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National ABC deployment concept - 5. -


1. The special forces in the national ABC deployment concept
2. Analytical task forces
3. Central Federal Support Group (Meckenheim)
4th special NBC defense reaction train of the Bundeswehr (Sonthofen)
5. NBC investigation centers of the Bundeswehr (Sonthofen)
6. Biological Task Forces
7th Task Force - Outbreak Investigation Team
8. Special unit rescue ABC
9. Medical Task Forces
10th Task Force - Medical NBC Protection (Munich)
11. Kerntechnische Hilfsdienst GmbH (Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen)
12. Mobile Animal Disease Control Center (Dörverden-Barme)


5. NBC investigation centers of the Bundeswehr (Sonthofen)

The two ABC investigation centers (ABC-U or ABC-UntersSt) also belong to the group for further development (GrpWEntwg) of the ABC and self-protection school. They were built since December 31, 1996 to replace the earlier NBC ordnance investigation centers. Initially, it was only a stationary office that used the two special laboratories of the NBC defense school, a BSL 2 bio-laboratory and a toxin laboratory. In addition, the group has had a mobile variant for "qualified ABC education" since 1997, and a second ABC investigation center was put into service on April 1, 2003. Today, the two ABC investigation centers (mobile) are each divided into four sub-units:

- a guiding and sampling team,

- a radiation and hazardous substance measuring team,

- a laboratory equipment B defense,

- a laboratory equipment C-Defense

An ABC investigation center (mobile) consists of 11 soldiers, including 3 natural scientists. They are distributed over 5 vehicles with 4 trailers (4t with power generator etc.), so that each sub or laboratory unit has a separate Fm II B container on Mercedes-Benz 107 5t trucks. The mobile examination center can be relocated with three C160 Transall transport aircraft. The ABC investigation center (mobile) is ready for use six hours after landing.

The leadership and sampling team owns a 0,5 t gl Wolf truck (Mercedes Benz G-Class). The laboratory of the radiation and hazardous substances measuring team (NBC-AL RAD LAB (DEU)) is equipped with the most modern measuring devices. Biological agents can be identified with the following detection methods (ELISA, PCR, GC / MS or HPLC). The bio-laboratory is operated with a slight negative pressure to prevent the agents from escaping. In order to determine the spread of a warfare agent cloud, the ABC school developed the computer-aided spread module biology (RAMBio). The prototype of the mobile bio-laboratory of security level 2 was introduced on August 2, 2005. The laboratory is housed in a container that can be transported by air and can be used not only by truck but also on warships. The chemical laboratory is called "NBC - AL CHEMLAB (DEU)". It is used to detect chemical warfare agents or industrial poisons in order to identify a hazard to humans or the environment. A gas chromatograph with mass spectrometer (GC / MS ), an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer Niton 703 and an infrared spectrometer are available.The chemists in the group have created their own database for chemical industrial hazards (DAFCIH).

"Our mobile laboratory, with its analysis capabilities, is unmatched anywhere in the world," explained the former head of the NBC defense school, Colonel Dr. Hans Jürgen Kalder. In use, a laboratory is usually manned by one or two technical assistants and a graduate scientist. Investigation center was already used in January / February 2001 at SFOR in Bosnia to detect uranium hardened DU ammunition.


ABC and self-protection school

Hunter barracks

Mühlenweg 12

87527 Sonthofen

Tel: 08321 278-0


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