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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains a list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this list will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt for this month:

01 May 1968 (INES 4) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

01 May 1962 Atomic bomb test Beryl Nuclear test site In Ekker, DZA

02 May 1967 (INES 4) NPP Chapelcross, GBR

04 May 1986 (INES 0) THTR 300 NPP, GER

07 May 2007 (INES first 1 then 2...) NPP Philipsburg, GER

07 May 1966 (INES 3-4) Research Institute RIAR Melekess, USSR

11. to 13. May 1998 5 atomic bomb tests 5 atomic bomb tests Pokhran NPP, IND

11 May 1969 (INES 5 | NAMS 2,3) nuclear factory Rocky Flats, USA

12 May 1988 (INES first 1 then 2...) NPP Civaux, FRA

13 May 1978 (INES Class.?!) research reactor AVR Julich, GER

18 May 1974 1st Indian atomic bomb test Pokhran NPP, IND

22 May 1981 (INES 1-3) nuclear factory La Hague, FRA

21 May 1945 and 21 May 1946 (INES 4) atomic bomb research in Los Alamos, USA

22 May 1968 (Broken Arrow) submarine USS Scorpion sank 640 km southwest of the Azores

24 May 1958 (INES Class.?!) Akw NRU ChalkRiver, CAN

25 May 2009 2nd North Korean nuclear bomb test Punggye-ri, PRK

26 May 1971 (INES Class.?!) Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, USSR

27 May 1956 atomic bomb tests Eniwetok Atoll and Bikini Atoll

28. to 30. May 1998 6 Pakistani nuclear bomb tests Ras Koh, PAK


We are looking for up-to-date information, if you can help please send a message to:



31. May


Runtime | Nuclear lobby | Exit | Merzthutjanix

Greens should jump over “ideological shadows”

Union and FDP insist on longer AKW maturities

The next dispute is looming in the traffic light government. Because of the high energy costs, the pressure on the Greens and the SPD to postpone the nuclear phase-out is growing.



Just the old Friedrich Merz, always walking along the old beaten track. At some point, however, you can no longer look over the edge of the beaten path, let alone develop good ideas.
It doesn't have to be brilliant, forward-looking, simple and good is quite enough. Think again ...

see eg here ↓


renewable | storage

High-rise buildings as batteries: Researchers turn elevators into energy storage devices

With the significant increase in renewable energy in our power grid, storage solutions are becoming increasingly important. Now a team has presented an interesting approach. Elevators can use a curious system to turn tall buildings into batteries.


self defense | blockade | climate crisis | Judgment 

Can this be self-defense? This is how a lawyer defends the last generation

With their protest actions, the climate activists want to last generation take a stand against the climate crisis. For some of them, this has legal repercussions. In an interview, lawyer Christian Mertens talks about why he thinks blocking roads and coal-fired power plants is justified.


SMR | nuclear waste

Small reactors produce more nuclear waste than large ones

Small nuclear reactors are being hailed as "the future of nuclear power" and as a complement or alternative to renewable energy. They should be safer and cheaper than large systems. But nuclear waste is also generated when they are used - quite a lot in comparison to their performance.


Chomsky | United States | Power

Noam Chomsky: Illegitimate rule in the US is becoming more and more extreme

Former US President Jimmy Carter has described the US as "an oligarchy with unlimited political bribery". The exercise of illegitimate power has become even more extreme in recent years (Part 1)


solar research | Fraunhofer

New record: Fraunhofer ISE develops the world's most efficient solar cell with an efficiency of 47,6 percent

Freiburg - For two years now, the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE (Fraunhofer ISE) has been researching tandem solar cells on the ambitious project entitled "50 percent". Another important intermediate step has now been reached.


Fraunhofer ISE


solar research | Sweden | China

Solar Energy Research - Scientific Breakthrough:

Researchers find way to generate solar power without solar cells

Swedish and Chinese scientists have found a way to store solar energy for up to 18 years and then release it and convert it into electricity when it's needed.


Molecular Solar Thermal Energy Storage Systems (MOST)




growth | collaps | footprint

Club of Rome report The Limits to Growth is more timely than ever

Criticism of growth In 1972 the Club of Rome asked how unlimited growth should be possible on a finite planet. Fifty years later, the threat of global collapse is very real



30. May


EU Commission | Court of Auditors | greenwashing | Climate Protection

Has numbers been tricked for years?

Court of Auditors: EU has clearly missed the spending target for climate protection

The EU has set itself high goals for climate protection - also with regard to the use of funds from the multi-billion community budget. Now, however, the Court of Auditors draws a sobering conclusion. Has numbers been tricked for years?


United States | MIC | Nuclear lobby | Propaganda

US military wants new nuclear power systems in space by 2027

The US is showing increasing interest in using nuclear energy in Earth orbit. Now the US military has announced that it intends to put various nuclear propulsion and power plant systems into orbit around our planet by 2027 at the latest.


Japan | Fukushimaearthquake | Safety

Earthquake safety no longer available

Reactor No. 1 of the nuclear power plant in Fukushima does not survive another earthquake

According to experts, the No. 1 reactor of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant will not survive another major earthquake. Photographs taken by a robot show that all that remains of the reactor foundation that crashed in 2011 is a metal framework.


Australia | renewable

Australia: Renewable Energy Superpower?

Australian voters have swept their Conservative government out of office, probably in part because of their grandiose incompetence on climate and environmental issues. The new government is striving for a leading role for the continent - in the expansion of renewable energies.


Ukraine | RussiaWar | Propaganda

Ukrainian Territorial Defense Volunteer: “We Are Being Sent to Certain Death”

In the Donbass, Russia seems to be on the rise. Kyiv and Zelensky continue to propagate the heroic struggle of the Ukrainians, but even willing volunteers refuse to go to the front, where they are supposed to fight without support, training and armament.



29. May


PolandUkraine | Press freedom | Media

Does Poland want to break the will of journalist Pablo Gonzales, who has been imprisoned for three months without charge?

The Spanish journalist's detention has just been extended by three months without presenting any evidence. Gonzalez is said to have spied for Russia. According to Ralf Streck, Poland is probably acting on instructions from Ukraine. The Spanish government and the EU Parliament are silent.


Ukraine | Credit | Corruption | Schulden

Moody's sees Ukraine as practically a default

The country's credit rating was further downgraded, and the rating agency's outlook on the corruption-ridden country is negative


energy transition | prosperity | fracking

Rich green oases, fake climate protection and just moderation

With the dynamics of climate change, there is a growing danger that the rich part of the world will try to isolate itself from the rest of the inhospitable world in green oases of prosperity, says Michael Müller, SPD pioneer and member of the editorial board of Klimareporter°. He considers the import of liquefied natural gas to be short-sighted.


Climate Protection | CO2 | jobs

To secure jobs

Climate officer pushes for CO2 punitive tariffs

The government's climate officer is pushing for punitive CO2 tariffs in the EU. An "EU external tariff on CO2 could motivate countries around the world to do more climate protection," explains Morgan.


Climate goals | CO2 | fossil | energy companies | global warming

Now the oil companies are turning up the heat: Fossil industry is attacking the climate like never before

CO₂ bombs A research team from the British "Guardian" uncovered how the corporations want to expand their funding. If this becomes reality, it will be the end of all climate targets



28. May


Russia | Energy price | fossil | ecofence | renewable

Russian opposition figure on oil and gas:

"The fossils are a curse"

Vladimir Slivyak is an environmentalist and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize. He dreams of Russia as the superpower of renewables.

taz on the weekend: Mr. Sliwjak, you are one of the founders of the environmental organization Ecodefense. Listening to the news from Russia and Ukraine, one might wonder if there aren't more important things to defend than nature right now.


climate change | heat

"Hope for social tipping point"

Do we still have enough time to save the earth?

Extreme weather events are increasing: heat waves, heavy rain. Germany is also not spared from disasters that experts attribute to climate change. One climate conference follows the next, but the results remain poor, criticizes meteorologist Mojib Latif. With he talks about how humanity could still get the curve.


Pakistan | atomic bomb tests | Abdul Kadir Khan

28. to 30. May 1998 - 6 atomic bomb tests - Ras Koh, PAK

Atomwaffen A-Z 


Pakistan's nuclear weapons were developed under the direction of AQ Khan in the 1970s, commissioned by Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. Khan stole plans for centrifuges from the Netherlands while he was working at nuclear company Urenco and used them to enrich uranium and develop nuclear weapons.

Pakistan says it successfully conducted six nuclear tests on May 28 and 30, 1998, in response to Indian tests. Due to the seismic data, however, experts assume that only two tests were actually carried out. Nevertheless, with these tests, the country achieved that the world public perceived Pakistan as a nuclear weapons power. Before that, a nuclear arsenal had only been suspected for a long time...


Pakistan nuclear program

The leading engineer of the official state nuclear program, which started on January 20, 1972, was initially Munir Ahmad Khan. From 1974 Abdul Kadir Khan was added and pushed the program forward significantly. Munir Ahmad Khan became director of the research institute. The nuclear weapons were developed under the direction of Abdul Kadir Khan since 1976. The Khan Research Center is also named after him...



27. May


CO2 | climate change | greenhouse Gas | Emission | CO2 removal

Dangerous good CO2 vacuum cleaners

"We mustn't convince ourselves too soon that it works"

In just over 20 years, the EU wants to be climate-neutral. But that only works if we pull CO2 out of the atmosphere on a large scale, says Oliver Geden from the German Institute for International and Security Affairs (SWP). Because no matter how few greenhouse gases we emit, agriculture, aviation or industry will never be neutral. In the ntv "Climate Laboratory" the lead author of the sixth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports on several methods with which this is possible: ecosystem-based such as afforestation with limited potential; ocean-based with still unclear side effects; technological ones that are still very expensive. If we fully exploit all possibilities, we will make the fight against climate change much easier, says Oliver Geden. Nevertheless, he recommends limiting the use politically.


Russia | Rosatom | EU Commission | France | Hungary

Why Europe continues to cooperate with Rosatom

Sanctions against Russia's nuclear industry cannot win a majority. Countries like France and Hungary continue to work with the Russian state-owned company.


Ukraine | Russia | pacifism | Arms

Ukraine war

War in Ukraine: You wanted alternatives to arms deliveries? Here you have it

Pacifism No, the military response after the Russian attack on Ukraine is not without alternative. Instead of glorified manliness, what is needed now is civil rationality. And a reevaluation of cowardice and courage


Japan | Tritium

Japan's nuclear regulator approves introduction of tritium water at Fukushima

Eleven years after the nuclear catastrophe, storage space for contaminated cooling water in the nuclear power plant is running out. Now there is no holding back: Soon it will be allowed into the sea.


United States | atomic bomb tests

May 27, 1956 - atomic bomb tests - Eniwetok Atoll and Bikini Atoll

Atomwaffen A-Z 

Eniwetok Atoll

English: Enewetak or Eniwetok Atoll

Eniwetok Atoll is an archipelago of 30 small islands in the Pacific Ocean and is part of the Marshall Islands. The area was set up and used by the United States as a nuclear test site after World War II. Over 11.000 US technicians, scientists and military personnel were stationed on Eniwetok during the test trials...

Bikini Atoll

US Nuclear Test Site, Marshall Islands

The Bikini Atoll (to Marshallese: Pikinni) is geographically part of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific. During World War II, the islands were first occupied by the Japanese and later by US forces. US forces chose Bikini Atoll for their first nuclear weapons tests after bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Between 1946 and 1958, 23 atomic and hydrogen bombs were detonated on the reef, in the air and under water.

The Bikian king agreed to the evacuation of the islanders, believing that his people could return to the island at a later date, and the nearly 200 residents voluntarily left their island in March 1946. They were relocated to the smaller, uninhabited Rongerik Atoll...



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News+ May 27




Nuclear lobby | Media | pocket filler | Horrorclown | Change of heartchange of mind

The nuclear lobby is once again on the gas

A little over a year ago it was written here:
"MiK gears up for important battles to come“ And today it is clear: MIK hit even harder than I thought I could imagine at the time. PutIn has started a war in the middle of Europe.

Every paid writer who still had some room in his pocket had these gaps filled and has been making propaganda ever since, that applies to those in the West as well as to those in the East. All others who do not want to play the evil game and urge prudence are discredited as traitors to humanity and posted on the digital bulletin board. Opinion block attendants strut around and check whether everyone in the intellectual neighborhood is on the right track and is ticking, thinking, writing, reading and liking correctly.

Every day we are now doomed to read articles about the nuclear war, or about the "flawless" evil PutIn, who together with radical pacifists and Gerhard Schröder is to blame for everything anyway, and how Germany is falling behind worldwide if it is not ready is to fuel the war and phase out nuclear energy. Fear-mongering "live and in color" on all channels, and the brain-corrosive traces of ink from the nuclear lobby run 24/7 from all newspaper duck feathers.

It's all very reminiscent of how Don Trumpl and Cambridge Analytics. The naturally very shallow 2D fantasies shoot up unabashedly, words and content are secondary, the main thing is that it sounds nice and brutal and nasty, that gets clicks. The "Friends of MIC“ are not too bad for anything. No claim is too unbelievable, no lie too big, no slander too outlandish, and every rumor, no matter how lousy, is worth spreading.

Given the flood of disinformation, it doesn't surprise me that the poor people fall backwards out of their armchairs and vote for the right, completely irritated, because they certainly promise them more security and that's the point of the whole fuss.

Everywhere in the world new nuclear power plants are to be built, which should be absolutely safe and clean, always with the emphasis on "should", because these miraculous nuclear power plants don't even exist. And these pipe dreams, which exist only on paper, are sold to us as the only cure for everything from blackout and population replacement to gas shortages and heat exhaustion to mandatory vaccination and gathering firewood out of sheer necessity.

Everyone gets what they always thought they needed anyway.

Speaking of tipping over

We all know the Bible stories about people who switched sides. How the shabby traitor Judas Iscariot earned his thirty pieces of silver or how the agitator Saul became the exemplary Christian Paul...

In the meantime, there is also a certain inflation there, because everyone who is self-reliant likes to tell adventurous anecdotes about their personal development, towards the windvane:

I used to be 1.) ...., but now I'm of course much older and wiser than I was then, today I would like to have a 2.) .... in my front yard, right next to the lamp cleaner gnome.

Please replace the dots with:

1.) wild, rebellious, young, small, poor, stupid...

2.) Nuclear Power Plant, Gunboat, Pershing, SUV, Tank, Bazooka or whatever.

Yes, there are the greatest stories:

  • Friedrich Merz was once a really daring moped rocker from the Sauerland.
  • Gerhard “Acker” Schröder used to be a genuine leftist.
  • Allegedly, Xi Jinpin and Putin used to be true communists.
  • The wrynecks were really against nuclear power.
  • And almost all of us were once against the war.

We're all so much smarter now than we were then, and what has that accomplished? Has the world become better as a result of our ever-increasing knowledge?

  • Almost everyone now wants to send heavy weapons into the war to end it.
  • The wrynecks are now the nuclear lobby's most powerful weapons and are ubiquitous in the media. (RIP - poor nuclear industry)
  • Xipping Pooh and the "flawless" PutIn are now real right-wing bigots, dictators and horror clowns with everything that goes with it.
  • Gerhard "Acker" Schröder is a comrade to the bosses and the most embarrassing of all pocket fillers.
  • Only Friedrich Merz has remained true to himself, a real moped rocker.

There are said to be proven cases of age wisdom, but more often one hears of such unpleasant ailments as erectile dysfunction and senile dementia, but that's probably all just fake news. In any case, none of our VIPs has reported about it in any home story. Despite all that, of course, that could explain a lot.

Well then, prostate everyone, and don't trust anyone over 130!



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

The wind is picking up, the sun is burning hot and MIK is stepping on the gas...


The internal search:


brought the following results, among others:


May 13, 2022 - A flood of open letters and press freedom day


February 27, 2022 - Putin's invasion of Ukraine



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


arte - 00:07:13

USA/Russia: Who benefits from the Ukraine conflict?


Terra X - 00:09:21

A Brief History of Peace


arte documentary - 01:38:43

Documentary: Why We Fight - America's Wars - The Military-Industrial Complex


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: warmonger






also referred to as the glorification of war, is an -ism formation that emerged in the early 20th century under the influence of the equivalent French bellicisme. The term denotes an ideological endorsement of war and the tendency to use military force to resolve international conflicts. It stands for the dogmatic endorsement of military actions and measures, for an exaggerated warlike attitude and is also used in the sense of warmongering and militarism. The opposite ideological assessment of the war is found under the antonym pacifism.

ideological principles

Bellicism represents the causes of war enthusiasm in civil society, not in the military. Bellicism sees the glorification of war as a promoter of humanity or - more neutrally - as "meaningful and educational teaching of war, as an attempt to classify war experiences in a meaningful context" (Jörn Leonhard). 

The Prussian officer corps of the late 18th century hardly subscribed to this idea of ​​war as a 'cleansing bath of the body politic', but it was part of a counter-Enlightenment reaction led by intellectuals against the vision of perpetual peace. Max Weber put it in a nutshell that war as “the realized threat of violence” creates “pathos and a sense of community in modern political communities and thereby triggers a devotion and unconditional victim community of the combatants […] as a mass phenomenon, which religions in general only have to place something similar alongside the ethic of brotherhood in heroic communities"...



Militarism is the dominance of military values ​​and interests in politics and social life, as expressed, for example, by the one-sided emphasis on the right of the strongest and the idea that wars are necessary or inevitable, or by a strictly hierarchical, on command and obedience-based thinking are taught.

According to the political scientist and militarism researcher Wilfried von Bredow, militarism, which he describes as “the dominance of the military as an organization in state and society” and which includes “the predominance of military-warlike categories of thought in state, society and politics”, is of “two different kinds models for the civil-military relationship" that developed after the Industrial Revolution...



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