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Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 21.12.2012, XNUMX

Completely irradiated

After the mini-spheres around the nuclear power plant in Uentrop, the citizens' initiative for environmental protection in Hamm has discovered even more dangerous spheres - all over the city. "The spheres radiate even more than those from the THTR," warns Hamma anti-nuclear man with no half-life Horst Blume. ...

21-12-12-WA - Ball joke with Horst Christmas star

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 01.11.2012, XNUMX

Criticism of bead measurements

After an expert has doubts, the state institute publishes a new version of the report

02-11-12-WA - Criticism of bead measurements

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 17.05.2012, XNUMX

Are the globules dangerous?

The Greens express their doubts about the result of the state institute / "There are other studies"


Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 04.05.2012, XNUMX

Thousands hear Merkel on the market square - Löhrmann distributes flowers

The anti-nuclear movement called for the closure of the "Gronau atomic factory" on a banner

Angela Merkel was in Hamm on May 03.05.2012rd, XNUMX

Stadtanzeiger-Hamm from March 14.03.2012, XNUMX

Greens call for investigation - THTR in Uentrop: Are the globules found hazardous to health?

Stadtanzeiger-Hamm from 14.03.2012/XNUMX/XNUMX - Greens call for investigation

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 03.03.2012, XNUMX

Samantha Sethe finds mysterious globules in the vicinity of the THTR

03-03-2012-Mysterious globules-Westfälischer Anzeiger


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