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THTR Circular No. 86, November 2003

Proliferation: With the HTR, atom bombs can be built worldwide! Plutonium branching is possible, wrote Lothar Hahn in his report. US military interest in HTR. Tritium from HTR for nuclear warheads. South Africa: Letter to the FRG Ministry of Research and the answer. PBMR: Investors wanted. Citizen application for information exchange. Visit by South African NGO delegations in the Ruhr area. Press review. Forest development concept for Hamm.


THTR Circular No. 85, September 2003

PBMR in South Africa: Resistance at the Cape - Silence in Germany. Application for an exchange of experiences between Hamm and Cape Town. Current PBMR development. 1982: ANC attack on Koeberg nuclear power plant. Gorleben: The Castor comes in the 2nd week of November.
Large demonstration against social robbery in Berlin.

THTR Circular No. 84, August 2003

VEW in the 80s: Nuclear cooperation with South Africa's racist regime and advertising for THTR construction. "The importance of the state energy company ESKOM for the apartheid system in South Africa". This is the official report of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission, written by Gottfried Wellmer (very instructive!). Questions from the citizens' initiative to Foreign Minister Fischer.
PBMR: The current situation. Germany and South Africa.
Annual costs of the THTR Hamm

THTR Circular No. 83, July 2003

BRD Ministry of Research and ver.di answer our questions about HTR know-how export. THTR PAC globules are dangerous in Geesthacht (GKSS) and Hamm.
Stepping with a forked tongue: Castor trains coupled together in Hamm.
Press coverage. Our new homepage. South Africa event.
Red-green social policy: internal war! - Forest development concept for Hamm.

THTR Circular No. 82, April 2003

THTR microspheres: Plutonium in the garden. The PAC beads ensure the world's most noticeable accumulation of leukemia cases in Geesthacht. And in Hamm? Activities against the THTR construction in South Africa. Münster / Hamm: Castor took a detour. Ahaus (Sunday walk).
Hammer OB Hunsteger-Petermann as a beacon of hope in the FAZ.
NRW supplement of the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" was discontinued.
Nuclear weapons accessories for India from Hamm: arrests at Montanhydraulik.

THTR Circular No. 81, March 2003

Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) criticized: scandals surrounding the shutdown of the Jülich HTR? S "Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktor" (AVR). The costs. The state government of North Rhine-Westphalia answers questions about the involvement of the FZJ in the South African business. The answer is an outrageous impertinence (detailed comment from us)! "Westfälischer Anzeiger" - publisher: Ippen bizarre.
The first issue of the city newspaper "Der Grüne Hammer", part 25, appeared 2 years ago.

THTR Circular No. 80, February 2003

Red-green governments delighted: Finally new, "safe" nuclear power plants! "Plutonium is produced to a certain extent". Open letter to the South African embassy. Arbeitsgemeinschaft Versuchsreaktor (AVR) in Jülich: "Disastrous project progress" NRW state government replies to a green inquiry about Jülich and PBMR.
Jülich: Motor and control center for HTR development.
Actions for the Castor shunting yard in Hamm. Annual overview of transports.

THTR Circular No. 79, January 2003

The pile from the moth box: THTR still not KO? Background and details on HTR research in Jülich for the PBMR in South Africa - despite the "withdrawal"! TÜV seal for new THTR from Germany! Questions from the citizens' initiative. Economists warn against HTR funding. "Exelon" (USA) withdraws from HTR business.
HTR research also in Stuttgart at the Institute for Nuclear Energy and Energy Systems (IKE).
Nuclear missiles for India from Hamm (from Montanhydraulik). - Vigils against Iraq war.


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