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April 22-27



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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains a list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this list will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt for this month:

03 April 1960 (INES 4) WTR-2 reactor Waltz Mill, USA

05 April 1957 (INES 5 | NAMS 5) nuclear factory Mayak, USSR

06 April 1993 (INES 5 | NAMS 4,8) nuclear factory Tomsk 7 Seversk, USSR

07 April 1989 (Broken Arrow) Submarine K-278, Komsomolets sank south of Bear Island

10 April 1963 (Broken Arrow) SubmarineSSN-593, USS Thresher sank 350 km from Cape Cod

10 April 2003 (INES 3 | NAMS 3,9) NPP Paks, HUN

April 10th to May 15st, 1967 (INES Class.?!) nuclear factory Mayak, USSR

11 April 1968 (Broken Arrow) submarine K-129 , sank 2900 km northwest of Hawaii

11 April 1970 (Broken Arrow) Submarine K-8 sank in the Bay of Biscay

19 April 2005 (INES 4) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

21 April 1957 (INES 4) nuclear factory Mayak, USSR

26 April 1986 (INES 7 | NAMS 8) NPP Chernobyl, USSR


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27. April


Germany | wind

The CSU evades responsibility for energy policy

It could be that the 10H rule will be relaxed soon. It remains questionable whether this will bring more wind power. In the past, the CSU was not interested in the dwindling of wind power.


Germany | wind

First quarter: Approvals and onshore construction down

What is now slowing down the expansion of wind farms?

Not only the construction of new German wind farms on land slowed down in the first quarter of the year. Approvals for new projects also declined.


Chernobyl | Ukraine | War | Russia

Local inspection in Chernobyl: Nobody knows whether the Russians will come back

36 years after the reactor accident in the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Chernobyl, the situation there has become more unstable again due to the Russian attack


Germany | Russia | Natural Compressed

Study: Germany has enough electricity to do without energy from Russia

Germany wants to get out of its dependence on Russian energy, but is hesitant about gas. Researchers calculate that no electricity bottlenecks are to be expected.


Europe | Energy | Natural Compressed

Notes from the end of the unipolar world -19

Thanks to the excellent and forward-thinking leadership of the European Union and its competent top-level personnel, energy prices in Europe have already reached staggering heights (55% price increase in March, 591% yoy) but as EU bureaucrats, like NATOstan, refuse to let go Defending the “freedom of the West” in the corrupt oligarchic republic of Ukraine has not yet reached the end of the road. Anyone with an IQ above the curb can calculate what this means for Germany – the former “locomotive” of European industry and already burdened with the highest electricity prices in the EU: the most important, energy-intensive export goods – cars, machines and chemical products more expensive and less competitive, the economy and with it the country go down the drain. Welcome to the impoverished colony of the US empire that got dragged into an idiotic war with Russia and cut its own power lines...


Russia | Natural Compressed | Ruble | Poland | Bulgaria

Dispute about payments in rubles

Russia stops gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria

Russia plans to suspend gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria from Wednesday. The Russian gas company Gazprom informed the respective industrial companies. Poland confirmed any "threats" on Tuesday evening, but said it was prepared. The reason for the gas stop is the dispute over the payment of Russian energies in rubles.


Ramstein | United States | NATO | Russia | Ukraine

The Ukraine war is not about Ukraine

Washington wants to weaken Russia with a victory for Ukraine to enforce America's "rules-based international order." To this end, “heaven and earth should be set in motion”. The extremely high risk of world or nuclear war is pushed aside.



26. April


Ramstein | United States | NATO | Ukraine

After the Ukraine summit in Ramstein

US Secretary Austin warns against 'talking about nuclear war'

Around 40 countries accept the invitation from the USA: At the US base in Ramstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, NATO partners and allies discuss further aid for the Ukrainian armed forces. The Americans consider the fact that Germany now wants to contribute tanks to be a "significant step".


Hydrogen | Europe | Energy | Africa

Hydrogen from Africa:

Warning of new colonialism

According to a study, hydrogen exports can also harm development in Africa. But clear guidelines for investors can prevent that.


Civic electricity | renewable | Citizen Energy

Belgian city shows way out of the crisis

Intensive discussions are currently taking place in Brussels on how Europe can free itself from dependence on Russia's energy. A look at the town of Eeklo, 70 kilometers away, could provide answers – after all, it is regarded as a pioneer when it comes to self-sufficiency with renewable energies. 130 percent of the electricity required is now produced locally here. In an interview with, those responsible explain how this was achieved without a large budget, what role the citizens play and why the model can be used everywhere.


renewable | Atomic power

Renewable energies instead of nuclear power

Nuclear power is and remains the most expensive and most dangerous form of electricity generation. Nevertheless, research on nuclear power plant concepts continues worldwide. A look at it shows that the risks are not changing.


War | Atomic power | Safety

The peaceful use of nuclear energy reaches its limits in the event of war

The war in Ukraine shows how vulnerable nuclear power plants are. Far too little attention has been paid to this in the past. Now that's taking revenge.


War | Russia | Ukraine

Lavrov: "Real danger" of a third world war - NATO arms deliveries are legitimate targets

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov believes there is a real danger of a third world war breaking out. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin receives UN Secretary-General António Guterres. What happened in the night and is important today.



26 April 1986 - (INES 7 - NAMS 8 - 5,2 million TBq) - Chernobyl NPP, UKR - During a super meltdown in Block 4 of the Chernobyl nuclear plant in the Ukraine, operating errors caused a core meltdown and explosions as a result. Large amounts of radioactivity were released when the reactor core was exposed and burned, and the immediate surroundings were heavily contaminated; in addition, there were numerous direct radiation victims among the auxiliary workers. The super meltdown could only be proven by radioactivity measurements and fallout in Sweden and other European countries. A large-scale restricted area was set up and the area evacuated.

Keyword search: Chernobyl

Ecosia | Google | Bing



25. April


Russia | War

Christian Ströbele on the Ukraine war:

“You have to trust Putin with everything”

Christian Ströbele, a longtime member of parliament for the Greens, often warned against rearmament and supported armed liberation movements. What is he saying now?

taz: Christian Ströbele, what was your reaction to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine?

Christian Stroebele: I was shocked. I firmly believed that Putin would not let Russian troops attack Ukraine. Not because I thought he was a gentleman, but because I thought he was a cunning fox and would not commit such colossal stupidity as this aggressive war...



anniversary in the shadow of war

36 years after the meltdown at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, the fighting makes the risk of nuclear energy clear


United States | Ramstein

US Secretary of Defense invites to Ramstein - and no one asks where our sovereignty is

The US is becoming increasingly brazen. On Friday it was reported: “More than 20 countries have confirmed their attendance at the Ukraine conference at Ramstein Air Force Base, according to the US. US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin invited to the meeting in Ramstein on Tuesday.” No question mark, no indication that our country's sovereignty had been breached. Probably the US didn't even ask...


Runtime | Uranium

FDP is turning on the nuclear phase-out

The traffic light party FDP is no longer ruling out a lifetime extension for Germany's nuclear power plants. Environmental groups warn against further dependence on Russian imports. More than a third of the world's demand for enriched uranium comes from Russia.


Russia | Rosatom | Uranium

High dependency also for the nuclear fuel uranium

40 percent of European uranium imports come from Russia and Kazakhstan

No "liberation energy": Europe's nuclear power plants are largely dependent on uranium imports from Russia and the Russian state-owned company Rosatom, as a report shows. Around 40 percent of the uranium imported by the EU comes from Russia and from Kazakhstan, which is an ally of Russia. In Eastern Europe, 18 nuclear power plants are even 100 percent dependent on Russian fuel element deliveries.


fracking | Natural gas | LNG

Alternative to Russian gas:

Fracking gas from the USA is expensive, harmful to the environment and deadly

Yes, we have to reorganize our energy imports without gas from Russia. But is liquid gas from the USA really a sensible alternative?


War | Russia | Ukraine

War logic friend or foe or the fight against collaborators

In Ukraine, a law against collobaration with Russia has been passed, which is likely to lead to mass arrests if Ukraine wins a military victory.



24. April


SIPRI | arming | arms trade

World military spending tops $2 trillion for first time

The world is gearing up. This is the conclusion of the annual armaments report from the Stockholm Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).


Armament | Russia | Europe

Armaments cooperation with Russia:

Dirty deals

In 2008 Moscow was at war with Georgia. Nevertheless, Europe and Russia then began intensive armaments cooperation.


Armament | arms trade

Financing from Bundeswehr special funds

Germany apparently wants to buy 60 Chinook helicopters

According to a report, the new Bundeswehr transport helicopter comes again from the USA. The decision would end a year-long dispute over the model.


climate change | Sea level | Disaster

Then Homo sapiens will die out - that's cool too

Germany has again missed its climate targets. Greenhouse emissions have even increased. As long as we can accept our demise as a species, that's fine


Open letter | War | Russia | Ukraine

Letter to Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz: "De-escalation now!"

Telepolis documents an open letter to the Federal Chancellery. Letter calls for steps to defuse the crisis and prioritize protecting the population



23. April


Natural gas | Lobby | Russia

Schröder: "I would resign" if Russia stopped gas

Former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder can only imagine resigning from his post in Russia if Russian President Vladimir Putin turns off the gas for Germany and the EU.


Lobby | arms trade | Armament | MIC

Millions worth of lobbying work by the armaments companies

The German armaments giants have invested around 14 million euros in lobbying activities in Ukraine since the beginning of the war. Which government officials they speak to is often opaque. Even members of parliament who do not meet the minimum requirements for transparency hardly feel the consequences.


Profiteering to the detriment of the climate!

Emissions trading | Climate neutral | greenwashing

Emissions trading with zero effect

We can now sell CO2 emission certificates for the two electric cars that we have owned as a family for years. However, their climate protection effect is zero. What a profiteering to the detriment of the climate!



700 people demonstrate against nuclear waste storage

An estimated 700 people demonstrated on Saturday in Beverungen against the planned logistics center for low- and medium-level radioactive waste in Würgassen. They vented their displeasure with banners, ratchets and whistles


Attention | antisocial | Media

Majority of social media platforms are failing in the fight against climate deniers

Social media platforms often paint a poor picture when it comes to curbing climate disinformation. This is the conclusion of a report prepared by Avaaz, Friends of Earth and Greenpeace USA. This ranks Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, Twitter and YouTube based on 27 questions developed by the Climate Disinformation Coalition in the USA...


Chernobyl | Nuclear lobby

36 years after Chernobyl

On the anniversary of the reactor catastrophe, environmentalists warn against a revival of nuclear power


War | Russia | NATO | arms trade | MIC

If we don't want nuclear war, why are we pushing for one?

Ukraine is not Vietnam or Afghanistan - Russia will not give up what it believes is a vital national interest without a fight.



22. April


Assange | United States | Navalny | Russia

Julian Assange: The acid test of a human rights-oriented foreign policy

Wikileaks Julian Assange is still in a maximum security prison in London. In the US, the Wikileaks founder faces up to 175 years in prison. Where is the loud protest from the Green German Foreign Minister?


climate change

Summer 2021 warmest in Europe on record

According to current climate data, last summer was the warmest in Europe since records began. It was around one degree warmer than the average from 1991 to 2020, according to the current annual report of the EU climate change service Copernicus ...


Great Britain | climate change | Sea level

Fukushima in British

London wants to focus more on nuclear power. Study shows: Nuclear power plant sites threatened by sea level rise


Chernobyl | Russia | Ukraine | Münster

April 25, 18:30 p.m.: Chernobyl vigil Prinzipalmarkt/Lambertikirche

Dear friends from Münster and the surrounding area,
Unfortunately we had to experience in the last few weeks that the insane Russian war of aggression in the Ukraine has also brought Chernobyl into focus again - and even running nuclear power plants have been militarily attacked and occupied. This matters to all of us.

That's why we're calling for a vigil in front of the town hall on the Prinzipalmarkt next Monday, April 25, at 18:30 p.m. - on the occasion of the anniversary of the reactor catastrophe of 1986...


Ukraine | arms trade | MIC

Global flood of weapons in Ukraine: How is it monitored where the weapons end up?

The West is supplying Ukraine with arms worth billions of dollars. But what happens there with machine guns, bazookas and Co.? Experts warn that these weapons could reappear in other wars and conflicts.



Pacifists are always to blame … 1 | 2

Attention | MIC | Media

Part 1 ended with the question:

Where does the money go?

The money ends up in the armaments industry, i.e. in the coffers of MIK - the military-industrial complex – and is mainly used to divert even more taxpayer money into the defense industry. Willing people are recruited, media campaigns financed, politicians bribed and wars prepared in the long term.

I can already hear the many voices of those in expensive ties, columnists with chic hairdos, and even the supposedly progressive politicians who once had their roots in the peace movement and are now dissing their base:

"Conspiracy theories"

The following joke is dedicated to them:

Says one pig to another:
"You, I heard the farmer only feeds us so he can slaughter us."

Answers the other pig:
"Oh, you always with your conspiracy theories."

In order to be able to see reality and recognize it as such, man must have a certain imagination feature.

So much money flows through the MIK system that there is still enough left over in petty cash for the "great statesmen" can build their palaces, monuments and temples and manipulate elections, and thus the small ones pocket filler have enough to fill their pockets. The main thing is that everything goes according to the ideas of MIK, and their guidelines are clear:

  1. Nothing can change.
  2. Arms dealing is a normal business.
  3. It doesn't matter which one Horrorclown comes to power, it has to be one of us.

The dogma of the Immaculate Conception has not been sold to a thinking human for some time by clerics with a bent for abusive behavior. But because people love to follow any lead, the Bellicists from MIK jump into the breach and give us the much-needed moral support with their dogmas:

  1. We are the good guys and our soldiers are not killers.
  2. Make peace with more and more weapons.
  3. Pacifists are always to blame …

Blessed are the Atlanticists.



PutIn "The most terrible" started the war in Ukraine and NATO prepared this trap for PutIn long ago, both are part of the history of this war.

And because old hate speech always works well, the sayings usually only change a little:

Don't buy from Russians!

Neither gas, nor coal nor oil, only with uranium we are not so precise...



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News+ April 22



Russia | Rosatom | Uranium | EURATOM

How Russia has Europe's nuclear energy in its pocket

Europe has made itself dependent on Russia not only for oil and gas. Without the Russian state-owned company Rosatom, many European nuclear power plants would not work. The company largely controls the European uranium requirement.

The Russian state-owned company Rosatom is one of the world's leading companies in the uranium business. The fuel element that is necessary for the operation of nuclear power plants. More than a third of the world's demand for enriched uranium, which is produced from large quantities of natural uranium - found in rock strata worldwide - comes from Rosatom.

The Russian state-owned company not only mines uranium in Russia and enriches it for use in nuclear power plants, but has also acquired significant shares in mining companies worldwide in recent years, as can be seen from the latest edition of the uranium atlas published by the Federal Environmental Agency and Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) together with the Nuclear Free Future Foundation, the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, the environmental foundation Greenpeace and .broadcast ...



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

Uranium is the beginning of this evil...


The internal search:

Uranium mining

brought the following results, among others:


The Uranium Atlas (PDF)


Newsletter XXII - May 10th to 17.05.2021th, 10 - Current News+ May XNUMXth - Cameco increases uranium purchases to fulfill contracts


The uranium story - uranium mining - uranium mining



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite



Wild West at the Wismut - atomic bombs from the Ore Mountains


arte - 2016 - 51:55

Uranium a metal becomes a bomb part 1


arte - 2012 - 01:47:49

Yellow Cake: The Clean Energy Lie


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: uranium mining





Uranium mining: environmental damage, numbers, production

Depending on the location of the deposit, uranium ore is usually mined in open pit or underground mines. Open pit mining leaves large amounts of barren rock and tailings piles of radioactive waste. There is also the so-called in situ leach process (ISL), in which the uranium ore is detached from the surrounding rock with oxidizing liquid directly underground and pumped upwards.


The mined ore is crushed and ground in processing plants and treated with acids and bases to dissolve the uranium. The result is uranium ore concentrate (U3O8); this consists of 70 to 90% of a yellow powder, called "Yellow Cake" ...





Uranium mining

Uranium mining is the extraction of uranium from uranium deposits. The largest uranium mining countries are Canada, Australia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Niger, Namibia, Uzbekistan and the USA. Around 70% of North America's known uranium reserves are found on indigenous land. Uranium can also be extracted from the ash of coal-fired power plants.

Test drilling and uranium mining marked the beginning of the uranium economy. Fuel elements for nuclear power plants are produced over several processing stages (processing to yellowcake, then chemical conversion to uranium hexafluoride and uranium enrichment) ...


Uranium economy

The uranium economy is understood to mean all economic activities ranging from the processing of uranium ore into a usable product, through trading in uranium products, to its industrial and military use. Due to the great importance for the energy supply and for the power and security issues of the states, the economic activities are characterized to a large extent by political influences.

World market price

In addition to the commercial market participants, the world market for uranium was and is very strongly characterized by state actors who provided part of the demand at the time of the Cold War and have acted as sellers since the end of the Cold War in the context of limited disarmament. A large part of the market volume is covered by long-term supply contracts, only a very small part of the annual requirement is implemented via the spot market, which is therefore susceptible to price fluctuations. Loss of production in important mines in the summer of 2007 led to an all-time high of $350/kg uranium, but the price of uranium has since fallen back to $135/kg (as of July 2009). 



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