty money at all levels...

And so, of course, there are particularly good commissioned writers, called noble pens, who write wonderful stories - for example about clean, cheap nuclear energy, etc. and who are paid exceptionally well for these modern fairy tales. But the most expensive figures in this system of corruption are of course the "oh-so-serious" politicians, as long as they are considered blameless. In recent years, however, the type of politician serving capital has changed dramatically. I refer to this new breed of politician as "bag filler, great statesmen or horror clowns", depending on the meaning and dimension...

The hour of the killer clowns 

Today, capital no longer relies so much on technocrats and manager types, but rather on populists, authoritarian joke figures like Don Trumpl, etc. ...

I hope you can read here and there help to clear this fog a bit!


Hubris, fraud, corruption? Not just in the nuclear industry...

Joke on the edge and completely beside the topic; but then the one that is no longer so new occurs to me Berlin Airport BER one that Elbphilharmonie and the downhill train station Stuttgart 21 Etc. ...

All these major construction projects have one thing in common: they were and are almost exclusively, but abundantly, taxpayers' money burned or diverted.

Responsible is amazingly always the same: None!

The nuclear industry is something very special!

Because this is not just about problems due to scatterbrainedness, stupidity, corruption, greed, botched construction and the immense waste of taxpayers' money... -

The Greenpeace 2010 Atomic Subsidy Study says:
In Germany alone, the nuclear industry grew from 1950 to 2010 204 billion Euro.

“Cleaning up after them” will cost taxpayers at least another 100 billion euros!

Of the Risks to our democracy and the totally inadequate Insurance for nuclear facilities etc. I don't even want to start at this point, I've already covered these topics History written.

See: History # Arguments against the nuclear industry

 - ... the central problem with the nuclear industry or the entire uranium industry, is the systematic trivialization of it radioactive radiation.

The nuclear friends, radiant as always, claim to have everything under control - critics point to unmanageably long periods of time and unforeseeable, long-term consequences and risks of radioactive radiation.


What is low-level radioactive radiation and what are its consequences?

The answer is simply:

- Radioactive low-level radiation collects completely unnoticed in the living organism, accumulates there and causes the same in the long term Symptoms of radiation sickness like short-term, massive radiation!

- Because the effects of this low radiation may only take many years or Generations can become clearly visible later cause stay very calm. Nobody will be able to prove anything to you after so many years!

The relevant publications by Andrei Sakharov (1958) and Prof Ernest J Sternglass (1977) as well as several more recent ones Studies on low radiation are not really known to the general public or have been successfully pushed out of public consciousness.

See also: low-level radioactive radiation

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