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THTR newsletter no .: 137 - December 2011THTR Circular No. 137, December 2011

THTR: Half (value) time. A balance sheet after 15 years of decommissioning.

Poland is not lost yet! Nuclear program and HTR? S planned

Is Africa lost? South Africa wants to build six new nuclear power plants.

Arab Emirates: lies and deceit

Angra 3: Fascist Continuities

Spring 2012: Castor transports Jülich - Ahaus!

Marc Herter, Part 3: Abuse of the Pope!

Telling stories about cooling tower occupation


THTR newsletter no .: 136 - July 2011THTR Circular No. 136, July 2011

Whistleblower Award 2011 for THTR critic Rainer Moormann

THTR research continues after 2011!

Tax relief for THTR operator HKG.

20 years ago: THTR cooling tower blast on September 10, 9

Angela's bankruptcy reactor for Angola?

Joy through (Hannelore) strength for the energy companies.


THTR newsletter no .: 135 - May 2011THTR Circular No. 135, May 2011

Distract them - give them the bullets.

The situation after Fukushima and the THTR Hamm and AVR Jülich.

The hour of the miracle-doer.

The THTR lobby tries to raise its profile at the expense of the Fukushima victims.

Comments from Rainer Moormann on Hurtado's interview in "Die Welt" of March 18, 3 Voter deception - 2011 months, 3 years or 7 years. What is worse?

Finally! Mass blockade against restarting the large demonstration in Münster on May 28, 2011


THTR newsletter no .: 134 - January 2011THTR Circular No. 134, January 2011

News services for the thorium industry:

The ex-BND president and former ambassador to India, Hans-Georg Wieck, promotes thorium reactors. His biography and the environment in which he worked. The chronology of a development from a writer in right-wing newspapers to customer-oriented use for the "domestic" nuclear industry.
And: How important is thorium in the Indian nuclear program?

Atomwirtschafts-Zeitung reports almost 2 years late about the impending end of the PBMR in South Africa!

Demo against Castor transport of THTR fuel elements from Jülich to Ahaus: January 30, 2011 in Jülich


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