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THTR Circular No. 103, December 2005

What will happen to the HTR spheres in the next 1.000 years? Long term safety issues.
High-temperature reactors in the USA: Commissioning planned by 2017.
Nuclear Hydrogen Production, VHTR.
Trade unionists for the HTR. IG BCE and Prof. Dr. Franz-Joseph Wodopia at the German Atomic Forum.
New uranium mine and first alternatives in Namibia. "Long Heinrich". Uranium thieves.
Schönhuber as the former editor-in-chief at today's Ippen-Blatt "tz" (Munich).
Laurenz Meyer, Part 19: Expenses and social robbery.


THTR Circular No. 102, November 2005

SGL Carbon supplies graphite for high temperature reactor in South Africa!
IAEA: The International of Nuclear Power received the Nobel Peace Prize. Next time the mafia ??
Ver.di on pro-atom course. Joint position paper by trade unions and energy companies
Against the comeback of the nuclear industry - for a sunny future!
Successful demonstration in Lüneburg
THTR nuclear waste in Morsleben and Ahaus. Press coverage.

THTR Circular No. 101, October 2005

RWE NUKEM produces nuclear fuel elements in South Africa!
Uhde in trouble. Atomic city of Dortmund.
PBMR in South Africa: Inefficient!
Uranium mining in Namibia. News about "Langer Heinrich" and Rössing.
South Africa's focus on future HTR customers is taking shape.
Was the man behind the London attacks in South Africa? (Al Qaeda)
News from the HTR locations: Oari (Japan), China.
Repression against the "anti atom aktuell" (aaa).

Newsletter no .: 100THTR Circular No. 100, July / August 2005

Foreword to the 20th anniversary edition. South Africa: Subjective Approach to a Far Country. Dortmund: The renaissance of nuclear power has already begun. Uhde's HTR business with South Africa.

Military use possible. Export permit. Namibia: Uranium robbery for the THTR-Hamm!

Namibia's pillage and destruction for the profits of the nuclear industry.
Colonialism. Rössing and Langer Heinrich.

German capital at the Cape. Collaboration between German industry and the apartheid regime (book review).

Gandhi lived in South Africa for 20 years: "I bring the good news that I have finally been arrested". Press review.

Chernobyl anniversary. Actions. Resistance to atomic renaissance. Do you speak English?


THTR Circular No. 99, April / May 2005

NRW state elections: Put the X in the right place! 5,6 million euros in THTR costs per year - still.
Morsleben: THTR nuclear waste is also getting more expensive.
"Frankfurter Rundschau" has recently been cooking atomic soups!
Part 3 of the list of research work carried out under red-green for the THTR.
HTR and Turkey. History and news.
South Africa: German nuclear expert collaborated with Islamic network. Urenco and Abdul Quadeer Khan.
HTR lobby wants more EU money.
Social robbery? No thank you! Vigil in front of the THTR main gate.

THTR Circular No. 98, March 2005

Success in South Africa: The PBMR process has to be rolled out again.
China is massively entering the HTR business. Former Jülich scientist Wang Dazong became president of Tsinghua University in Beijing and HTR sponsor.
Pakistan supplied Tehran. Khan, Urenco and the uranium centrifuges.
International HTR agreement: agencies, Brazil, Switzerland, South Korea, South Africa, USA, EU.
List of research work carried out under Rotgrün for the THTR, part 2.
The THTR after 2009. Who pays for the decommissioning operation?
Incident in Ahaus nuclear waste storage facility: stalactite cave.
Gronau: Greens let membership rest, SPD-NRW cynical.

THTR Circular No. 97, February 2005

"From Below Up! Council Ideas Today". Lecture by Horst Blume at the meeting of the Erich Mühsam Society in the Gustav-Heinemann-Bildungsstätte in Malente about his experiences in the 80s as GAL councilor of the city of Hamm and district representative in Hamm-Uentrop in the fight against the THTR. Why parties pursue their own interests and engagement in citizens' initiatives and direct actions are more important.
The "Action Plan for Social Movements" by Bill Moyer. Criticism of the parliamentary orientation of protest movements.
Clayborne Carson: "Times of Struggle". The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) and the Awakening of Afro-American Resistance in the United States' XNUMXs. Martin Luther King (book review).

THTR Circular No. 96, January 2005

Inquiry to the NRW state government on the THTR: Where is the concept for after 2009?
HTR in 2005: The research continues!
Civil and military technologies are merging.
7th Research Framework Program of the EU. Development of new reactor types.
Ahaus: Castors should roll after the state elections.
Uranium enrichment in Gronau exacerbates the problem of nuclear waste.
If Gronau were in Iran ... Two standards for uranium enrichment plants.
Tsunami threatened nuclear reactor in India.
Laurenz Meyer, part 18: 1 million euro jobs for Laurenz - 1 euro jobs for millions!


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