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THTR newsletter no .: 118THTR Circular No. 118, December 2007

Nuclear gangsters! Brutal attack on the South African nuclear research center Pelindaba, where BRD companies produce nuclear fuel for the high-temperature reactor. Fight in the control center. Who is behind this highly specialized group with insider knowledge?

Nuclear weapons smuggling in the atomic triangle of Germany, South Africa and Pakistan: perpetrators still active! New lawsuits against Khan's backers in the FRG and South Africa.

Uranium hexafluoride transports through Hamm: Many deficits in averting danger. Inadequate response from the city of Hamm. New railway accident in the immediate vicinity of the UF-6 wagons usually parked here.


THTR newsletter no .: 117 - Nov. 2007THTR Circular No. 117, November 2007

Research is being carried out on HTR development at the Zittau / Görlitz University of Applied Sciences and the Technical University of Dresden. New HTR professorship for Antonio Hurtado. Eurocourse to the HTR in Stuttgart.

PBMR South Africa: graphite balls on leukemia! Hanau-based scandal company NUKEM signs fourth contract for nuclear fuel element production with South Africa. SGL Carbon (Meitingen / Wiesbaden) puts machining center for nuclear graphite into operation.

Uranium conference in Dortmund: The resistance against the uranium industry is networked internationally.

On the trail of the atom wikis: How the nuclear lobby on the Internet and especially at Wikipedia manipulates, falsifies facts and deliberately eliminates critical voices.


THTR newsletter no .: 116 September 2007THTR Circular No. 116, September 2007

Generation IV - reactors: advancement instead of exit. The energy companies simply finance their nuclear research themselves!

News from the THTR dismantling in Hamm-Uentrop. There is no inherent HTR safety - says the member of the German Reactor Safety Commission Michael Sailer.

Meridium is now doing Murxium at the PBMR in South Africa. US software company wants to optimize.

Uranium hexafluoride in Hamm and Berlin. Hydrofluoric acid attacks result in maximum penalties.

Pinkwart hides deep brown spots of the FDP in NRW in the anniversary speech.

Atomic lobby and Wikipedia, repression and uranium conference.


Newsletter no .: 115 August 2007THTR Circular No. 115, August 2007

Uranium transports through Hamm: Not a run-of-the-mill matter! To the inadequate answers of the Hammer city administration in detail.

The never-ending uranium story: The responsible fire brigade base is located in Hamm only approx. 200 meters from the possible disaster site and could not be reached (alive) !!

Pinkwart's embarrassing cleaning crew. The FDP minister and the dubious Büso disciples are beating the drum for the HTR technology.

Obituary for Hartmut Peek-Kruse, plaintiff against the THTR, former chairman of the citizens' initiative for environmental protection in Hamm and an important driving force behind the BI movement.

International uranium congress in Dortmund on September 22, 2007


THTR newsletter no .: 114 - June 2007THTR Circular No. 114, June 2007

PBMR construction in South Africa is delayed. Completion is possible at the earliest 10 to 15 years later than originally stated by the operators. Similarities with the THTR in Hamm-Uentrop are striking.

Atomic globalization: multinational nuclear companies pull the strings. 3 examples: Urenco (Gronau), E.ON, Siemens. A stronger international network of the opponents of the nuclear power plant is necessary!

The nuclear rat line, part 3: Press coverage and list of Jülich nuclear fascists after 1945.

Uranium transports from France to Gronau via Hamm will be a media event!

Police repression against opponents of Waltrop E.ON: intimidation and summons for identification by the police in the run-up to G 8.


THTR newsletter no .: 113 - May 2007THTR Circular No. 113, May 2007

The HTR in China: "... which originally comes from Germany". The current development as well as the connections to the military nuclear program; Ball fuel element factory in China.

The nuclear rat line, part 2: The Essener high-pressure pipe works (EHR) with its branch in Dortmund produces plant components for the Argentine nuclear power plant Atucha 2. Nazi scientists exported nuclear know-how to Argentina and Brazil.

The failure of the Dortmund central office for the prosecution of Nazi crimes, in which eight heads of authorities were Nazis. War criminal Priebke.

Uranium transport through Hamm: media disaster for administration and mayor.

THTR funding was published in the EU Official Journal (Generation IV).


THTR newsletter no .: 112 - April 2007THTR Circular No. 112, April 2007

Nuclear "rat line": Eichmann and Essener high pressure tube works (EHR) in Argentina.

The order in 2007 for EHR.

From the Third to the Fourth Reich Argentina. Nazi know-how for Argentine nuclear facilities. A little digression: The Nazi from Jülich and the THTR - in Brazil!

List of fascists in the Jülich nuclear research facility (KfJ) after 1945.

The forgotten Generation IV in the EU. Future reactor line almost completely ignored by the environmental protection movement!

Uranium hexafluoride transport through Hamm: City administration refuses to answer questions. Typical Hamm. Dates: There's a lot going on in the region.


THTR newsletter no .: 111 - March 2007THTR Circular No. 111, March 2007

Our resistance is becoming more concrete: Uhde (Dortmund) receives opposition to his South African nuclear ambitions.

Essener high-pressure pipeline construction (EHR, Dortmund branch) is increasingly trying to get nuclear orders and influence.

Transport of uranium hexafluoride through Hamm to Gronau: questions to the complaints committee of the city of Hamm. THTR Hamm: cheaper guards, reduced quality.

URENCO-Gate: How URENCO, through its employee Abdul Quadeer Khan, contributed to the export of atomic bombs all over the world and which NRW companies helped in: Düsseldorf, Cologne, Jülich, Coesfeld, Dortmund and Bonn.


THTR newsletter no .: 110 - January 2007THTR Circular No. 110, January 2007

Parrot Pinkwart chatters again ...

Research into the HTR bankruptcy technology is being intensified again in NRW.

The state government and corporations finance professorship positions in Aachen / Jülich. A Jülicht shines in the darkness: The nuclear power renaissance is coming - and the "resistance" is writing press releases.

Nuclear "rogue cities" Dortmund and Essen: Essen high-pressure pipeline construction (EHR) with a branch in Dortmund builds components for the PBMR in South Africa.

PBMR - Things are progressing: The Spanish company Equipos Nucleares SA (ENSA) is building the reactor parts and the scandalous company NUKEM is building the spherical fuel elements. The PBMR is controversial even among nuclear fans. The costs - again ... demo in Münster against uranium and nuclear waste transports.


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