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Nuclear Power Accidents + NAMS + INES


01. May 1968 - (INES 4) - Sellafield, GBR

01. May 1962 - (nuclear test) - beryl - Nuclear test site in Ekker, DZA

02. May 1967 - (INES 4) - Chapelcross NPP, GBR

04. May 1986 - (INES 0) - THTR 300 NPP, GER

07. May 2007 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Philipsburg NPP, DEU

07. May 1966 - (INES 3-4) - Melekess - Research Institute, RUS

11. to 13. May 1998 - 5 atomic bomb tests - Pokhran, IND

11. May 1969 - (INES 5 | NAMS 2,3) - Rocky Flats, United States

12. May 1988 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Civaux NPP, FRA

13. May 1978 - (No INES class.) - AVR Jülich, GER

18. May 1974 - 1. Atomic Bomb Test - Pokhran, IND

21. May 1986 - (INES 1-3) - La Hague, FRA

21. May 1945 and 21. May 1946 - (INES 4) - Los Alamos, USA

May 22, 1968 - USS Scorpion - sank 640 km southwest of the Azores

24. May 1958 - (No INES class.) - NRU Chalk River, CAN

25. May 2009 - 2. Atomic Bomb Test - Punggye-ri, PRK

May 26, 1971 - (No INES class.) - Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, RUS

May 27, 1956 - atomic bomb tests - Eniwetok Atoll and Bikini Atoll

28. to 30. May 1998 - 6 atomic bomb tests - Ras Koh, PAK


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26. May


Taxonomy | climate change | Brüssel

Nuclear power showdown

Nuclear energy is to be classified as “green energy” in the EU. But the resistance in the European Parliament is growing.

Politics in Brussels never rests. Even if there's a certain holiday paralysis hanging over the city, there's a constant buzz behind the scenes. Politicians send out statements, upcoming votes are prepared and the necessary alliances are forged. Green politicians are particularly active these days. The reason is the decisions in the European Parliament on the question of whether nuclear power and gas in Europe are classified as climate-friendly energies. For environmentalists, this is a kind of horror scenario that they want to prevent.

Europe wants to become climate neutral

The background is that the EU Commission under President Ursula wants to include both energy sources in the so-called taxonomy. In this way, the EU should become climate-neutral by 2050. The inclusion of nuclear and gas amounts to a recommendation to the financial markets to invest in such assets. Environmentalists fear that this will be at the expense of the expansion of renewable forms of energy such as wind and sun ...


France | EDFRenaissance | Russia

Failure of many power plants France's nuclear power plans in jeopardy

France is less dependent on Russian gas than Germany - thanks to the country's 56 nuclear reactors. But because more than half of them are standing still and Russia is disappearing as a customer, France's nuclear industry is under pressure.

French President Emmanuel Macron had promised a "renaissance of nuclear energy" in February. He wants to have six new pressurized water reactors built. More electricity, more independence, more innovation - Macron is going all-out on the nuclear power card to push France's industry forward.


Instead of around 70 percent, France's nuclear power plants only supplied 37 percent of the electricity requirement in April - less than ever before! Europe's largest nuclear power provider, Electricité de France, currently estimates the group's shortfall in revenue for 2022 at 18,5 billion euros. It is already foreseeable that there will be power shortages in winter.


On top of all these problems there is now the war in Ukraine. To date, Russia has been the most important customer of the French nuclear industry. Mycle Schneider, editor of the World Nuclear Industry Status Report, sees the items in the order books dwindling. Internationally, Russia was "the decisive, most aggressive promoter" of the construction of new nuclear power plants. And now suddenly this bottleneck has arisen. "In Finland, a project for a Russian nuclear power plant has already been officially canceled - and turbines for this nuclear power plant were to be delivered from France," says Schneider.
In fact, the French Ministry of Economic Affairs even planned to take a 20 percent stake in the domestic turbine manufacturer in Belfort for the Russian company Rosatom. But that plan could now be shelved...


"I defend pacifism - if necessary with a gun in my hand"

EU Commission President-to-be Martin Sonneborn in an interview with Marcel Malachowski about sanctions against German oligarchs, the selective humanism of pseudo-do-gooders in times of war & the end of the Left Party

The fiercest political competitor of the still Commission President of the EU, Ursula von der Leyen, and former TITANIC editor-in-chief is the chairman of the party "DIE PARTEI", for which he has also been a member of the EU Parliament since 2014, where he works in the Committee on Justice, among other things. With 57.000 members, "DIE PARTEI" is one of the larger parties in Germany and was also represented in the Bundestag by MP Marco Bülow (ex-SPD) ...


May 26, 1958 - (No INES classification) - Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, RUS

Kurchatov Institute

( - Accidents in nuclear facilities)

On May 26, 1971, a criticality accident occurred at the SF-3 facility in the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow during tests to determine the number of fuel rods made of highly enriched U-235 to achieve a critical arrangement due to a mechanical failure of the test arrangement, in which two Experimenters received radiation doses of 60 and 20 Sv and died after five and 15 days, respectively. Two other people survived with doses of 7 to 8 Sv.

The Kurchatov Institute has 27 research reactors, seven of which are decommissioned and one is temporarily shut down. Thus, 19 reactors are still in operation. (about 15 km northwest of Moscow city center)



25. May


NATO | Tank | Ukraine

Informal NATO deal No main battle tanks for Ukraine?

According to information from the SPD, there is a NATO agreement not to deliver Western battle tanks and armored personnel carriers to Ukraine. This is to avoid a provocation by Moscow. The Union is outraged: the Bundestag was not informed.

According to information from the SPD, NATO has reached an informal agreement not to deliver Western battle tanks and armored personnel carriers to Ukraine without prior agreement. This is not an official NATO decision and cannot be, because NATO as an alliance does not supply any weapons at all, said Wolfgang Hellmich, spokesman on defense policy for the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag.

The NATO countries would have made all deliveries to Ukraine independently. Nevertheless, so far all partners have kept to the informal agreement. "The Defense Committee was fully informed about the NATO agreements in mid-May," explained Hellmich...


War, Democracy and Climate

Our civilization may not survive

The US investor and philanthropist George Soros writes why open societies are having such a hard time today. And why Putin and Xi will still fail. A guest post.

Since the last annual meeting of the World Economic Forum, the course of history has changed dramatically. Russia has invaded Ukraine, shaking to its core the European Union, which was formed to prevent war from returning to the continent.

Even if the fighting ends, the situation will never return to the status quo ante. In fact, the Russian invasion could turn out to be the beginning of World War III, and our civilization may not survive it...



It may be, but it doesn't have to be.

A good reason to keep going with all your might...


nuclear waste | Würgassen

Nuclear waste interim storage facility: the federal government promises more transparency

In the debate about a planned nuclear waste logistics center in Würgassen, the Federal Environment Ministry has promised more transparency. Two state secretaries visited the planned site on Tuesday.

Result of the meeting at the transnational site working group in Beverungen: The whole process should be checked again. The Federal Agency for Interim Storage (BGZ) is planning a nuclear waste interim storage facility in the border triangle of Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) and Hesse. Critics complain about the lack of communication, consider the selection process to be non-transparent and the planned location unsuitable because of its location. That's why the two state secretaries were there on Tuesday and listened to people's concerns.

"New approach, new choice of words"

The joint municipality mayor of Boffzen, Tino Wenkel (independent) praised after the meeting that the concerns and needs had been heard. There is also a new choice of words and a new way of dealing with each other. The Federal Ministry has recognized that such a logistics center for nuclear waste cannot simply be imposed on an entire region like the Weserbergland, said Wenkel. He is now hoping for the long-awaited transparent selection process...


fracking | fossil | Climate

Qatar supplies US-produced fracking gas

Energy and climate newsreel: Of gigantic extra profits for oil and gas companies, courted autocrats and burning pine forests

So now the Berlin traffic light coalition has put together its gift package for motorists, the Bundestag has launched it and the Bundesrat has also given its blessing. As reported, the energy tax on fuel will be temporarily reduced from the beginning of June.

It remains to be seen how much of this actually reaches the consumer. As is well known, politicians who are completely caught up in neoliberal patterns of thought shun price controls, which could at least prevent free-rider effects...


North Korea | atomic bomb tests

25. May 2009 - 2. Atomic Bomb Test - Punggye-ri, PRK

North Korea's second nuclear bomb test

Underground, 10-20 kilotons (kT) - On May 25, 2009, the second nuclear test was conducted in North Korea. According to Russian information, the explosive device had an explosive force of 20 kilotons. In addition to the nuclear test, several short-range missiles were launched.



24. May


Ukraine war | profits | fossil

Consequences of the Ukraine war

How much oil and gas companies profit from the war

The companies earn splendidly thanks to the high prices. This fuels the debate about special taxes. But there is a small problem.

Who wins the war in Ukraine is open. But it is already clear that the biggest economic winners will be the oil and gas companies worldwide. Commodity prices have risen sharply and this is reflected in higher profits. A new study by scientists from the Steuerjustigkeit network, an organization that fights for fair taxation, puts the additional profits in the industry this year at up to 1600 billion euros globally. This enormous sum roughly corresponds to Russia's economic output last year. The study was commissioned by the European Left Group in the European Parliament; it will be presented this Wednesday and is available to the Süddeutsche Zeitung in advance.

These huge profits are fueling the debate about excess profit taxes, i.e. special levies on corporations that are earning exceptionally well thanks to the war. Last week, the European Parliament voted in favor of such taxes.


At first glance, the reform of the century in corporate taxation, which 137 countries agreed on last autumn, could help. The agreement grants more taxing rights to countries that only have customers but no large sites. Unfortunately, commodity groups are exempt from this reform.


Hinkley Point | Great Britain | EDF

Nuclear trouble again for the EDF, now in the UK

Another "black week" for the French electricity supplier: exploding costs and further delays in the new EPR building at Hinkley Point in the UK

"The debacles are piling up at EDF," was the headline in the French newspaper La Tribune, given the huge problems facing the French energy company.


What is already known from Flamanville or Olkilouto in Finland is repeated in the south-west of England. Costs skyrocket, completion is delayed and further delayed. In Hinkley Point, the EDF, which repeatedly attracts attention with forecasts that are far too positive, expects total costs of 25 to 26 billion British pounds (29,5 to 30,7 billion euros) ...


Atomic power | survey

Survey: 25 percent of people in Germany support nuclear power

Germany should become less dependent on energy imports from Russia. In a representative survey, a quarter stated that nuclear power would be an option.

A quarter of adults in Germany are in favor of expanding nuclear power in order to make Germany less dependent on energy imports. This is the result of a representative survey of a thousand adults in Germany commissioned by the German Federal Foundation for the Environment (DBU). 75 percent indicated solar energy when asked which energy sources should be used more intensively in the future, 65 percent indicated wind energy and just as much hydrogen from renewable energies. Six percent and five percent, respectively, advocated natural gas and coal. 

Attitudes towards nuclear power differ by age group, according to the survey prepared by Forsa. 18 percent of 29 to 14 year olds see nuclear energy as a future solution, 30 percent of 44 to 28 year olds, 45 percent of 59 to 27 year olds and 60 percent of people aged 26 and over Percent. In contrast, approval for solar and wind energy is almost the same in the age groups ...


Atomic power | Advertising | Nuclear lobby

"The Greens have to make a decision: climate protection or anti-nuclear power plants, neither is possible"

Interview Veronika Wendland was once against nuclear energy. Now she has a book called “Nuclear Power? Yes please!”. She is convinced: We can only achieve the energy transition with nuclear power plants

Die Zeit recently called her "side changer": Because Veronika Wendland was once against nuclear power - and now has a book called nuclear power? Yes, please! released. Three Mile Island (1979), Chernobyl (1986), Fukushima (2011): After three nuclear catastrophes, there seems to be little good argument for nuclear energy left for many. Wendland disagrees and says: The energy transition only works with nuclear power plants (nuclear power plants) ...



Why doesn't Friday flag this post as an ad?

Very much inspired by Don T., nothing but unsubstantiated claims and rumours, presented in the bossy tone of the omniscient and the content is neither new nor correct, what a shame about the trees.


nuclear policy | Lower Weser | Prussia Elektra

Nuclear policy gets off without a trial

In the dispute over the demolition of the Unterweser nuclear power plant, the anti-nuclear movement, politics and the nuclear company on a compromise - because a complaint is unprocessed

The opponents of nuclear power in the Wesermarsch are withdrawing their lawsuit against the demolition permit of the switched-off Esenshamm nuclear reactor on the Lower Weser, which has been running since 2018. The reason: you have agreed on a compromise with the operator group PreussenElektra and the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment. This is because, even after four years, it was not foreseeable when the Higher Administrative Court in Lüneburg would even hear about her complaint. A mediation process has now taken place with the help of a conciliator. The plaintiff Paul Bremer and the citizens' initiative (BI) "Arbeitskreis Wesermarsch", which supports him, now agree to the result of these negotiations - but this makes the lawsuit null and void ...


Accident | Wikipedia

24. May 1958 - (No INES classification) - NRU Chalk River, CAN

A fuel rod caught fire, contaminating half the facility.

The power of the nuclear lobby.

Just as there was, inexplicably, no INES classification at the time, this accident is still classified today in the German Wikipedia just not mentioned.



23. May


SIPRI | peace

Peace and Conflict Studies

SIPRI: World stumbles in era of new dangers

The peace research institute SIPRI sees the world threatened by complex and unpredictable security risks. But according to his latest report, politicians are not preparing adequately for the "new era".

SIPRI paints the big picture: the world situation in the face of increasingly complex and unpredictable crises. His analysis "Environment of Peace: Security in a New Era of Risk" could hardly be more disturbing at first - only to then give hope.

Global emergency due to multiple crises

We are therefore "in a planetary emergency," warns the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, which is known for its annual arms export reports. Worsening environmental crises and security situations reinforced each other in dangerous ways. The deforestation, the melting of the glaciers and the pollution of the oceans by plastic go hand in hand with the increase in deaths in conflicts, arms spending and starving people. How pandemics triggered by the corona virus caused further dangers ...


FDP | Federal states | wind

DUH accusation: FDP and several federal states are slowing down wind energy

Berlin - The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) intends to ban state-specific blanket distance regulations for wind energy in May 2022. So far, however, the FDP parliamentary group has opposed this rule.

Various federal states are currently considering passing legal regulations with minimum distances to residential buildings in the short term, or have already stipulated minimum distances. The German Environmental Aid (DUH) criticizes this approach and sees no advantages over wind energy in view of the acceptance cited by the federal states.

Scientific surveys show no positive effects of general distance specifications

The German Environmental Aid criticizes the efforts of some federal states to stick to general minimum distances when erecting wind turbines. Last week, the Brandenburg state parliament passed a law that stipulates a distance of 1.000 meters to residential buildings. According to the DUH, there are also plans in Saxony and Thuringia to adopt comparable regulations in the short term...


Russia | Leader | Putin | Ukraine | Hunger | Africa

War crimes as a war aim

Putin's script: wheat crisis, hunger crisis, refugee crisis - in three stages to destabilize the EU

Vladimir Putin has insidious plans. By blocking Ukrainian ports, the Russian President wants to bring about a famine in Africa - the resulting streams of refugees are supposed to confuse the EU politically. Putin has already tested this evil game in a smaller format: in 2015 in Syria. An analysis by Matthias Koch.

Grain elevators are big and they can't run away. So now every shot is a hit, even for mediocre shooters of the Russian artillery.
All over the country, Vladimir Putin's troops are currently destroying the agricultural infrastructure of Ukraine - the much-cited breadbasket of Europe.
Preference is given to "grain elevators", so-called grain elevators, which are used for loading and unloading trucks, trains or ships. The Russian army finds them in many places in the countryside, near larger farms, but also at train stations and ports.

Many of these facilities were state of the art. In Rubishne in eastern Ukraine, for example, the Golden Agro company operated a high-tech plant for the mechanical sorting of wheat, with express analyses, grain dryers, separators and automatic scales. In this case, the Russian army invested in a particularly complex rocket attack: All that remained of the entire complex, which only opened in 2020, was smoking craters.

Russia turns wheat fields into minefields

Sometimes the Russians just set fire to farms and barns and lay mines in wheat fields...



22. May


nuclear waste | Repository | Konrad shaft | building freeze

400 people protest against nuclear waste storage

420 people demonstrated against the storage of nuclear waste in the former iron ore mine with protest rally to the Konrad shaft. The police said on Sunday - the organizers had previously spoken of over 500 demonstrators. The organizers also announced a symbolic encirclement of the former mine in Salzgitter. "We have been fighting against the storage of nuclear waste in the Konrad shaft for 40 years," said Ludwig Wasmus, head of the Konrad shaft working group, on Sunday. Approval was granted 20 years ago. "Nevertheless, the repository is still not operational and we will prevent it from ever becoming operational."

For the former iron ore mine Schacht Konrad, the permit for the construction and operation of a repository has been available since 2002. After the conversion, up to 303 cubic meters of low-level and intermediate-level radioactive waste will be stored there. But critics have been calling for an immediate halt to construction for a long time...


Norway | LPG | CO2

Tankers have been waiting for loading for days

Norway is supplying liquid gas again

Europe's second largest production facility is back in operation after a 20-month standstill.

After a break of more than 20 months, the gas liquefaction plant on Melkøya near Hammerfest in northern Norway will be producing liquid gas again from Monday. The plant, which is primarily operated by the Norwegian oil and gas company Equinor, had to be shut down after a devastating fire in September 2020. Due to extensive repair work, the commissioning, which was last scheduled for March 2022, was repeatedly delayed.

The LNG production facility on Melkøya (Milk Island) is currently the largest of its kind in Europe after Yamal, Russia. It has an annual capacity of around 6 billion cubic meters. The gas is delivered from the "Snøhvit" (Snow White) gas field in the Barents Sea via a 140-kilometer-long underwater pipeline and cooled to minus 162 degrees Celsius so that it can be shipped in liquid form with LNG tankers all over the world. The project had been accompanied by years of protests by environmentalists. The LNG plant is one of the largest single sources of CO2 emissions in the country. It has been criticized as a climate killer: since it was put into operation, it has sent around 10 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere...


Assange | Media | Empire

Julian Assange: Jams in Journalism

Renowned media have benefited from Wikileaks. However, your commitment to the release of the most famous founder of the platform remains cautious

The Empire is resentful and vengeful, the logic of staying in power requires the occasional example to be set. In this case, it hits the best-known of the founders of the Internet platform Wikileaks, Julian Assange. The 51-year-old has been in prison or prison-like circumstances for ten years now.


Solar | Farmer | Biodiverse

solar power and agriculture

berries under power

Agri-photovoltaics can not only generate green electricity, but also do something for biodiversity. Researchers see it as a great opportunity, but in Germany it still doesn't go beyond test and pilot projects.

With berries, the yields are great, comparable to those outdoors, praises Fabian Karthaus. The farmer operates two photovoltaic systems in Büren in East Westphalia, which – similar to a greenhouse roof – each cover half a hectare. Raspberries, blueberries and blackberries grow underneath.


The great potential stems from the fact that agriculture and solar power can be combined in many ways. ISE researcher Heimsath can list at least eight different variants, including elevated systems that cover the field in a certain way, or ground-level systems in which the spaces in between are used primarily for agriculture. Vertical systems are also conceivable, standing at the edge of fields, meadows or moors ...


China | Leader | Xi Jinping

Well done, China!?

Xi Jinping is risking China's future. His Silk Road ends in a dead end. His contempt for the US is slowing growth. His corona policy is driving European companies out of the country.

No one knows better what is best for China at all times than: President Xi Jinping. Four years ago, in March, 2956 of the 2958 so-called deputies to the National People's Congress humbly asked President Xi to do them the favor of leading the state, nation and people until the end of his life on. On the one hand. On the other hand, he gestured a bow to a classic stylistic device of cadre communism: Xi bestowed the mercy of his favor on the provincial emissaries by applauding their applause—thus commending the emissaries and himself, with applause, for the wisdom of their request for leadership.

That's Vulgar Rousseau and Neo-Louis XIV squared, plus a pinch each of Plato and Hegel: They want to signal to the world that the absolute common will rules in Beijing, which emanates from everyone and aims for the well-being of all, represented as a sun king by Xi the Great , who paradoxically stands at the top of this egalitarian Chinese ideal state by virtue of philosopher-royal maturity - a state in which leader and people are indistinguishable as an applause community welded together in a rational contract, congratulating itself in a continuous loop: "Volonté générale" meets "L'État c'est moi" - because "freedom is the insight into necessity", that Xi, as a kind of ruling world spirit, realizes generally desired purposes...


May 22, 1968 - USS Scorpion - sank 640 km southwest of the Azores


USS Scorpion (SSN-589)

The USS Scorpion (identification: SSN-589) was a Skipjack-class nuclear submarine of the United States Navy. She was put into service in 1960 and sank in 1968 as the second nuclear-powered submarine of the US Navy in the North Atlantic under circumstances that are still not fully understood. A torpedo is believed to have detonated inside the submarine. 99 sailors lost their lives. The wreck was only found five months later at a depth of 3300 meters.


The wreck of the Scorpion is very dangerous for the area, since in addition to the reactor there were also two Mark 45 ASTOR torpedoes with nuclear warheads on board. The US Navy regularly tests local water, sediment and fish for plutonium contamination. According to the naval reports, the results have so far indicated no radiation or other pollution. This shows that the reactor is still tight.


April 11, 1968 - K-129, sank 2900 km northwest of Hawaii



The K-129 (Soviet designation: PL-574) was a Soviet Project 629 (Golf-class) submarine. It was a diesel-electric powered missile submarine. After sinking in 1968, it was partially raised by the United States Navy in 1974 in the Azorian Project.


The USSR government said after the incident that the K-129 had been sunk by US Navy submarines. Supporters of this theory say that the USS Scorpion (SSN-589) could also have been sunk two months later in revenge.


Azorian project

In the Azorian Project (also known as part of the Jennifer Project), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) tried under strict secrecy to recover the sunken Soviet submarine K-129 (Soviet designation: PL-574) from the seabed. Shortly after the sinking in 1968, the CIA began planning, the salvage attempt took place in 1974...



21. May


CO2 | space travel | Atmosphere

Thermal nitrogen oxides & CO2

Rocket launches pollute the earth's atmosphere

  • Rocket launches have reached a new record high this year
  • The thermal nitrogen oxides and carbon dioxide from the rockets pollute the earth's atmosphere
  • The increasing problem of air pollution must therefore be taken into account more, especially in commercial space flights

Rocket launches have reached a new record high this year. A study now shows the effects on the earth's atmosphere

Nicosia (Cyprus). The number of rocket launches will increase sharply due to planned space projects by the USA, Russia, China and the European Union (EU) as well as private companies. Elon Musk's space company SpaceX alone is planning more than 50 rocket launches in the current year to supply the International Space Station (ISS) and to bring more satellites into orbit for Starlink...


IMHO - Freedom

I presented this study last week and am reluctant to use almost the same article twice. This time, however, I think it's necessary, because it's about ours Freedom. Former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said it again two days ago:

"Freedom is more important than peace"

He spoke, of course, of the freedom of those who can afford it and take it. Freedom for pocket filler, great statesmen and horror clowns. Everyone else has the freedom to bite the dust, not the freedom to live in peace...


Europe | droughtclimate changeWater  | Forest fire

Another drought year?

The 2018-2020 drought was the worst in Europe for at least 250 years, a new study shows. Global warming will prolong droughts in the future. With unchecked climate change, they could even last 16 years.

Another year of drought looming? In parts of Germany, especially in the north-east, things are looking critical. The dry spring there is reminiscent of the extreme years 2018 to 2020.

Farmers in Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania fear crop slumps. In the Harz Mountains there has already been the third forest fire in a few weeks, and the groundwater level is falling in many places.

Is another dry year coming with parched meadows and fields, dead forests, dried-up streams and power plants that have been shut down?


A new UFZ study shows how drastic the period from 2018 to 2020 was. After that, this drought event was the most severe in Europe since the mid-18th century - at least. Since then, no drought has spread so widely across Europe, and no temperature rise during a drought has been so great, the scientists said.

"The 2018 to 2020 drought period is the new benchmark for droughts in Europe" ...


France | EDFBlackout | Electricity price

The perfect starting point for a nuclear blackout in France

In addition to the escalating corrosion problems, the expected shortage of cooling water will be added as early as May, showing that climate change and nuclear power do not mix

The situation in the nuclear state of France is coming to a head more dramatically. What was expected as a "disaster in the power supply" is now taking on clearer contours. In any case, no one who had dealt with the situation in the nuclear power country with any seriousness had believed the state-owned energy company EDF's very positive forecasts for power generation for the current year - despite the decrepit nuclear park.


This is costing France dearly in view of extreme energy prices. The EDF therefore had to issue a profit warning and the prices for the French electricity contracts rose by up to 8,6 percent for the fourth quarter after the production target had to be lowered. Bloomberg states about the supposedly cheap and safe nuclear power:

French prices are the most expensive in Europe, contracts for this period are almost twice as high as in Germany.

In fact, it is now becoming clear to more observers that the nuclear problems in the nuclear state are piling up more and more and the radiant problems for the heavily indebted country are becoming very expensive ...


Brazil | Uranium mining | Yellow cake | Agriculture

Uranium mining Brazil's risky plans

In the course of the Ukraine war, Brazil's government approved the massive mining of uranium. What is of strategic importance for President Bolsonaro threatens the existence of small family farmers.

When Joselene Sena and Antonio da Silva look towards the steep green mountains that rise behind their hometown of Lagoa do Mato, their hearts sink. Because soon a gigantic uranium mine is to be built there. Brazil's environmental agency gave the green light for this a few weeks ago.

"Everyone in this region will suffer if there is a leak or an accident at this uranium mine," fears Joselene. "Because then our water sources are radioactively contaminated."

Occurrence discovered in the 1970s

Antonio has been a small farmer for as long as he can remember. Joselene is the leader of the local cooperative of more than 200 family farms that have been producing fruit juices for generations: pineapple, banana, guava and caja.

Under Joselene's leadership, the cooperative has grown in recent years. They now supply the local city council and schools with their juice concentrates made from fruits that they grow organically in the picturesque region. The annual turnover has recently increased to 380.000 euros.

Your successful project is now in danger, Joselene believes. The largest uranium deposits in Brazil lie dormant within sight of Antonio's organic plantations and the headquarters of Joselene's cooperative. They were discovered back in the 1970s. Since then, the state-owned company Indústrias Nucleares do Brasil, INB for short, has submitted several applications to mine the uranium of the Santa Quiteria mine project in the form of "Yellow Cake" ...


21. May 1986 - (INES 1-3) - La Hague, FRA


La Hague - World's largest reprocessing plant - X incidents

The La Hague reprocessing plant is located in the Channel region of north-western France, 25 km west of the city of Cherbourg. According to the owner AREVA (Orano since 2018), it is the leading industrial plant for the reprocessing of spent fuel elements in the world ...

Construction of La Hague began in 1961 after the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) decided to operate a reprocessing plant called UP2 for UNGG reactors. In 1966 La Hague opened and in 1967 the UP2 began commercial operations...

There have been a number of incidents in La Hague since it went into operation.


21. May 1945 and 21. May 1946 - (INES 4) - Los Alamos, USA


LANL Los Alamos - Demon Core

(Eng. "Demon core") is the nickname of an 89 mm large, 6,2 kg heavy plutonium core, which was used in two accidents in the Los Alamos National Laboratory reached a supercritical state. In both accidents, the scientists who caused the accident died as a result ...



20. May


Fact | Zelenskyj | Offshore

facts check

Yes, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was involved in deals with offshore companies

Allegations are circulating on Facebook that Ukrainian President Zelenskyy was involved in a network of offshore companies. That's correct, but the post contains some inaccuracies.


Mostly correct. Journalistic research has revealed that Volodymyr Zelenskyy and employees of his production company have established a network of offshore companies since 2012. Before his election, he had shares in an offshore company transferred to a confidante. There is evidence that his production company received $41 million, but no evidence. It is not clear from the article that Zelenskyj continues to receive payments ...


Radon | Uranium | radiation protection

Radon, the invisible health hazard

It is colourless, odorless and tasteless and therefore imperceptible to the human senses. Yet it is there: radon. The radioactive gas found in soil and rocks is a potential health hazard to humans. But where does radon occur? What effects can it have on the human body and how to protect yourself from it?

Experts from the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment and the Baden-Württemberg State Institute for the Environment (LUBW) provided information on this at the third information forum on nuclear safety and radiation protection under the title "Radon cancer risk - protection against radon is health protection".

"Radon reaches the surface through the geological layers of the earth as a decomposition product of uranium," explains Dr. Andre Baumann, State Secretary at the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of the Environment. As a natural source, radon accounts for a quarter of average radiation exposure. "Another quarter of us are exposed to other natural sources of radiation, and half of this is due to radiation exposure caused by civilization through medicine and technology," says Baumann...


Location | nuclear waste | Repository | Safety

long-term consequences of nuclear power

Potential sites for nuclear waste repositories are to be narrowed down further

Berlin This Friday and Saturday, at the Forum for Repository Search, discussions will be held on how potential areas for the site can be further narrowed down. It will be many years before the search is complete. Because the question of a permanent landfill for highly radioactive waste is highly controversial.

The search for a permanent repository for highly radioactive waste in Germany is entering the next round. At the Repository Search Forum, which is taking place this Friday and Saturday in Mainz, discussions will be held on how potential areas for the repository site can be further narrowed down. In the previous procedure, 90 sub-areas were delimited which, based on geological criteria, are fundamentally suitable for a nuclear repository - this corresponds to more than half of the entire federal territory. Now it should be a question of how a few regions can be filtered out of these areas for above-ground exploration. The process consists of several phases in which public participation and transparency are to be given high priority.

It will be years before the search is complete. According to the Site Selection Act, a site should be found by 2031. Accordingly, the location should ensure the "best possible security" for the permanent protection of people and the environment "for a period of one million years" ...


France | EDFreactor breakdown | Electricity price

Failure of French nuclear power plants drives up electricity prices

In France, a good half of the 56 reactors are idle, probably for a long time. This provides an additional boost in the price of electricity, also in Austria

France is proud of having the second largest number of nuclear power plants after the USA. But it only works halfway. 29 of 56 reactors are currently idle, as confirmed by the electricity company Electricité de France (EDF) on request.

Designed for 61,4 gigawatts, the nuclear power plants deliver less than 30 gigawatts (GW) in total. French piles have never produced so little electricity since they reached their current level at the end of the 20th century. For comparison: Austria needs around eight GW per year.

The outage of nuclear power plants and EDF's announcement that fewer nuclear power plants than usual will also be connected to the grid in winter have led to additional price increases. The prices for the amounts of electricity traded in 2023 (forward) have marched in the direction of 500 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) – an all-time high. The forward prices for the market area, which includes Austria, have also risen sharply – plus 16 percent to EUR 232 per MWh. That's high, but half the height of France...


earthquake | Slovenia | WWER | Krsko

Nuclear power plant Krško: Ball now with the federal government

Independent earthquake risk assessment required by GLOBAL 2000 petition and expert opinion of the Federal Environment Agency

Graz (OTS) - The Slovenian nuclear power plant Krško is the only nuclear power plant in Europe in a highly active "red" earthquake zone. An environmental impact assessment (EIA) is currently underway for the planned extension of the 40-year-old reactor by another two decades. At yesterday's public hearing with the nuclear company in Graz, despite current research results, only up to 18-year-old data were presented. With this old data, the nuclear company underpins the claim that the earthquake risk of the reactor is manageable, even in the event of a super meltdown. What came out as a really new finding from the hearing was that a new earthquake probability analysis is currently being prepared, but it should not be ready until the end of the year - but the results are already clear to operators and government representatives in advance: "We do not expect any significant differences".

"This approach is dubious: We would like to have scientifically based, serious results before a decision can even be made about extending the life of the ancient reactor in the earthquake area. The ball is now in the hands of the Austrian federal government: Chancellor Nehammer and Minister of Energy Gewessler must now enforce a truly independent earthquake risk assessment by international experts...


Europe | Russia | Ursula von der Leyen

In Europe's economic war against Russia, unity is crumbling

Sanctions No other country has been punished by the EU as severely as Russia. The hoped-for effect does not materialize. Instead, there is now a bitter internal dispute over an oil embargo and Ukraine's accession to the EU

All against Russia, all for Ukraine: this has been the unofficial battle cry of the European Union in Brussels since the beginning of the war. The EU Commission, the Council of Ministers and the European Parliament are using all available weapons to help Ukraine and weaken Russia. Commission President Ursula von der Leyen (CDU) is particularly combative. The former German defense minister is not only calling for Ukraine's "victory" and rapid accession to the EU. She also argues that Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin is paying a high price for the war. Von der Leyen announced in December 2021 that Putin would be hit at his weakest point, the economy. The Russian invasion had not even started then. But even then, the German EU leader, together with US President Joe Biden, was preparing a massive economic war against Russia...



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Russia | Ukraine | NATO

Forked tongue politics: They talk about peace but want war

Why don't "the good guys" make Ukraine surrender? The answer to this question leads into a political and moral abyss.

Let's imagine this: On February 24 of this year, Russia invades Ukraine. The Ukrainian President orders that not a single shot will be fired from his army. In a televised speech, he tells the Ukrainians that, despite Russia's serious breach of international law, he wants a peaceful solution for his country and is willing to negotiate with Putin in the interest of peace.

What would have happened then? What would Ukraine look like today? Would the Russian soldiers have opened fire from their rifles and tanks against the Ukrainians? In front of the eyes of the world, would Russian soldiers have shot at a peaceful people who do not even defend themselves when there is an invasion of their own country? The reality would probably look like this: the Ukrainians would have had the sympathy of the entire world. The Russian army would have been perplexed at first. She came to fight, but no Ukrainian is ready to fight. Sections of the Ukrainian power elite, which would have refused to cooperate with Russia, would have gotten their hands dirty. Presumably, despite the peaceful nature of the Ukrainians, there would have been attacks and crimes, if only because of the momentum of such an invasion. The Ukraine would have been spared the massive effects of a war that are now being reported in the news every day.

The ramifications for Ukraine would be mainly at the political level. Ukraine would become a kind of satellite state of Russia.

A large number of politicians, media representatives and other actors will consider these statements "outrageous". They will argue that Ukraine has the right to defend itself. If anyone here has broken the law and should lay down their arms, it is Russia.

At this point you have to pause.

Just as most creatures on this planet will defend themselves if attacked, just as every human being has the right to defend themselves if attacked, Ukraine has the law on its side. But: There is a difference between being right and insisting on being right. Anyone who is mugged in their own home has every right in the world to defend themselves. If 10 armed men aim at the homeowner and his family and give him the choice: leave home or die!, then a defense, an insistence on his rights, also with regard to his own family, would not be heroic and admirable, but stupid .

In a war one must consider: who wants peace? And who only wants peace under certain conditions? Those who make peace conditional will be at war for a long time.

The Ukrainians are free to defend themselves. They have no right to support them in their fight and thus also in the prolongation of the war, in murder and in unspeakable suffering on both sides. If “the” Ukrainians want to fight this battle, then it is their fight – 5 million refugees and a ban on leaving the country for men of “military age” between 18 and 60 raise doubts. It cannot and must not be the struggle of “the West” and certainly not the struggle of Germany.

If some Ukrainians, "enlivened" by fighting spirit, want to fight for "honor", "people", "freedom" and whatever, to the last drop of blood, then they have to pay the price for this decision. You cannot expect others to pay the same price. Yet that is increasingly the case in another confrontation between NATO and Russia. In addition, what is to be thought of the victims who drag the world into a great war? Although, to put it more precisely: That is certainly not the intention of "the" Ukrainians. It is the country's political elite that is acting irresponsibly. A Google News search for the term “third world war” currently spits out over 50.000 hits. That should get you thinking.

Those who argue that military aid to Ukraine has a “moral obligation” are, at best, acting naively and ignorantly. In the worst case, there is a perfidious intention behind it. It is naïve and ignorant if people do not recognize what military support, what arms deliveries for defense actually mean in concrete terms. Namely: With the “good” guns from “us”, young Ukrainian soldiers are enabled to shoot young Russian soldiers in the head. Our weapons of defense result in Russian soldiers, who are also humans, being shredded and burned alive in their tanks. Whether these soldiers have come to murder, or whether they are shitting their pants because, like so many Ukrainian soldiers, they are so uninterested in this war, neither those supplying the weapons nor those supplying them know they use. That's only an example.

Many who are in favor of arms deliveries to Ukraine cannot or do not want to imagine what the morally beautiful-sounding but also very abstract term "defense" means in this war situation. In the homely atmosphere of the home office, the horror that emanates from "defense weapons" can easily be overlooked. In the end, the ultimate weapon strength may decide what some then dare to call "victory" in complete misjudgment and embellishment of reality.

But until then, these weapons will wreak havoc. Anyone who really wants to follow this path should go to the front himself; he should take the gun in his hand, aim, aim, pull the trigger at the young men in uniform whom he regards as enemies. And then may he show real courage. Then may he go home to the parents and families of the murdered, look them in the face and say, "I took your son's life because I don't think he deserved to live anymore."

Beware of a false sense of justice! This is not about a mother who is attacked on the street and who needs to be rushed to help. It's about a war. This war has complex political causes. Anyone who wants to “help” must understand both the dynamics and effects of a war and its causes. The goal of real help, which the people in Ukraine urgently need, can only be to stop the killing, shooting each other, attacking and defending, defending and attacking, as quickly as possible. The aim cannot be to help one party kill as many opponents as possible. Real help only comes through diplomacy, reason and insight.

The heretical question surrounding this war is: Why don't we, “the good guys”, make Ukraine surrender? If we really are about "peace," if we want the horror of war to end immediately and all the unspeakable images of suffering, destruction and more suffering and more destruction, to end, then why are we acting in a way that? prolong this war and this horror?

The honest answer to this question is that many of those who appear publicly as "helpers" of Ukraine act out of motives that should be despised. They want to weaken Russia, be it out of personal hatred of Russia and Putin or for political reasons. They don't want to cede Ukraine to Russia because Russia would be geostrategically strengthened if Ukraine was annexed. In a nutshell: you talk about peace, but you want war.

The days of the magazine Focus reported that British and American special forces were operating in Ukraine. According to media reports, the United States is also training Ukrainian soldiers in Germany. Why are these countries “helping” Ukraine in this way? Out of sheer mercy? The answer is: out of their own political interests.

The policy of the West in this war is one of forked tongues.

Many advocates of “robust” support for Ukraine cloak their thoroughly ignoble motives in noble-sounding terms such as democracy, freedom, human rights. “Our” freedom is defended as little in Ukraine as it is in the Hindu Kush. The “help” of the militarists is like a kindergarten teacher who puts a knife in the hand of the defeated child in a scuffle so that it can “defend” itself. Your "help" will bring death and destruction! If you doubt this, a simple comparison of reality is recommended. Turn on the news and see what a country devastated by war looks like. Russian soldiers are shooting at houses with their tanks and rifles, Ukrainian soldiers are firing at the Russians from the houses. One shot requires the next shot. Many shots lead to total destruction. Those who are in favor of arms shipments must face this truth.

As always, those who want to create peace with counter-violence present themselves in public as “the good guys”. Let's not forget what some advocates for democracy, freedom and human rights have done in the past. They dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing about 200.000 people almost at once; they used Agent Orange defoliant in Vietnam, causing untold harm to those exposed to the poison — not to mention the 400.000 tons or so of napalm incendiary bombs; the invasion of Panama, for flimsy reasons, during which several hundred bombs were dropped overnight, including on residential areas of a sovereign country, is to their account; the “good” coalition of the willing attacked Iraq, a sovereign country, under lies and, depending on the source, killed about 500.000 Iraqis – they elegantly overlook the fact that, according to Spiegel, 88.500 tons of bombs were dropped. A reference to the approximately 50.000 victims of the secret service operation "Operation Condor" should not be missing from this list, which can only be used as an example. If all the violations of international law, crimes and atrocities committed by those who belong to the tradition of the "good guys" in the past few decades are to be listed, the space given here would not be sufficient.

You can literally hear “the good guys” yelling “whataboutism!” at this point, meaning they regard the reference to the crimes of the West as a distraction and a relativization of Russia’s breach of international law. They are very adept at strategically misunderstanding. The crimes of the West do not legitimize the crimes of Russia. However, when those in the West who are in the tradition of warmongers whose hands are stained with the blood of the past speak of “supporting” Ukraine, caution is advised. As a moral authority they are disqualified anyway. Anyone who follows the "moral compass" of these "good guys" must be careful not to shake hands with the devil personally at some point.



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The world needs peace, war only distracts from the real problems...


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December 14, 2021 - 50 Nobel Prize winners call for clear disarmament



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A Brief History of Peace


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US President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Warning about the military-industrial complex


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Documentary: Why We Fight - America's Wars - The Military-Industrial Complex


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To eternal peace

A philosophical draft (first edition 1795) is one of the best-known works of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant. Modern meanings of the term peace go back decisively to the theory presented here.

In the form of a peace treaty, Kant applies his moral philosophy (cf. Foundation for the Metaphysics of Morals, Categorical Imperative) to politics in order to answer the question of whether and how lasting peace between states would be possible. To do this, rational maxims must be adhered to, which are developed from the underlying concepts. For Kant, peace is not a natural state between people, it must therefore be established and secured. Kant declares the granting of peace to be a matter for politics, which must subordinate other interests to the cosmopolitan idea of ​​a universal legal system; because it says in the appendix: "Human rights must be kept sacred, no matter how great the sacrifice it may cost the ruling power." Immanuel Kant: AA VIII, 380

The ideas of international law, which demand that international agreements are binding, and the orientation of peace as an international treaty, have become well-known. In International Relations, "Perpetual Peace" is assigned to the liberal theories. The Charter of the United Nations was significantly influenced by this writing...



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