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thtr newsletter no .: 109 - november 2006THTR Circular No. 109, November 2006

Drama in three acts: NRW working group to prepare future THTR research.

Bundestag debate on June 28.06.2006, 22 about HTR technology on XNUMX minutes of the minutes - no media reports!

Thoben and Pinkwart enforce increased nuclear research and new nuclear professorships in North Rhine-Westphalia.

Federal Environment Minister Gabriel glossed over this (comment on this).



thtr newsletter no. 108 - - august 2006THTR Circular No. 108, August 2006

Lippesee: Great citizens can now even calculate!

THTR garbage from AVR Jülich arrives at the Baltic Sea: Tourism GAU? THTR microspheres in Geesthacht (GKSS): Diddl mouse soon with Geiger counter?

Great Britain is changing direction - nuclear power plant renaissance.
Pinkepink (e) warts SommerTHeaTeR in NRW.



thtr-newsletter no .: 107 - june 2006THTR Circular No. 107, June 2006

Hydrogen research is also nuclear research. NRW, BRD, EU: The stuff that atomic dreams are made of. Detailed list of nuclear hydrogen promotion programs and what the ministries (not) say about them.

RWE sells NUKEM (HTR fuel element manufacturer) to Advent.

DIDO switched off in Jülich. Wind energy in Cape Town.
Press review on the Chernobyl anniversary.



thtr newsletter no. 106 - April 2006THTR Circular No. 106, April 2006

Incident in the Koeberg nuclear power plant (South Africa): No sabotage, but terrifying normalcy!

Energy problems and destabilization in South Africa.

Terrorists in the Koeberg nuclear power plant? PBMR construction is delayed.

Electricity gap in Namibia.

Uranium and Racism (Rössing, Namibia).

Sustainably expensive Generation IV (HTR line in EU and FRG).

Hydrogen is not just a question of technology.


thtr newsletter no. 105 - march 2006THTR Circular No. 105, March 2006

Nuclear Hydrogen From HTR? S: Thobens Dreams. Thoben received contractions during the visit to Hamm (demonstration and the great media coverage).

France wants to develop fourth generation reactor.

New THTR in China: The reactor world is supposed to recover from the German being (colonialism and THTR).

HTR in India.



thtr newsletter no. 104 - january 2006THTR Circular No. 104, January 2006

High-temperature reactor (AVR) in Jülich: Reactor on the hook (nuclear power plant dismantling: "desolate course of the project").

THTR castors in Ahaus (malfunction).

Where Khadir Khan learned to love the bomb (the nuclear spy, Urenco and the atomic bomb).

RWE: Lines as an investment property (Thames Water, London). Ivar Kalinowski (formerly VEW).




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