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THTR Circular No. 95, December 2004

Forschungszentrum Jülich is always there: the atomic triangle of Germany, South Africa and Pakistan. GKSS, PAC globules of the THTR, Urenco and terrorism.
Abdul Quadeer Khan's nuclear supermarket.
International HTR conferences every month!
"We're still alive" - ​​THTR's closure.
THTR Cost: A Neverending Story. How expensive has it been in the past few decades? The Swiss also paid heavily.
Laurenz Meyer, Part 17: The king of wages from VEW.

THTR Circular No. 94, October 2004

HKG: After the gap in the measuring strips in 1986, there is now also a memory gap. Cover-up of the incident on HKG homepage.
HTR balls are again produced by CEA (AREVA) in France.
EU Commission answers us: A lot of EU money for Generation IV and HTR. Incidents were just a "childhood disease". Rotgrün did not veto EU decisions.
"Competence Network for Nuclear Technology": Research institutions continue to research nuclear power and HTR despite "phase out".

THTR Circular No. 93, September 2004

Ministry responds to problems with THTR nuclear waste containers in Ahaus.
HTR conference in Beijing 2004.
Al Qaeda in Cape Town and nuclear smuggling in Germany / South Africa exposed!
The EU will soon set the course for the promotion of the HTR line.
HTR technology, fuel cells and hydrogen: wailing to new shores.
HTR research in Jülich: Something inherently safe is something other than absolutely safe.
Being determines consciousness: Greens are replacing the FDP as the party of the better-off.

THTR Circular No. 92, August 2004

Leaking THTR nuclear waste barrels in Ahaus?
Ahaus: Brutal police attack on environmentalists.
Core competence remains at Forschungszentrum Jülich: Comprehensive and detailed presentation of THTR research under red-green. List of projects and research work with all the trimmings, part 1 - a huge scandal!
Red-green NRW state government is happy about HTR nuclear export: "Valuable contribution".
South Africa: New (old) government on nuclear course. - Press review, media.

THTR Circular No. 91, July 2004

Focus: The HTR line in Russia yesterday (from 1976) and today: Risen from ruin (s).
Despite THTR bankruptcy - artificial euphoria of the lobbyists.
Kohl in Moscow, bankruptcy follows.
Joint HTR conference Green parliamentary group / CPSU. The role of FZ Jülich.
HTR: The temporary end and the new beginning. HTR is said to work with weapons plutonium.

THTR Circular No. 90, June 2004

Inquiry to the European Commission on EU funding for HTR? S.
Media response to the HTR. Conversations, lectures, demos and smooth eels.
HTR: Cooperation between China and South Korea.
Aachen: Right professor for HTR (Heinz M. Kottowski-Dümenil).
What does the NRW Ministry of Research know and do about HTR?
Complaints Committee of the City of Hamm: Application for an exchange of experience between THTR communities Hamm and Cape Town is being debated.
"Aue instead of Lippesee": Sunday walk as resistance (inspired by the anti-nuclear movement ...)

THTR Circular No. 89, March 2004

Yes, Jülich! The research center just continues to research at the THTR and the "exit" politicians watch it: typical!
HTR? S: German nuclear contacts to Indonesia (among others by Prof. Günter Lohnert).
South Africa: Conference canceled so as not to alienate nuclear companies!
Federal Environment Minister Trittins general points on HTR export.
Cape Town / Hamm: Exchange of experiences between the two nuclear communities requested. A special kind of "accident chronicle" in the city council of Hamm.

THTR Circular No. 88, February 2004

Main focus: high temperature reactors in China and Japan.
The High Temperature Engineering Test Reactor (HTTR) in Japan. Special features, history and current situation.
The HTR in China. Decades of cooperation with FRG (Jülich).
EU network for HTR further development. HTR Technology Network (HTR-TN). EU framework program and Jülich, of course.
The Foreign Office (Foreign Minister Fischer) "replies" to our South Africa inquiry.
South Africa: The Böll Foundation campaigns against HTR.

THTR Circular No. 87, January 2004

For a social forum in Hamm: If you don't defend yourself, you're wrong! Stop the social robbery.
Propaganda for the HTR in Germany - PBMR in South Africa from before? - Uncritical HTR cheer article in "Techology Review".
The South African Embassy replies to our letter with a meaningless message. And environment minister Trittin not at all.
Exchange of experiences Hamm / Cape Town in the complaints committee of the city of Hamm.
Laurenz Meyer, Part 16: Social Darwinist Krakeeler at homeless tasting ...
Finally a memorial "Old Synagogue" in Hamm: After 58 years the end of an unworthy state? - Nazi rally in Hamm.


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