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THTR newsletter no .: 133 - October 2010THTR Circular No. 133, October 2010

Expensive dismantling of 12 research reactors!

The large power plant operators (VGB) also want further, high HTR subsidies!

CDU trade association wants millions in subsidies for bankruptcy technology!

PBMR bankruptcy continues: corporations cash in, South Africa's poor pay!

HTR research in Germany from 2008 to today

35 years of BI environmental protection


THTR newsletter no .: 132 - July 2010THTR Circular No. 132, July 2010

PBMR in South Africa: world champion of waste?

All that remains of the planned reactor is a mailbox company. Debate about shortcomings and problems in South Africa. The shortened program at the HTR conference in Prague shows the desolate situation.

Planned nuclear facility "Angra 3" in Brazil:

On the Westerwelle to the nuclear Nazis and back. Nuclear-liberal continuities in an attempt to bring dictatorship, nuclear power and atomic bombs together. Nazi scientists helped build Brazil's nuclear program.

High-temperature reactor planned in Poland?

Fourth energy congress in Freiberg with HTR propaganda.

Herter: Marcig right.

New hammer SPD-MDL made coalition offers to the FDP on the second day after the NRW election.


THTR newsletter no .: 131 - May 2010THTR Circular No. 131, May 2010

PBMR: The penultimate line-up - with Obama dollars!

Atomwirtschaft-Zeitung pays homage to the bankrupt reactor. Poland should be talked into THTR.

South Africa is selling ailing PBMR technology to the USA.

Excellent NRW nuclear power?

Rotgrün is now fighting against its own 10-year THTR funding policy - if it is continued by Pinkwart!

Arab Emirates: Nuclear power and alternative breakdowns in Masdar.

Chernobyl anniversary: ​​3 major demonstrations put government under pressure!

Green attempts at appropriation. Inadequate basic knowledge of some demonstrators in Ahaus.


THTR newsletter no .: 130 - February 2010THTR Circular No. 130, March 2010

Still 1-0 in South Africa against the nuclear industry.

The slow farewell to the PBMR. 75% of all PBMR employees have been laid off. State subsidies reduced from 700 million euros to 1 million euros. Hope USA?

Soon another THTR barrack (s) in the USA?

Al Gore and Obama want to develop HTR in the long term and ignore their own experiences in the USA: The bankruptcies with Peach Bottom and Fort St. Vrain.

United Arab Emirates oil nuclear power.

Help comes from the FRG and South Korea.

Alternative energy agency in Dubai as a fig leaf. Authoritarian feudal regime uses the appropriate form of energy.

Chimney collapse next to the THTR in Hamm. Underestimated danger from permanent construction site.

April 24, 2010. Large demonstration in Ahaus

Laurenz Meyer, part 21


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