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THTR Newsletter No. 146 December 2015THTR Circular No. 146, December 2015

China: New plans and well-known bankruptcies.
Two new high-temperature reactors are planned in Ruijin

Generation IV reactors:
Setting the course for the next 10 years, also in South Africa

HTR research:
3sat broadcast takes over the rhetoric of the nuclear industry!

What will happen to the 152 castors in Jülich?

Hannelore Kraft ignores climate protection and human rights

Obituary: Wolfgang Zucht has died

Civil disobedience and democracy (by Wolfgang Zucht)

Dear readers! (Various information)


THTR Newsletter No. 145 May 2015THTR Circular No. 145, May 2015

The THTR in the sights of the secret services

THTR in China and South Africa: A Raid

AVR Jülich: Should Castors go to Ahaus? Reactor is tilted.

THTR costs: Equity used up

WA publisher expands: Typing for Ippen

Erwitte: Longest strike in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany

30 years ago: THTR disaster control plan

Lignite resistance in the Rhineland


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