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New Germany from December 24.12.2008th, XNUMX

Uranium now also to France - By Reimar Paul

New Germany from December 24.12.2008th, XNUMX

New Germany from December 11.12.2008th, XNUMX

THTR balance from Reimar Paul


Weekly newspaper from May 10.12.2008, XNUMX

THTR cost


Soester Anzeiger from December 10.12.2008, XNUMX

Will THTR dismantling cost more than 400 million euros?

Soester Anzeiger from 10-12-2008

10 years of Fuge Zeitung 1998 - 2008

Energy (not) location Hamm

by Horst Blume


With the laying of the foundation stone for the two coal-fired power plants, Hamm has once again become the focus of energy policy discussion. The two new coal-fired power plant blocks of RWE in Uentrop will not only emit 8,9 million tons of CO2 per year, but are far behind modern gas and steam power plants with an efficiency of 46 percent. These new large power plants will be in operation for around 40 years and are very effective in preventing the expansion of renewable energies in this region for this period. This makes climate protection impossible. That is exactly what RWE wants, because this group wants to earn a lot of money in the simplest possible way and does not want to share anything with small and medium-sized companies in the alternative sector.

This attitude has a long tradition in Hamm. Because in Uentrop there is the thorium high-temperature reactor (THTR), a major nuclear power plant that has made all other options except for the climate-damaging coal-fired power plants impossible since construction began in 1971. Research on this new type of reactor alone has cost 1956 billion euros since 2,39, according to the nuclear industry.

The uranium for the THTR, which in the 80s only produced electricity on 423 full load days due to many incidents, was extracted in the Rössing mine in Namibia. Under apartheid conditions. The population had to endure the consequences of the then still cheap uranium production. Radioactive dust and gases caused the deaths of many workers and local residents. Contaminated seepage water and huge contaminated spoil heaps turned the mining areas into ecological disaster regions.

Research was carried out for the THTR Hamm in the small AVR-Jülich. By 1978 alone, around 100.000 highly radioactive THTR spherical fuel elements had been sunk in the Asse mine. So the aces scandal is also a THTR scandal. A final repository for the 675.000 fuel element balls of the THTR Hamm is not in sight. These are currently in a warehouse in Ahaus and are starting to rust.

As is well known, the THTR was shut down in 1989. Construction costs around 2,1 billion euros. Now 1,5 kg of nuclear fuel with plutonium is still stored in the reactor. The "decommissioning operation" costs 5,6 million euros annually. The dismantling costs of the twenty times smaller AVR Jülich are currently around half a billion euros. And at THTR that would be how many billions? - Of course, almost everything is paid for by the taxpayer; RWE is staying almost entirely out of this. After all, the reactor was of public interest. The latter, however, did not come into play when it came to the KiKK cancer study across Germany. As a precaution, the Hamm site was not examined for cancer cases. More and more people report to the citizens' initiative for environmental protection in Hamm reporting cases of cancer in the vicinity of the reactor.

The THTR is seen by the CDU and FDP as a great model for their renaissance of nuclear power. For research on Generation IV reactors, to which the THTR belongs, new professorships are being set up in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and in the federal government, and many millions of euros are being spent. The nuclear re-entry has long since begun. Alternatives are successfully prevented. Look to Hamm to see how it's done!


Horst Blume

The Westfälische Anzeiger from 30.08.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

Chancellor tells fairy tales about the laying of the foundation stone.

Westfälischer Anzeiger from 30.08.08/XNUMX/XNUMX - laying of the foundation stone for the Westphalia coal-fired power plant, the Chancellor tells fairy tales to celebrate the day

The daily mirror of August 23.08.2008, XNUMX

Radioactive waste in the Asse II mine?


Süddeutsche Zeitung of August 23.08.2008, XNUMX

Riddles about the Asse II repository


Weekly newspaper from May 30.07.2008, XNUMX

BI continues to fight for the cancer study


Soester Anzeiger from December 26.07.2008, XNUMX

Cancer study again

Soester Gazette 26-07-2008

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 26.07.2008, XNUMX

Cancer study again

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 26.07.08, XNUMX

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 11.07.2008, XNUMX

Dialogue with the ministry Cancer study

Westphalian gazette

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 05.07.2008, XNUMX

Citizens call for cancer study

Westfälischer Anzeiger - title page from 05.07.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 05.07.2008, XNUMX

Citizens call for cancer study

Westfälischer Anzeiger - 1st page local from 05.07.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

Soester Anzeiger December 19.06.2008, XNUMX

With 4000 signatures to the ministry

Soester indicator v. 19-06-2008

Anti Atom Current from 06.2008

1986: Incident at the Hamm nuclear power plant


Anti Atom Current from 06.2008

For a cancer study, against nuclear power


WAZ dated 06.06.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

35 kilometers to the next nuclear power plant

WAZ from 06-06-08

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 08.05.2008, XNUMX

Letter to the editor "David with the sling"

Poem from the letters to the editor in WA 08-05-2008

The bell of April 06.05.2008nd, XNUMX

Initiative continues to fight for cancer study after an accident in the reactor

The bell 06.05.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

Alternative local politics 3 from 05.2008

Increase in cancer and leukemia cases?

Alternative Local Politics 3 07-05-2008

Soester Anzeiger from December 28.04.2008, XNUMX

We have more stamina

Soester Anzeiger December 28.04.2008, XNUMX

Soester Anzeiger from December 24.04.2008, XNUMX

Earlier THTR demolition planned?

Soester Gazette 24-04-2008

Weekly newspaper from May 23.04.2008, XNUMX

Cancer risk concerns in Hamm and Lippborg

Weekly May 23.04.2008, XNUMX

Westfalenpost from April 18.04.2008, XNUMX

500 leaflets distributed

Westfalen Post April 18.04.2008, XNUMX

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 17.04.2008, XNUMX

Citizens' initiative speaks to shareholders today

Westfälischer Anzeiger December 17.04.2008, XNUMX

Westfalenpost from April 16.04.2008, XNUMX

Citizens submit applications to the RWE shareholders' meeting

Westfalenpost 16.04.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX


Soester Anzeiger from December 16.04.2008, XNUMX

THTR follow-up costs are paid by the citizens

Soester Anzeiger December 16.04.2008, XNUMX

Westfälischer Anzeiger in April 2008

Preparatory meeting for the spring conference in Ahaus on May 2-4

Westfälischer Anzeiger - Preparatory meeting for Ahaus 04-2008

Friday April 14.04.2008th, XNUMX

Letter to the editor from Horst Blume

Friday 14.04.2008

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 09.04.2008, XNUMX

Further demand for cancer study

BI starts collecting signatures
Rally at THTR on the Chernobyl anniversary on April 26th

HAMM - When the representatives of the anti-nuclear groups from all over Germany meet in the Fuge shop at Widumstrasse 19 tomorrow, Thursday at 14 p.m., it will not only be about the organizational preparation of the spring conference in Hamm's "nuclear twin town" Ahaus (the THTR fuel elements are stored there) from May 2nd to 4th, 2008, but also about the missing cancer study in the vicinity of the THTR Reports on cancer and leukemia cases in the region. And on the refusal of Federal Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel to commission a scientifically based study in the Hamm and Lippetal area. The municipal parliaments in Lippetal, Hamm and Welver have already joined the citizens' initiative without this concern having been implemented by Gabriel so far.
The Hammer Citizens' Initiative is now starting a signature campaign to underline the call for a cancer study. Not only individuals can take part, but also clubs and groups. The signature lists can be downloaded from the first page of the BL homepage: www.reaktorpleite.de
The citizens' initiative hopes that the nationwide preparatory meeting will not only provide increased supraregional support for the signature campaign, but also lively participation in the rally in front of the THTR, which will take place on the Chernobyl anniversary (Saturday, April 26th) at 15 p.m. On this day, too, the focus is on the demand for a cancer study. WA

Westfälischer Anzeiger December 09.04.2008, XNUMX

Soester Anzeiger from December 13.03.2008, XNUMX

Reactor is targeted

Soester Anzeiger December 13.03.2008, XNUMX

Wesfalenpost from January 25.01.2008th, XNUMX

The search for answers

Westphalian post 25.01.2008/XNUMX/XNUMX

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 22.01.2008, XNUMX

But more cases of leukemia?

Westfälischer Anzeiger December 22.01.2008, XNUMX

City gazette from January 28.01.2007, XNUMX

Call for a demo

Call for a demo on 28.01.2007/XNUMX/XNUMX

Westfälischer Anzeiger from April 26.01.2007, XNUMX

Is Hamm prepared for emergencies?

Westfälischer Anzeiger December 26.01.2007, XNUMX


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