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THTR Circular No. 78, December 2002

"Hamm Jewish Synagogue" memorial; the story of a repression. For the discussion about the design of the synagogue square. A plaque commemorating the death march was damaged in Hamm's twin town, Oranienburg. The first issue of the city newspaper "Der Grüne Hammer", part 25, appeared 1 years ago.

Research in NRW for new nuclear power plants in South Africa. With this little article the neverending story began in the THTR newsletter.

THTR Circular No. 77 Nov. 2002THTR Circular No. 77, November 2002

Closure operation: Another 11 years of tax breaks for THTR operators. Details remain secret. With comment.

THTR: Bad quality assurance in the 80s? - On the quality of an Indymedia report.

Laurenz Meyer, part 15.

WA publisher Ippen on expansion course.

Resistance to Hartz plans also in the DGB, but only in certain subdivisions.


THTR Circular No. 76, September 2002

On the way to the work slave market: Hartz terror against the unemployed! Low wage sector, wage robbery and privatization.
Nuclear industry insists on "exit": Which is why the nuclear power plant lobby rejected the Chancellor candidate Stoiber.
Greenpeace campaign against the planned THTR variant in South Africa.
25 years of BI "No nuclear waste in Ahaus".

THTR Circular No. 75, August 2002

Tax exemption for bankrupt reactor THTR? THTR variant in South Africa?
Action in Gronau. New Castor scandal. Red green nuclear power record!
CHERNOBYL - the song of the Klezmer music group "Brave Old World" is documented and translated. Chernobyl was also the home of klezmer music and the Jews. About the Yiddish language, Ukraine, music, anarchism and the impact of klezmer music today.

THTR Circular No. 74, June 2002THTR Circular No. 74, June 2002

Everything safe ?? - How safe is nuclear power plants after the terrorist attacks of September 11.09.2001, XNUMX?







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