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Current news+ Background knowledge


Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains an almost complete list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this PDF will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt from the PDF file for this month:


01 March 2006 - (INES 2) - Kozloduy, BGR

05 March 1969 - (INES 3) - nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

06 March 2006 - (INES - Class!) - NFS, Erwin, TN, USA

08 March 2002 - (INES 3) - Davis Besse, OH, USA

10 March 1970 - (INES 3 - NAMS 2,6) - nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

11 March 1958 - (Broken Arrow) - Mars Bluff, USA

11 March 2011 - (INES 7 | NAMS 7,5) - Fukushima Daiichi, JPN

12 March 2011 - (INES 3) - Fukushima Daini, JPN

13 March 1980 - (INES 4) - Saint-Laurent, FRA

19 March 1971 - (INES 3 - NAMS 2) - nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

25 March 1955 - (INES 4 - NAMS 4,3) - nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

28 March 1979 - (INES 5 | NAMS 7,9) - Three mile island, PA, USA


We are looking for current information. If you can help, please send a message to:



25. March


Runtime | Nuclear lobby

Debate on nuclear energy

Nuclear power plant operator promotes lifetime extension

Should the nuclear power plants in Germany run longer? According to SPIEGEL information, the operator of the Meiler Isar 1 and 2 is committed to this. The federal government should reconsider its negative position.



1000 times clarified, 1000 times nothing understood ... - but gladly again:

For all propagandists, Experts, pocket filler,
great statesmen and horror clowns

After the explosions near the Chernobyl and Zaporozhye nuclear power plants, anyone who still seriously claims that operating nuclear power plants is a good thing must now ask themselves whether the military-industrial complex (MIK) really has enough for such suicidal propaganda bezahlt.

Because whoever still wants to tell people in the spring of 2022 that a "dirty bomb" in the back yard can also have its advantages, must consider people to be completely stupid. As a consultant he loses his credibility and is therefore at best still acceptable for dictators. As a politician he loses his credibility for all time and is - even for MIK - at best can still be used as a despot.

The payment must therefore be good beyond all measure.


War | Military | Environment

Military waste: dirt on the ground instead of «boots on the ground»

Where the military goes, it leaves garbage behind. This is often poisonous, but at some military bases this is only gradually becoming known.


Natural gas | Dependent | Energy price | United States

New energy partnership

The US will deliver 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied gas to the EU

The US and the EU have signed a new agreement on long-term independence from Russian gas. The United States wants to help out with deliveries this year.


uranium prices are given in US dollars per pound (454 grams).

highs in March:

2008 = 90,00 | 2014 = 36,50 | 2021 = 28,50 | 2022 = $59,15

Nuclear renaissance boosts uranium prices

Striving for security of supply and climate protection promotes the demand for uranium. The prices are at a multi-year high.



Media | Propaganda

For months, I've noticed the same headline every day as I scan the news:

Two world-famous multi-billionaires are getting into uranium stocks.

That begs the question: well, what now, did they get in months ago, or just yesterday, or do they maybe want to get in at some point in the future?

But the two multi-billionaire grandpas have probably had stocks of uranium mining companies, weapons manufacturers, oil companies and other benefactors of the world climate and humanity in their portfolios for ages, and this daily repeated headline is nothing more than pure sales promotion along the lines of: "Constant dripping hollows out the brain".

War is good business, at least for them Nuclear lobby, sellers of shares from the environment of MIC and perhaps also for the buyers of shares in the Uranium economy. For everyone else, war is nothing but suffering and death. And uranium is pure poison.

Bon appetit, may it get stuck in your throat! 


South Korea | Emirates

Second nuclear reactor built by South Korea in the Emirates on the grid

The second nuclear reactor built by South Korea has gone online in the United Arab Emirates.


Nuclear lobby | reaction to Putins ruble claim

FDP Vice Kubicki wants to rely on lignite and nuclear power

Putin's demand to pay for gas deliveries in rubles makes it clear once again that Germany must detach itself from Russian gas supplies, says FDP Deputy Wolfgang Kubicki. Instead, Germany must focus more on lignite and nuclear power. The Greens should arrive here in reality, so Kubicki.


25 March 1955 - (INES 4 - NAMS 4,3) - Sellafield nuclear plant - One of about 20 known incidents in Sellafield...



24. March


United States

learned nothing? The comeback of nuclear power

Spent fuel

The resurgence of nuclear power carries all kinds of risks.

Last June, Bill Gates gave a speech to politicians and journalists in Cheyenne, Wyoming. "Fifteen years ago, I assembled a group of experts (...) to solve the twin problems of global energy poverty and climate change," the sweater-wearing multi-billionaire announced via video. "It became clear that advanced nuclear energy is an important tool to solve both." However, he continued, the technology must become safer and cheaper. To that end, he said, he had committed to investing $15 billion in Terrapower, a company he founded in 2008 with the purpose of developing small modular reactors that could be produced on an assembly line. Now he is pleased to announce the construction of a plant on the site of a decommissioned coal-fired power plant in Wyoming ...



I thought I already knew everything about this topic, but when I read this article, I realised that this is not true. Kudos! This article has the potential to be post of the year ...

Detlef zum Winkel has translated the article "Spent Fuel. The Risky Resurgence of Nuclear Power" by Andrew Cockburn from Harper's Magazine and published it in


Russia | War | Ukraine | Putin he didn't mention

Former Chancellor Schröder describes Putin's war in Ukraine as a "consequence of political failure"

At a UN conference in Turkey, former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder spoke about the war in Ukraine. In doing so, he made the West particularly responsible. After the fall of the Wall, no security structure was created “that corresponds to the changed situation”.



Nuclear power opponents complain about "free pass" for reactor

In an agreement concluded between the federal government and the Free State two years ago, environmentalists see an attempt to delay operations with highly enriched uranium indefinitely


IAEA | Chernobyl

IAEA: Four fires at Chernobyl extinguished

Several fires have been successfully fought in the restricted area around the former Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The Ukrainian nuclear regulatory authority has informed the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that the Chernobyl fire brigade has put out four fires, Director General Rafael Grossi said on Wednesday evening. But there are other fires, he emphasized. Grossi was concerned about the overall situation in Ukraine


No to War! | arming | special fund

Appeal against Scholz' 100 billion package: "Democratic scandal"

Celebrities publish an appeal against the rearmament of the Bundeswehr. Thousands have already signed



23. March



Abolish expansion caps for renewables - for example for photovoltaics on industrial roofs

In an interview, Robert Busch, Managing Director of the BNE, talks about hurdles and barriers in the draft bill for the EEG 2023. Why does the expansion of renewable energies have to be limited at all - especially in ideal locations such as industrial roofs?


Runtime | Neckarwestheim | Fuel assemblies | Putin | Nuclear lobby

Discussion about a possible extension of the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant: The uranium also comes from Putin

Is Germany facing the second exit from the nuclear phase-out? The relevant federal and state ministries say: No! EnBW is also firmly assuming that Neckarwestheim II will go offline at the end of this year


Belgium | nuclear waste

Mound of earth: above-ground repository for radioactive nuclear waste in Dessel

Most of the radioactive waste from the nuclear facilities in Belgium is stored in Dessel in the province of Antwerp. A new deposit is now being set up there in the Antwerp Kempen, which will appear as a hill in the landscape. The project for this planned repository is presented in an interactive exhibition.



Climate activists end up in custody ten times as often as religiously motivated threats

This is shown by previously unpublished figures that we have exclusively at our disposal.


Great Britain | EDF

Johnson wants to build six nuclear power plants

Boris Johnson is pushing for a nuclear renaissance - but first he must find replacements for old nuclear reactors that need to be shut down. The expansion of renewable energies is also planned.


Natural gas

What's with the liquefied natural gas, Germany?

Since the start of the Ukraine war, there have been reports that liquefied natural gas terminals must now be built very quickly in Germany as well. In this critical situation, however, politicians should keep a cool head - and not lose sight of what is decisive in the long term, especially now.



22. March


Russia | War | Ukraine

Nuclear power plants in Ukraine:

Dangers not averted for a long time

Overworked employees, burning forests, possible power outages: the situation around the Zaporizhia and Chernobyl nuclear power plants remains threatening.


Energy price | Russia

Rising energy prices: "So far, no one has spoken about speculation at all"

The economist Heiner Flassbeck on Russian gas imports, Joachim Gauck and a concealed reason for the price explosion



Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk supports ultra-right Azov regiment

Andriy Melnyk is Ukraine's ambassador to Germany. His political statements in the context of the Ukraine war are not well received everywhere.


Climate | Overseas hubs

The Ukraine war as warning sign: A turning point in globalization

The nuclear phase-out, the end of fossil fuels, the so-called agricultural turnaround: Much should be subordinated to the new foreign policy and military conflict (Part 2 and conclusion)



21. March


Climate | Overseas hubs

The Ukraine war as warning sign

We Will Live In One World Or No World: Russia's Attack On Neighbor Marks A Series Of Crises, Experts Say (Part 1)


Gronau | Russia | Urenco

State government: No transports from Gronau to Russia

There are currently no transports of uranium hexafluoride from Gronau to Russia. This emerges from a response from the state government to a request from the Greens in the North Rhine-Westphalian state parliament. There were also no such transports in 2021. This was confirmed by a spokesman for Urenco Germany, based in Gronau.



The Green Electricity Association calls for more wind farms in the Baltic Sea

Wind farms at sea are considered to be particularly high-yield electricity suppliers because of the constant winds blowing there. But the expansion has stalled.


War | Ukraine | Press

By decree, Zelensky orders the media to be brought into line and parties to be banned

It's a war, so strategic communication needs to be in place to keep people engaged. However, the purge of the media and opposition started earlier.



Freely adapted from FW Bernstein: The harshest critics of the moose, it turns out, are moose themselves.


Climate | global warming

Experts report record temperatures in Antarctica

Unusually high temperatures have been measured in eastern Antarctica in recent days. According to experts, they were more than 30 degrees Celsius higher than usual for the time of year.



20. March


Natural gas | Dependent

Habeck's search for gas suppliers:

Dirty Realpolitik

Certainly, it is a tragedy that a Green Minister is negotiating natural gas with autocrats in the Gulf. But it's the lesser evil.


Natural gas | Algeria | Morocco | Spain

Natural gas from Algeria on the brink

The Spanish government wants to recognize Morocco's sovereignty over Western Sahara, which enrages Algiers. Sánchez's decision comes at an inopportune time. The Algerian gas should free the EU from dependence on Russia


Russia | War | Ukraine

Attack on Ukraine:

Battle for nuclear power plants

Russia has already conquered two nuclear reactors, and more could follow soon. How well protected are they from attacks? And how great is the risk of a reactor catastrophe?



19. March


Belgium extended nuclear power plant Runtime by ten years

Environment Minister Lemke regrets later nuclear phase-out in Belgium

The Belgian government is postponing the phase-out of nuclear power in the face of higher energy prices. North Rhine-Westphalia expresses security concerns after the announcement. Federal Environment Minister Steffi Lemke confirms the general move away from nuclear energy in Germany.


China | Renewables

China: Beijing's gigantic plans in the Gobi desert

China wants to build gigantic solar and wind parks in the Gobi desert, but at the same time is sticking to coal.


Russia | War

Putin's Next Step: A Little Nuclear War?

At the same time as the invasion of Ukraine, Russia's head of state Vladimir Putin repeatedly threatened to use nuclear weapons. Western experts fear that he may soon actually use nuclear weapons.



Give war a chance

Remarks on the currently prevailing alleged love of peace in public and politics



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News+ March 19



Climate | wind | Solar

Collateral damage to the climate?

Gigantic wind farms and photovoltaic systems could have undesirable side effects and promote drought, for example. In theory. In practice it is different.



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Current news+ Background knowledge


Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

Does energy production affect the global climate?
Every power plant, whether coal, gas, or nuclear, generates heat...


The internal search:

climate influence

brought the following results, among others:


Newsletter I 2022 - January 01st to 06th - News+ EU considers nuclear power plants to be climate-friendly


January 27, 2021 - Fusion costs beautiful climate balance


Newsletter XVI 2021 - April 13th to 15th - News+ Gas power plant: Is electricity from natural gas sustainable?



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


World mirror - 05:14

Energy transition in China: suddenly a pioneer in climate protection?


ARD - Panorama 3 - 11:19

The slowed down wind power expansion


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: energy wind solar Wind Solar



AtomkraftwerkePlag -
Research platform on atomic energy


United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

founding mission

The IPPC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) is an institution of the United Nations. It was founded in 1988 - two years after the Chernobyl disaster - by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). He should clarify to what extent the global warming postulated by scientists poses a risk and whether there is a need for action.

From the start, the IPCC assumed that climate change was man-made. This is already clear in the founding resolution of the IPCC, which was passed in the 70th plenary session of the UN on December 6, 1988. The UN expressed concern that "certain human activities could change the global climate". There is increasing evidence that the growing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could lead to global warming and possible sea level rise. They called for more research to be done on climate change and studies to be done. They urged governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and scientific institutions to make climate change a priority and to support all climate change efforts with human and financial resources...





Wind energy

At the end of 2020, wind turbines with a nominal capacity of approx. 743 GW were installed worldwide, of which 35,3 GW were offshore. Not quite half of this capacity (approx. 347 GW) has been installed in Asia and the Pacific, approx. 220 GW in Europe and approx. 170 GW in the Americas, while only a few GW are installed in Africa and the Middle East. According to figures from BP, the systems installed worldwide delivered around 2020 TWh of electrical energy in 1590; corresponding to around 5,9% of global electricity production. Its share of the global primary energy consumption of 154.620 TWh, in which it tends to be underrepresented due to the calculation method, was 1,0%. In good locations, the LCOE of wind turbines was already lower than the LCOE of new coal and nuclear power plants in 2013...


solar energy

The amount of solar radiation that reaches the earth's surface depends heavily on the weather and the position of the sun. Due to the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit, it fluctuates by almost 7% over the course of the year. The average intensity of solar radiation at the limit of the earth's atmosphere is about 1367 W/m². This value is also known as the solar constant. Part of the radiated energy is scattered and reflected by the atmosphere from solid (e.g. ice crystals, dust) or liquid suspended particles and from the gaseous components. Another part is absorbed by the atmosphere and converted into heat there. The rest passes through the atmosphere and reaches the surface of the earth. There it is partly reflected and partly absorbed and converted into heat. Among other things, this energy is made usable in photosynthesis, photothermics and photovoltaics. The percentage distribution of the radiation on reflection, absorption and transmission depends on the respective state of the atmosphere. Humidity, cloudiness and the length of the path that the rays travel through the atmosphere all play a role. The radiation hitting the earth's surface is still around 24 W/m² worldwide on a daily average (based on 165 hours) (with considerable fluctuations depending on latitude, altitude and weather). The total amount of energy hitting the earth's surface is more than five thousand times the energy needs of mankind. Ultimately, all of the sun's energy is released back into space in the form of reflected light and thermal radiation...



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