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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains an almost complete list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this PDF will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt for this month:

01 October 1981 (INES 3 | NAMS 1,3) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

03 October 1986, nuclear submarine K-219, USSR

03 October 1952, atomic bomb tests on Trimouille Island, GBR

05 October 1966 (INES 4) NPP Enrico-Fermi-1, USA

07 October 1957 (INES 5 | NAMS 4,6) nuclear factory Windscale/Sellafield, GBR

09 October 2006, atomic bomb tests at Punggye-ri, PRK

12 October 1969 (INES 4) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

15 October 1958 (INES 4) Boris Kidrič Institute Vinca, YU

17 October 1969 (INES 4) NPP Saint-Laurent, FRA

18 October 2011 (INES 1) NPP Karachi, PAK

19 October 1989 (INES 1) NPP Vandellòs-1, ESP

30 October 1961, Tsar Bomb AN602 leads over Novaya Zemlya, USSR


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31. October


Green Minister | AKW test | continued operation

Critical voices ignored?:

Green ministers are said to have influenced nuclear power plant testing

Economics Minister Habeck and Environment Minister Lemke opposed the continued operation of the last three nuclear power plants early on. There were also arguments for it.


Research by "Welt am Sonntag" and "Cicero" suggests that the green-led ministries - for economics (BMWK) by Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck and environmental protection (BMUV) by Steffi Lemke - are ignoring critical voices from their own houses in this line of argument and the ratings were influenced...


Safety | Nuclear waste interim storage facility | Lubmin

Nuclear Waste Storage Lubmin:

BUND demands more security for interim storage

Recent events in the Baltic Sea region demonstrate the urgency of protecting against attacks

On the occasion of the discussion date for the construction of the new Interim Storage Facility North in Lubmin this Tuesday, the Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND) reaffirmed the demand for a re-examination of the German interim storage facility for nuclear waste. Germany's highly radioactive waste is stored in 16 interim storage facilities, some of which are highly problematic and do not meet the required safety requirements. For the first time in more than 15 years there are concrete plans for a new building. BUND submitted critical objections as part of public participation. He will debate on site with the operator EWN and the federal authority BASE for more security.

The BUND complains that the previous plans for the interim storage facility in Lubmin do not meet the necessary safety requirements for high-level radioactive waste ...


France | EDF | Loss

Record loss: French nuclear company makes tens of billions miserable

Because almost half of the dilapidated nuclear reactors failed in the summer, the energy company EDF lost at least 32 billion euros. He is close to full renationalisation. Taxpayers pay extra for "cheap" electricity.

"It's getting worse and worse," writes the French daily Liberation about the plight of the French nuclear power company EDF.

What is meant is not the events at the Tricastin nuclear power plant, for which last year an extension of the service life from 40 to 50 years was possibly only swindled using criminal or semi-criminal methods. Incidents are said to have been concealed under the lenient eyes of the nuclear supervisory authority, and inspectors are said to have been hindered and bullied in their inspection work. The prosecutor is already investigating.

No, it's about the fatal financial situation of the world's second-largest electricity producer. Because of its decrepit nuclear fleet, it produces less and less electricity and is therefore sliding deeper and deeper into the red. For the sixth time this year, EDF had to give up its "profit forecast", which should better be called a "loss forecast", in view of falling electricity volumes. The already highly indebted group, which is already 84 percent state-owned, announces a loss of at least 32 billion euros for the current year.

Loss forecasts deteriorate rapidly

It was only in September that the group had raised the loss forecast to 29 billion. In June "only" 24 billion lousy were announced. The forecasts are getting worse and worse...


Münster | G7 countries | climate policy

Thursday - November 03, 2022 - 16 p.m. - Schlossplatz Münster

Dear people,

on November 3-4, the G7 foreign ministers will meet here in Münster. In protest against the disastrous climate policy of the G7, a local climate alliance is organizing a large, colorful counter-demonstration on Thursday, November 3rd.

It starts at 16 p.m. in front of the castle on the Schlossplatz in Münster - on the edge of the western old town.

As an anti-nuclear movement, we naturally also demand an end to all nuclear adventures and an end to the nuclear arms race, especially from the G7 - we don't want to run into the next nuclear catastrophe - the future is renewable!

Nuclear-free climate greetings
SOFA (Immediate nuclear phase-out) Münster


Wikipedia | Diverse | Tragedy Wikipedia

Wikipedia: New features will not solve problems

The Wikimedia Foundation is launching - once again - an initiative to recruit new contributors to Wikipedia. Once again, the focus is on new software features. But it is unlikely that the biggest problems of the free encyclopedia can be effectively solved in this way. To do this, the basic rules would have to be shaken. A comment.

Wikipedia is undoubtedly a digital wonder of the world: knowledge, free of advertising, available in over 300 language versions for everyone with internet access. Thanks to a free license, Wikipedia enables creative re-use in all corners of the Internet, no matter how remote, without having to clarify rights. And not only the content, but also the wiki software is under a free license, all supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation, which is primarily financed by small donations. The importance of Wikipedia knowledge extends far beyond the wiki, and Google's search results and info boxes are also based on the content of the free online encyclopedia.

But with great reach and relevance comes great responsibility...


Democracy | populist | far right

Crisis of Democracy:

"We are faced with a mystery"

The Israeli philosopher Yuval Kremnitzer looks with concern at the global strengthening of authoritarianism. There are no quick answers.

taz at the weekend: Mr. Kremnitzer, the election victory of the right-wing extremist Fratelli d'Italia scares many. On November 1st there will be elections in Israel, where there are great concerns that Benjamin Netanyahu will return to power. Is the shift to the right a global phenomenon?

Yuval Kremnitzer: Of course you have to consider the local context. Israel cannot be compared to Europe in many ways - the Palestinian-Israeli conflict is just the most obvious example. But that is precisely why it is so amazing that there are so many similarities in so many places in the world: anti-liberalism is spreading. In the USA, Hungary and Russia, for example, these are anti-liberal democracies which, however, lack a uniform ideology. Donald Trump, Viktor Orbán and Vladimir Putin are not really close ideologically. But what their empty political program says is that this "formalistic procedural democracy" in which we live is elitist, unjust and somehow restrictive. They violate unwritten rules of that system and it is precisely because of these rule violations that they are attractive to so many voters. The same goes for Giorgia Meloni in Italy. And likewise for Benjamin Netanyahu...


Climate neutral | Hydrogen | renewable | Namibia

Green hydrogen is still a niche

Significantly more efforts are needed for climate-neutral management. Less than one percent of global hydrogen production in 2021 came from renewable energies. In view of the many new projects, however, experts are confident.

Green hydrogen is considered a future panacea for a climate-neutral economy. Industry in particular has a high and constant need for energy, which can be satisfied with hydrogen. In addition, hydrogen can act as a storage medium and replace gas in the electricity system as a back-up. The technical means for an application are already available and are being tested in practice. However, there is still a lack of a sufficient and functioning global hydrogen market that can completely replace fossil fuels ...


Brazil | Elections

Lula wins presidential election in Brazil

Left-leaning challenger Lula has been elected President of Brazil by a narrow margin. The electoral authorities declared him the winner with 50,83 percent of the votes. The far-right incumbent Bolsonaro got 49,17 percent.

In the runoff election for the highest office in Brazil, left-wing ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva narrowly defeated right-wing incumbent Jair Bolsonaro ...



30. October


Expansion of renewables | Wind power | photovoltaics

Renewable energies: North-South divide is getting worse

Germany is increasingly divided between the north, where most of the wind turbines are installed, and the south, where most of the solar systems are installed. Possibly a problem for network stability.

According to the traffic light coalition agreement, 2030 percent of electricity should be renewable by 80. As a result of the notoriously slow grid expansion in Germany, the boom in solar energy in the south and wind energy in the north is increasingly worrying decision-makers in Berlin ...


Bayern | CSU party conference

Söder and Merz in the style of Trump

Anyone who attended CSU party conferences when Franz Josef Strauss was still alive will still hear the loud attacks, or rather tirades, on the political opponents, more precisely: the SPD, which couldn't do it, was infiltrated by Moscow. Only one could do it, he, Strauss. Today it sounds similar from the mouth of Markus Söder, who sees himself as Strauss heir. Not as strong verbally, devoid of those Latinisms, but almost as loud. And like Strauss, Söder conjures up chaos and fears about traffic light politics in Berlin. Next year there will be state elections in Free State, and the prime minister will have to score more points than last time. He tries to be the father of the state, as a politician of progress for Bavaria while preserving the white-blue traditions...


Expansion of renewables | Wind power | photovoltaics

Federal-state report: The pace of expansion of renewable energies is still too sluggish

According to the analysis, more land must be designated and permits issued, especially for onshore wind power, in order to achieve the expansion and climate targets.

The federal-state cooperation committee on the status of the expansion of renewable energies in Germany is concerned in its second annual report: In contrast to solar power, the expansion quantities specified in the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) have not been achieved when using wind energy on land. The experts' conclusion: "Therefore, there is a great need to remove obstacles and speed up procedures both for the planning and designation of wind energy areas and for the approval of plants." ...


ruler | Putin | power man words | Propaganda

"We don't want to become the dominant power"

In a speech, Russia's ruler Putin criticized the dominant role played by the USA and proposed reform of the UN.

Immediately after the outbreak of war, Infosperber wrote: «Nothing, absolutely nothing, justifies the war of aggression: no omissions and no mistakes by the West and no oligarchs or fascist groups in Ukraine.»

Since then, hundreds of thousands of people have been injured and killed, millions have fled and there has been severe destruction on both sides. One consequence is maximum censorship in Russia and Ukraine.

Western media provide very good information about the view of Ukraine and the helping NATO countries. From the aggressor, on the other hand, you usually only read and hear selected sentences. English and French-language Russian television channels were shut down.

However, in a free country it must be possible and reasonable to be able to consult Moscow's propaganda and important statements by Putin without censorship. For this reason, Infosperber documents unabridged and uncommented Putin's "keynote speech" of October 27, 2022 in the Valdai Discussion Club. Like all speeches during a war, it should be read with a particularly critical spirit. Putin does not address the terrible consequences of the war ...



What power does to people

It's horrifying to see what humans are capable of doing to other humans. Especially in wars instigated by the great and powerful, brutality and cruelty are made the desirable norm. People become corpses, dead, battered bodies sacrificed on the altar of power. Children become orphans, fathers and mothers lose their joy in life, and ordinary people are trained to become cruel murderers.

When we see others suffering, we feel like crying, as probably does every other reasonably normal person, and we look for ways to end the suffering. The ability to empathize is innate in humans and only psychopaths lack this feeling.


A Russian businessman in American exile puts a bounty on his head for Putin's arrest and publishes a Wild West-style wanted poster. At first glance, this sounds really funny, and I can think of a few other "great statesmen" whose names would just as well fit on wanted posters. On the other hand, it seems to me that someone with a lot of money wants to sneak into the heart of the public.

US Senator Graham steps up in front of the microphone and asks if there isn't a Brutus in Russia or a few brave military men who could simply take out Putin. That also sounds understandable at first, after all, tyrannicide is something like self-defense or emergency aid. But if Putin deserves to be assassinated, then what about Bush, Clinton and all the other rulers around the world who also have blood on their hands?

Calls for murder are not OK!

And so the combined might of Mark Sugarmountain's anti-social meta-media dares to leave calls for murder against Russian soldiers online, rather than immediately deleting them. If a Russian soldier deserves to be killed, what soldier doesn't?

If any human deserves to be lynched, who doesn't?

Violating democratic rules and norms is becoming increasingly fashionable, and many of the mob's future victims will be cheering like complete idiots, even though they may fully understand what the rabble-rousers are really about.

The only thing that unites the global right is hatred of democracy. But since people don't like disempowering themselves, arch-reactionary string pullers use the tried-and-tested tricks of the would-be masters again and again. Democracy and its advocates are first degraded as weak, worthless subhumans, only to then be released for shooting down.

I find it all pretty disgusting and not funny in the slightest, but looking at the photos of the two little rulers I can't help but grin. One little Vladimir alone at the big table of power in Moscow and the other little Volodymyr between two huge bodyguards in Kyiv, these images will probably never get out of my head.

No power for anyone

Power makes megalomaniacs, without empathy and cynical. The longer people hold power, the worse the symptoms become. They consider themselves irreplaceable, unique, talented, almost godlike in power, and become increasingly inhuman until death takes them...


Africa | Renewables | photovoltaics

Green power from Ivory Coast

Can someone turn on the light here? Yes, you can

600 million people in Africa live without electricity, and only one percent of the solar energy produced worldwide comes from the sunniest continent. Two entrepreneurs from Abidjan and a Franconian are now changing that.

Even at night the world is not dark. At least not from space. Cities shimmer, metropolises shine. In the dark, the whole planet glitters like a disco ball. Europe shines. America shines. Asia shines. Africa does not shine. Of all the numbers that describe Africa's development, this is perhaps the most blatant: 840 million people worldwide live without access to electricity - 600 million of them in Africa ...


Expansion of renewables | photovoltaics

Solar finally outperforms Atom: The power of 100 nuclear power plants will soon be added

In 2021, the growth in photovoltaics worldwide was around 150 gigawatts. This corresponds to the output of around 100 nuclear power plants. But that's not all: In just a few years, the annual increase in solar power will exceed the output of all nuclear power plants in the world.

In this year's World Energy Outlook, the International Energy Agency (IEA) confirmed the enormous growth in photovoltaics over the past year. With an expansion of 150 gigawatts, 2021 represents the previous record year. But this title is on shaky ground, because the expansion is constantly increasing. It is very likely that more than 2022 gigawatts of additional PV capacity will be installed in 200. China alone is aiming for an expansion of 100 gigawatts this year ...


USSR | hydrogen bomb

30 October 1961, Tsar Bomb AN602 leads over Novaya Zemlya, USSR

Nuclear Weapons A - Z

Tsar bomb

English: Tsar Bomba or emperor bomb

The detonation of the Tsar Bomb (or Tsar Bomb) on October 30, 1961 is considered the most powerful man-made explosion in history. The hydrogen bomb, officially designated RDS-220, was dropped at 11:32 Moscow time on the island of Novaya Zemlya by a TU-95 aircraft at an altitude of more than 10.000 meters. Western countries gave it its nickname "Tsar Bomb" along with two other Russian objects: the Tsar Bell and the Tsar Cannon, which are also considered to be the largest of their kind.

The explosion took place at an altitude of about 4.000 m. The mushroom cloud that was created in the process reached a height of about 64 km for a short time. The pressure wave generated by the bomb was said to be so strong that it was still measurable on its third orbit around the world. The seismic wave measured 5,0 on the Richter scale. The explosive force of the bomb was approximately 50 megatons (MT) and was thus 3.800 times more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb "Little Boy". It was also about four to five times more powerful than the Castle Bravo bomb, which was the most powerful US nuclear bomb ever tested. The zone of total destruction had a radius of 35 km, the fireball had a radius of 3,5 km ...



29. October


Poland | Westinghouse | Choczewo

Signal to Russia

Poland has the first nuclear power plant built by a US company

The US company Westinghouse is to build Poland's first nuclear power plant not far from the Baltic Sea coast. Together with other plants, it is intended to rid the country of coal - at an enormous price.

... The location for the first power plant is to be Choczewo near the Baltic Sea, reports the Bloomberg news agency. The place is about 75 kilometers northwest of Gdansk. The first reactor is scheduled to be commissioned in 2033.


The deal ensures that Russia cannot use energy as a weapon, Granholm said. The $40 billion project will secure or create 100.000 jobs in the United States.


Brokdorf | nuclear waste | Interim storage

Nuclear waste in Brokdorf: The eternal interim storage facility

The Brokdorf nuclear power plant has not been connected to the power grid for a good ten months. But it will still be a while before the dismantling begins. And the small community in the Steinburg district will also have to deal with the highly radioactive waste.

Karsten Hinrichsen has lived in Brokdorf since 1986, just one and a half kilometers from the nuclear power plant. And he's been fighting it for just as long. His house is directly behind the Elbe dike. When he stands by the garden pond or by the apple tree, he can see the chimney of the power plant. The fuel rods there are no longer in operation - but of course they are still there. They are now to be gradually taken to the interim storage facility, which is right next to the power plant.

A large, gray building, several fences in front of it, surveillance cameras and sensors: well secured, but from the outside you can't guess what's inside. There are currently 35 castor containers in which the highly radioactive waste is stored. By 2025, all 83 castors from the power plant are to be brought there. The federal interim storage facility has an operating license until 2047. A repository could go into operation in 2050 at the earliest ...


Constitutional protection | NSU

ZDF and "Frag den Staat" publish Hessian NSU files

ZDF and the online platform "Ask the State" have published classified files on the right-wing terrorist NSU. It is believed that the public has the right to know exactly what is in the documents of the Hessian security authorities, which were originally intended to remain secret for more than a century.

Further, the Website set up for this purpose states that in order to protect the sources, the files have been completely typed and a new document has been created so as not to leave any digital traces. According to the cover sheet, the published document is a final report on the examination of files in the State Office for the Protection of the Constitution in Hesse in 2012. The report is dated November 20, 2014...



28. October


Finland | Olkiluoto | EPR

Cracks found in all four Olkiluoto 3 feed water pumps

Cracks a few centimeters long were found in all four feed water pumps of the EPR Olkiluoto 3 in Finland. The operator, Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), said it does not yet know what impact this will have on the plant's commissioning schedule.

On October 18, TVO announced that maintenance and inspection work revealed damage to the internals of the feedwater pumps in the power plant's turbine island.

The feedwater pumps are Olkiluoto 3's largest pumps and are used to pump water from the feedwater tank into the steam generators. According to TVO, the cracks found in the pumps have no impact on nuclear safety ...

Translated with (free version)


"... no problem with security" - "... everything under control"!

Has any so-called responsible person ever claimed otherwise?


Ukraine war | Putin | NATO

"The Largest Proxy Army the U.S. Empire Ever Had"

Marcus Kloeckner: For many, the war in Ukraine begins on February 24 this year. But is this really the beginning of the war? 

Mathias Broeckers: The war in Ukraine began eight years ago, after the violent, illegal government overthrow in Kyiv, which large parts of the population in the east and in Crimea did not want to recognize and declared their autonomy. The conflict then escalated into an armed civil war, which has not ended to this day, despite the agreements on a ceasefire and peaceful reunification (Minsk 1 & 2). The TV comedian Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who was elected president in 2019 with the campaign promise to create peace, then made a 180-degree turn and issued a decree in March 2021 for the military recapture of Crimea and the Donbass region. Instead of peace negotiations, the troops were rearmed and trained by NATO instructors, and the leaders of the racist Azov Brigades were decorated by Zelenskyy as »Heroes of Ukraine«...


solar roofs | heat electricity

Instead of a single solar system: New types of solar roof tiles supply electricity and heat

Whether for aesthetic reasons or because of monument protection, in some cases homeowners want an alternative to normal solar systems. The company Paxos Consulting & Engineering GmbH & Co. KG, together with the TH Cologne, has developed an optimized solar roof tile for electricity and heat ...


Media | WDR journalistJurgen Doschner | press freedom

Complaint about »factual ban on work«

WDR journalist apparently works five hours a month – for 100.000 euros a year

The WDR journalist Jürgen Döschner was honored, he is considered an expert on industrial and energy policy. However, it is rarely used. That's why he's complaining now. The transmitter responds clearly.

A journalist from Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR) is suing the broadcaster for damages because it is practically no longer used. As the lawyer for the editor Jürgen Döschner told the "Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger" and the research portal Correctiv, Döschner is suing for "monetary compensation for non-employment".


Laschet and the clearing of the Hambach Forest

The report speculates that Döschner positioned itself too strongly against the coal industry.

In 2019, a contribution by Döschner was deleted from the media library. In a secretly recorded video, the then Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia, Armin Laschet, said about the clearing of the Hambach Forest: "Yes, I also need an excuse, otherwise you can't take action. I wanted to clear the forest, I wanted to clear the forest.« ...



Preemptive obedience, intrigue and the distortion of facts

One scandal chases the next, on the way to self-dwarfing.

Quote: Outrageous: €100.000 a year for less than 5 hours of work and a journalist wants even more money!

Can a person, especially a journalist, so misunderstand the heart of such a story? In the meantime, both the headline and the article have been rewritten.

Some of our media are ruining themselves so effectively that it almost doesn't need any parties to do it. Good people are sidelined by their own bosses and defamed by peers. The press is so free to self-destruct...


Chernobyl | Bayern | mushrooms | radioactive

Mushrooms in Bavaria can still be radioactive

Even 36 years after the Chernobyl reactor catastrophe, the consequences can still be felt – even in Bavaria. Because forest mushrooms in the Free State can still be radioactive.

Even 36 years after the Chernobyl reactor catastrophe, wild mushrooms in Bavaria can still be radioactive. According to the Munich Environmental Institute, high levels of artificial radioactivity are still detectable in some regions. According to the Environmental Institute and the Bund Naturschutz, mushrooms from southern Bavaria are particularly affected. The popular chestnut boletus in particular is problematic. The reason for this is the long-lived cesium in the forest floor...


floating photovoltaic | Wind energy | LEAG

Germany's largest floating PV project reaches important milestone

The city of Cottbus has set itself the goal of developing a CO2-neutral port and city district. On the way there, the municipality has now passed the statute resolution for a 21 MWp floating plant on the Cottbuser Ostsee after prior participation of the public and responsible authorities ...


raw material prices | energy prices

Commodity prices mostly back to pre-war levels

The prices of gas, oil and food determine how many people live in poverty or even go hungry. Therefore, the alarm was great when prices rose sharply after the beginning of the war. The situation has now returned to normal. It does not have to stay that way.

After Russia's invasion of Ukraine, commodity prices suddenly made headlines. In the meantime, however, prices have fallen sharply again. There are several reasons for this, which apply equally to all raw materials:

The strong US dollar makes commodities more expensive in all countries except the USA. As a result, demand falls – and with it the price in dollars.

Due to the rising interest rates, the economic prospects have also clouded over significantly, which in turn reduces demand for raw materials.

And then the "China factor" comes into play. With its hunger for raw materials, the country has caused high prices for a long time. But now the construction industry is ailing and the economy is being repeatedly slowed down by lockdowns with which China is enforcing its zero-corona strategy...


NASAmethane | temperature rise

NASA: Satellite images show disturbing find - it breaks all records

NASA has discovered more than 50 super emitters of methane around the world. An instrument from the ISS made the search possible in the first place.

In recent years, climate change has become an increasingly important issue in society, politics and science. The US space agency NASA is also constantly making new attempts to warn people about the causes and possible consequences of global warming. New satellite imagery from the organization reveals some of the most powerful super-emitters of methane on Earth.

NASA discovers numerous super emitters

According to the current state of science, the methane we emit into the atmosphere is responsible for about 30 percent of the human-caused increase in temperature on our planet. In addition to the huge mass of smaller sources, researchers have now been able to identify more than 50 super emitters. They sometimes appear in the form of plants in Central Asia, the Middle East and the Southwest of the USA ...



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News+ October 28



Climate Protection | CO2 | greenhouse gas emission

Climate protection: It's not enough

UNEP: The climate protection goals cannot be achieved with the measures implemented and planned so far

Too little, too slow: In the run-up to the next world climate summit, a report by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) gave the climate protection efforts of the countries bad marks. The national self-commitments submitted so far will only reduce global emissions by five to ten percent by 2030 – if they are implemented at all. In order to achieve the climate target of the Paris Agreement, however, a reduction of 30 to 45 percent would be necessary.

The target is clear: According to the Paris climate agreement adopted in 2015, global warming should be limited to 1,5 degrees, a maximum of two degrees compared to pre-industrial values. Only then can the negative consequences of climate change, including above all the increasing number of extreme weather events, be kept to a manageable level. To achieve this, humanity has only one thing left limited budget of CO2 emissions. The countries have submitted corresponding plans to reduce their CO2 emissions to the UN Climate Change Secretariat (UNFCC).

But even before the last world climate summit in Glasgow in the year 2021 was on the horizon, that many countries have only submitted insufficient National Commitments (NDCs) - to say nothing of their implementation.

Greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise

Now the UN Environment Program UNEPO has again evaluated the self-commitments submitted and the status of global climate protection efforts - with hardly better results. Because contrary to the climate protection requirements, global greenhouse gas emissions have continued to rise instead of falling. "The Corona dent lasted only briefly, the preliminary data for 2021 show a new record level," reports William Lamb from the Berlin climate research institute MCC, one of the lead authors of the UN report ...



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

Greenhouse gas emissions must be drastically reduced...


The internal search for

greenhouse gas emission

brought the following results, among others:


July 17, 2022 - Traffic light coalition and climate: Government in the climate crisis


December 01, 2021 - How many of our greenhouse gas emissions are we attributing to China?


April 13, 2021 - Gas power plant: Is electricity from natural gas sustainable?




Keyword search: greenhouse gas and emission doku und Emission doku



Federal Environment Agency - 4:10

UBA explanatory film: Greenhouse gases and the greenhouse effect


climate:neutral - 8:09

Carbon dioxide: What are the biggest climate killers?


ZDF - 43:35

Germany in climate change / With Harald Lesch


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: greenhouse gas emission Emission


Federal Environment Agency

Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany

Greenhouse gas emissions in Germany increased by 2021 percent in 4,5 compared to the previous year. This corresponds to a reduction of 38,7 percent compared to the international reference year 1990.

emission development

Greenhouse gas emissions have been significantly reduced in Germany since 1990. The total emissions converted into ⁠carbon dioxide equivalents⁠ (excluding carbon dioxide emissions from ⁠land use⁠, ⁠land use change⁠ and forestry) fell by around 2021 million tonnes (million t) or 480% by 38,7. Total emissions of 2021 million t were reported for 762. The emissions thus increase significantly compared to the year 2020, which was characterized by special effects, but are significantly below the emission level of 2019.

The clearest increases were in the energy industry. Emissions from hard coal and lignite power generation rose particularly significantly due to the increased use of coal. In contrast, the use of lower-emission natural gas decreased in the second half of the year due to the significant increase in gas prices. The main reasons for the increased use of fossil fuels for power generation is the significantly reduced power generation from renewable energies compared to the previous year, in particular the lower wind power generation, and an increased ⁠gross power consumption ...



greenhouse Gas

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are trace gases that contribute to a planet's greenhouse effect. They absorb part of the long-wave heat radiation (infrared or thermal radiation) emitted by the planet's surface, which would otherwise be emitted directly into space. They emit the energy they absorb according to their local temperature. The part of this radiation that is directed towards the planet's surface is called atmospheric counterradiation. This heats the surface in addition to the short to long-wave direct sunlight. On Earth, this effect takes place in the troposphere. The greenhouse gases involved can be of natural origin as well as caused by human activities (anthropogenic) ...


Kyoto Protocol Greenhouse Gases

In the Kyoto Protocol, an internationally binding agreement to reduce the anthropogenic emissions of important greenhouse gases (the direct greenhouse gases) was adopted. The gases regulated in the Kyoto Protocol are: carbon dioxide (CO2, serves as a reference value), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (laughing gas, N2O), hydrofluorocarbons (HFC/HFC), perfluorocarbons (PFC/PFC), sulfur hexafluoride ( SF6). Nitrogen trifluoride (NF2012) has also been regulated as an additional greenhouse gas since 3. In addition, there are fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases), since these have a high greenhouse potential due to their long residence time in the atmosphere. Other greenhouse gases, the indirect greenhouse gases, such as Carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) or non-methane volatile hydrocarbons (so-called NMVOC) are regulated in the Montreal Protocol because they contribute to the destruction of the ozone layer ...



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