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Newsletter No. 124 December 2008THTR Circular No. 124, December 2008

Castor stop in Gorleben: if you weren't there, you've missed a lot!

News from the nuclear phase-out: "Extreme reactivity accidents" at the THTR urgently need to be investigated by RWTH Aachen University because the THTR is so incredibly safe.

THTR: 73 years of construction activity, incidents and dismantling = 423 days of electricity = 5,3191 billion euros in costs. A day of THTR electricity cost 12,5 million euros. THTR dismantling should be finished in 2044.

THTR nuclear waste will stay in Ahaus longer than planned.

Childhood Cancer: Appropriate Information Will Be Delayed Further.

Dates: UA demo for the winter conference of the nuclear lobby on February 5.2th. 2009 in Berlin


Newsletter No. 123 October 2008THTR Circular No. 123, October 2008

Now is the time to act: childhood cancer near nuclear power plants. Opinion of the IPPNW.

The aces brings it to light: Highly radioactive THTR fuel elements of the AVR Jülich in tin cans come up again! Around 100.000 spherical fuel elements were stored up to 1978.

Insider study at Forschungszentrum Jülich proves: Inherent incidents and radioactivity emissions in the HTR line! The entire security architecture of Generation IV is thus called into question.

The big sell-off: The documentary by Florian Opitz shows, using South Africa as an example, that privatization and nuclear power plants make electricity very expensive.

Dear readers: media coverage, coal-fired power plants Hamm etc ...


THTR newsletter no .: 122 - August 2008THTR Circular No. 122, August 2008

4.000 signatures for THTR cancer study. The events of the last few weeks: assessment of the collection of signatures. Signature handover at the Federal Environment Ministry in Berlin. Reactions to this. Outlook.

Fresh money for the bankrupt reactor line.

Dates from Hamm via Gronau to Gorleben.

From THTR to Generation IV: The nuclear industry is setting the course for the coming decades! Summarizing, (hopefully) generally understandable criticism of almost all problematic aspects of Generation IV systems. Call for discussion on this.


THTR newsletter no: 121THTR Circular No. 121, May 2008

KiKKeriki: Wake up, Minister! The pressure for a cancer study is growing. At the RWE shareholders' meeting, in the municipalities. Successful rally in front of the THTR, signature campaign, great media coverage.

THTR demolition soon? The updated cost study is to be published in May 2008. What does the calculation example look like? What happens to the 1,6 kg nuclear fuel in the THTR?

The FZJ is researching the suitability of THTR fuel assemblies for repository: THTR spheres, please, please do not break! Further new student projects at the FZJ on the THTR.

Helmuth Bolle is dead.


rb120THTR Circular No. 120, March 2008

The HTR in Switzerland: Risen from the ruins. Generation IV reactors in the current Swiss discussion. The machine and plant engineering company Sulzer.

Cancer risk at the THTR: Citizens' initiative calls for serious examinations instead of smoke candles! The NRW state government wants to evade responsibility with flimsy justifications. Media interest continued into January.

Chernobyl anniversary: ​​rally in front of the THTR in Hamm-Uentrop on April 26, 2008

Spring conference of the anti-nuclear movement from May 1st to 4th, 2008 in Ahaus.
Olympics in front of THTR construction site in China.


THTR newsletter no .: 119 - January 2008THTR Circular No. 119, January 2008

Leukemia also in Hamm and the surrounding area? Of all things, the THTR accident reactor is not being examined! The KIKK study omits the THTR with flimsy arguments. The THTR-PAC pellets from the Elbmarsch with the world's highest leukemia rate are obviously causing enough attention.

The leukemia study incident and a stubborn hammer Mayor: A pre-Christmas ox tour. Even after 21 years, the accident of 1986 is still present in people's consciousness - and becomes a surprising media event. Many of those affected report to BI.

Letter to Sigmar Gabriel: A lot of money for THTR research, but none for cancer study? - A detailed chronicle.



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