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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains a list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this list will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt for this month:

04 June 2008 (INES 0) NPP Krsko, Ljubljana, SVN

08 June 1970 (INES 4 | NAMS 3,6) nuclear factory LLNL, CA, USA

June 09, 1985 (INES 4) NPP Davis Besse NPP, Oak Harbor, OH, USA

10 June 2009 (INES 2) Cadaraches, FRA

10 June 1977 (INES Class.?!) NPP Millstone NPP, Waterford, CT, USA

13 June 1984 (INES Class.?!) NPP Fort St Vrain NPP, CO, USA

14 June 1985 (INES Class.?!) Constituentes, Buenos Aires, ARG

16 June 2005 (INES Class.?!) NPP Braidwood NPP, IL, USA

17 June 1997 (INES Class.?!) Arzamas-16, Sarov, RUS

18 June 1999 (INES 2) NPP Shika, JPN

18 June 1988 (INES Class.?!) NPP Tihange-1 NPP, BEL

18 June 1982 (INES Class.?!) NPP Oconee NPP, SC, USA

19 June 1961 (INES 3 | NAMS 4) Sellafield, GBR

21 June 2013 (INES Class.?!) NPP Kuosheng NPP, Wanli, TWN

23 June 2012 (INES 1) NPP Rajasthan NPP, IND

28 June 1992 - (INES 2) NPP Barsebäck-2 NPP, SWE

29 June 2005 (INES Class.?!) NPP Forsmark NPP, SWE

30 June 1983 - (INES Class.?!) NPP Embalse, ARG


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17. June


Japan | Judgment | Fukushima | compensation

Fukushima: No compensation from the Japanese state

Japan's highest court has ruled that the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster cannot hold the state responsible. Legal recourse has been exhausted, and the disappointment of those affected is great.


Putin | Economy | Colonial

Economic Forum in St. Petersburg

Putin is massively attacking the West

The economic sanctions would primarily affect those who imposed them, Russia's president claimed in his speech in St. Petersburg. The West is still behaving like a colonial power.


Solar | Plastic | mobile

OPES Solutions develops solar modules from sea plastic for integration into vehicles

Opes Solutions integrates light solar modules without glass, but with recycled plastic from the sea into vehicles. The panels replace the shell of the car or trailer. The Berlin company has also optimized the layout of the modules for this purpose.


Denmark | energy transition | CO2 | CCS

Danish energy company uses government funding to enter controversial CCS

Ørsted wants to store 2025 tons of carbon in the seabed every year by 400.000 and thus improve the climate balance of two biomass cogeneration plants.


Europe | energy transition | Solar | wind

Europe needs its own solar factories

The European Union must ensure that its renewables manufacturers can play a central role worldwide in the future. Only start-up subsidies are necessary for this, because renewable energies are unbeatably cheap today.


Russia | war of aggression

Putin surprisingly reveals Russia's long-term plan

For weeks, the war of aggression against Ukraine in Russia was just a military operation. But now Vladimir Putin's rhetoric is changing.


Russia | Atomic research | Nuclear weapons

June 17, 1997 - (INES - Class!) - Arzamas-16, Sarov, RUS

A technician died in a criticality failure at the Arzamas-16 nuclear research center.

Nuclear Power Accidents


Atomwaffen A-Z

Arzamas-16, Sarov. Russian Federal Nuclear Center (VNIIEF) Institute of Nuclear Engineering ... 

When Joseph Stalin was informed by President Truman about the first American nuclear weapons tests in the early summer of 1945, he refrained from any outward reaction. He hoped the Americans would understand how to "make good use" of the weapon - he is said to have said no more. Behind the scenes, however, the research collective under the nuclear physicist Igor Korchatov received orders to "accelerate as much as possible" their own nuclear weapons program. The project in Arzamas-16, the birthplace of the Soviet atomic bomb south of Nizhny Novgorod, was pushed ahead with a gigantic investment in personnel and material. On September 29, 1949, the TASS news agency reported that a nuclear explosive device had been successfully tested...



16. June


RuntimeSecurity | arming

Politicians use the Russian war of aggression to protect nuclear energy

let go

Since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression, numerous German politicians have been calling for the lifespan of the last German nuclear power plants to be extended. There are numerous reasons against it, not least security concerns. But even nuclear armament is now being discussed.


Gas Oil Embargo | energy security | consequence

Berlin's future after the gas embargo

Opinions differ as to what a renunciation of Russian raw materials would mean for the German capital and Brandenburg


Decarbonization | Nuclear lobby | Profit

Peaceful nuclear powered cars

There has been enough potential to get away from oil and gas in recent years. Now nuclear power is supposed to put things right again – a fatal mistake


profit lobby | fossil | Mafia

Marco Bülow: "Profit lobbies and coal mafia have prevailed in the SPD"

Marco Bülow says: Large parts of the population no longer have any influence on politics. Profit lobbies and fossil mafias dominate politics. What limits can be set to power? (Part 2)


Akw Braidwood, IL, USA

16 June 2005 - (INES - Class!) - Braidwood NPP, IL, USA

In 2016, the two reactors in Illinois received approval to extend their operating life to 60 years ...


From 1996 to 2006, millions of liters of tritium-contaminated water were released from the nuclear plant, contaminating the local water supply.

Nuclear Power Accidents


Research platform on atomic energy

Braidwood (USA)

The Braidwood site is located in Will County, northwest Illinois, just 60 miles southwest of Chicago. Two pressurized water reactors with a capacity of 1.270/1.230 MW are operated in Braidwood, which went into operation in 1987 and 1988. The plant is owned by Exelon Corporation, operated by Exelon Generation Co., manufactured by Westinghouse.

In 2006, Excelon was charged with dumping millions of gallons of tritum-contaminated wastewater into groundwater from spring 1996 to March 2006, a charge the operator did not report until December 2005.

For example, on June 16, 2005, tritium leaked from the nuclear power plant and contaminated the local water supply; the damage caused a cost of US$48 million.

In June 2011, US media reported that tritium leaks had been detected at 48 out of 65 nuclear power plant sites in the US. According to a July 2014 list, Braidwood was also affected.

In 2011, it was discovered that workers at the Braidwood and Byron nuclear power plants had been deliberately diverting water from mains to a vital safety system since 1993...



15. June


Taxonomy | Eu Parliament

Taxonomy rejection:

A rare victory for common sense in climate policy

Climate Signs and miracles are still happening: The environmental and economic committees of the EU Parliament are speaking out against the taxonomy of declaring investments in gas and nuclear power plants as climate-friendly


Switzerland | Economy | dependent | fossil | Energy

Energy prices:

The focus of politics is still going in the wrong direction - a liberation move away from fossil energies towards domestic peace energy would be necessary

(AN) Like sleepwalkers, we in Switzerland are tackling an almost unimaginable energy shortage. For far too long, society, politics, trade and industry have relied on the apparently always cheap and available hunting grounds of fossil fuels. Now we are feverishly looking for new suppliers, while the sun keeps shining and the wind keeps blowing, without their energy driving our economy and making us more independent and thus Switzerland safer.


Municipalities | participate | renewable energies

expansion of wind energy

Cities bring a share in the yield of wind turbines into play

Berlin The German Association of Cities supports plans for the faster expansion of renewable energies. Managing Director Dedy not only makes suggestions for implementation, but also for community incentives.



14. June


Algae | clean | sewage

Great idea! What became of it?

Algae clean radiant waste water

After the Fukushima Daiichi reactor accident, the Japanese government asked researchers to come up with new ideas for cleaning contaminated water. A strain of algae in particular proved to be very useful – but what became of the idea?


Solar | mobile | habitable | renewable

Solar-powered mini house: Attention to climate protection

Around the world: The solar-powered tiny house "Solar Butterfly" is on tour to draw attention to climate change and the necessary countermeasures.


Thuringia | renewable

Renewable Energy

Wind power dispute in Thuringia: Environment Minister gives in at minimum distance

In the dispute over wind turbines, Thuringia's Green Environment Minister Anja Siegesmund has proposed a compromise. Accordingly, a minimum distance of 1.000 meters could be stipulated almost everywhere - albeit with exceptions. And the general ban on wind power in the forest should be lifted.


Gorleben | End Repository

By order of the Federal Environment Ministry

Gorleben: pit is closed and backfilled

On Tuesday, the Federal Ministry for the Environment issued the order for the closure and backfilling of the Gorleben mine in Lower Saxony. The salt mine was explored for decades as a repository for nuclear waste. The order marks a closing point in a decades-long debate.


Taxonomy | EU Commission

Defeat for the EU Commission

Will gas and nuclear power not become "green energies" after all? Important committees in the EU Parliament reject taxonomy

With a legal act, the EU Commission wants to classify investments in gas and nuclear power as climate-friendly. The Environment Committee of the European Parliament rejected the proposal. Nothing has been decided, but the vote is an important pointer to the parliamentary vote in early July.


wind | myths | climate crisis

Wind Power Myth Makers:

This is how sentiment against renewables is created

Wind turbines take up relatively little space and do not pose a threat to bird species. But the wind power myth-mongers are fueling fears while the government is reluctant to release the brakes on the energy transition. Interview with Rainer Doemen (part 1)


Psycho | Conversation | Climate Protection | climate crisis

SUV fans and frequent flyers: This is how you talk to people who don't care about the climate crisis

“You can’t talk to him about climate protection anyway!” – have you ever thought that about someone you know? Our author asked a climate psychologist why and how one should try anyway.


June 14, 1985 - (INES - Class!) - Constituentes, Buenos Aires, ARG

Excessive local power in the reactor core led to the failure of 46 fuel rods, radioactive material from these fuel rods was released into the reactor cooling system.

Nuclear Power Accidents


Spiegel 17/1987

»A cold shiver runs down my spine«

SPIEGEL report on hidden nuclear power plant incidents around the world
Humanity has slipped past the catastrophe several times by a hair's breadth. This is revealed by 48 accident reports that were kept secret by the Vienna International Atomic Energy Agency: breakdowns, often of the most bizarre, profane kind from the United States and Argentina to Bulgaria and Pakistan ...



13. June


Competition | Profit | Globalisation | market economy

Reform of competition law:

"The state has rendered itself powerless"

Sven Giegold once fought against the globalization of corporations, now as Secretary of State for Economic Affairs he fights for globalization in antitrust law.


Fukushima | danger zone

Eleven years after Fukushima residents are allowed to return to the former danger zone

After the reactor catastrophe in Fukushima, more than 300 square kilometers were closed for years. Former residents have been allowed to return to some areas since the weekend - but only a few do.


Sipri | Nuclear weapons | Nuclear lobby | MIC

Sipri annual report

Nuclear powers modernize their arsenals

In 2021, the number of nuclear weapons worldwide has fallen. No reason to give the all-clear, according to the annual report of the peace research institute Sipri. The warheads are being modernized and the total number will soon increase again.


June 13, 1984 - (INES Class.?) - Fort St Vrain NPP, CO, USA

Fort St Vrain (USA)

The Fort St. Vrain site is located near Platteville north of Denver in the state of Colorado. The company Public Service Co. of Colorado operated there from 1974 to 1989 a high-temperature reactor with an output of 342 MW, the manufacturer of which was Gulf General Atomic (GGA). The unit used a uranium-thorium fuel cycle and graphite as a moderator.

For example, on June 13, 1984 B. triggered an emergency shutdown due to defects in fuel elements; there was damage of 26 million US dollars.
On September 6, 1984, snow and storms caused the emergency power supply to fail.
On October 3, 1987, leaking oil caused a fire in the turbine room and extensive damage...



12. June


Nuclear lobby | nuclear power

Tough debate: Huber wants lifetime extension for nuclear power plants

"We are heading towards an absolute energy gap," says CSU General Secretary Martin Huber. He therefore calls for the three nuclear power plants in Germany that are still running to be left connected to the grid. But there was also a lot of opposition at the BR "Sunday regulars' table".


Armament | nuclear bomber

F-35 stealth jets come to Büchel, Tornados to Nörvenich

Büchel/Nörvenich Up to 35 modern combat aircraft are to be stationed near the Moselle. According to unconfirmed information, this is where the last US atomic bombs are in Germany. What does that mean for the base in Nörvenich?


windvane | Nuclear lobby | nuclear power

Controversial debate continues

Union is pushing for a lifetime extension

Should Germany extend the lifespans of the three remaining nuclear power plants? The Union continues to heat up the debate and welcomes a statement by Finance Minister Lindner. However, continued operation would not be so easy.



Yes, hooray, it's back, the summer slump...



11. June


China | Solar

Renewable energies in China:

Solar expansion is doubled

As early as 2021, China built almost as many new solar systems as there are in Germany in total. In 2022, this is to be doubled again.


JapanRuntimePower Supply

Fight against electricity shortages

Japan plans to bring aging nuclear reactor back online earlier than planned

The aging nuclear reactor in Japan's Fukui Prefecture is scheduled to restart in August, two months ahead of schedule. The reactor is intended to help defuse the country's strained electricity supply.


Baden-WürttembergSolar | ground-mounted PV systems

ground-mounted photovoltaics

Baden-Württemberg: Larger solar systems are permitted in open spaces

On May 31, 2022, the Council of Ministers in Baden-Württemberg decided to expand the areas for ground-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems. The previous limit will be raised from 100 to 500 MW.



10. June


Off topic? Rather not!

DNAMutationsLow radiation

Mutations torpedo doctrine

Point mutations that do not change the amino acid sequence are also mostly harmful

Significant misconception: Until now, mutations were only considered harmful if they changed the DNA code of a protein. But that's a mistake, as a study with yeasts now reveals. In her, point mutations reduced the fitness of the cells even when replacing a DNA base led to exactly the same protein. These synonymous point mutations turned out to be just as harmful as non-synonymous, protein blueprint-altering mutations, the team reports in Nature.



It used to be said that low-level radioactive radiation could possibly damage DNA, and now we know: 
Low-level radioactive radiation damages DNA.


Lindner | debate | nuclear power

Lindner's Ghost Debate

The Treasury Secretary seems to have a penchant for riding dead horses and fanciful energy policy proposals. A gloss


Natural CompressedAlgeriaSpain

Is Algeria turning off the gas tap for Spain?

Breaking off of trade relations: Because of the Spanish shift in Western Sahara policy, Algeria has indicated that gas supplies will soon be affected


10 June 2009 - (INES 2) - Cadaraches, FRA

Dismantling of the production plant for MOX fuel elements

In June 2009, at the French nuclear facility Cadarache, dismantling works were carried out 39 kilograms of plutonium discovered.
The nuclear safety authority ASN stopped the work on October 15, 2009 and assigned the incident to INES Category 2. She also accused the operator of not reporting the event in time …


June 10, 1977 - (INES - Class!) NPP Millstone NPP, Waterford, CT, USA

A hydrogen gas explosion on June 10, 1977 damaged three buildings and forced the shutdown of the Millstone-1 reactor.


Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

Millstone is the only nuclear power plant in the US state of Connecticut. It is located on a former quarry, for which it is also named, on the Niantic Bay of Long Island Sound in the metropolitan area of ​​Waterford. It consists of three reactors, one decommissioned boiling water reactor and two active pressurized water reactor units...

About the hydrogen explosion in June 1977 can be found in the Wikipedia article Millstone Nuclear Power Plant not a word, neither in the German nor in the English version. 

What's the matter with her Wikipedia?



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News+ June 10



atomic bombActivistchange of mind

Majority for nuclear weapons? – Now the peace movement speaks

Survey shows change in opinion on US nuclear bombs in Germany. Activists give different answers. But one thought unites them

As a result of Russia's war against Ukraine, there is for the first time a narrow majority nationwide for US nuclear weapons to remain in Germany. Overall, as Telepolis reported, 52 percent of those questioned in the Infratest-dimap survey commissioned by the ARD political magazine Panorama (NDR) were in favor of the continued stationing of US nuclear weapons in Germany - 40 percent in favor of leaving them unchanged and twelve Percent for an increase and modernization. 39 percent voted for a deduction. Nine percent answered "don't know / no answer".

In a 2019 YouGov poll, 59 percent were in favor of removing these weapons and only 18 percent were clearly against.

On behalf of "Panorama", the opinion research institute surveyed a total of 30 randomly selected, eligible voters aged 1 and over in Germany from May 1.337 to June 18 of this year.

Telepolis asked representatives of relevant peace movement organizations how they interpret the survey results and how they intend to react to them. Here are their answers...



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

Nine states threaten the world with their nuclear weapons ...


The internal search:

peace movement

brought the following results, among others:


Aril 22, 2022 - Where is the money going?


April 20, 2022 - This is how the peace movement got into a NATO impasse


April 2, 2021 - On the street despite Corona



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


The search on YouTube: Peace Movement 2022


Arte - 00:03:15 - Vox Pop

Prologue: Civil Disobedience


ARD - 00:06:13 - MONITOR

Ukraine war: pacifism at an end?


Terra X - 00:09:21

A Brief History of Peace


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




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Keyword search: Peace Movement 2022 2022





DFG VK German Peace Society - United War Service Opponents eV


Wars & Conflicts

Statement of the Movement of Conscientious Objectors (Russia) for the International Day of Conscientious Objectors of 15 May 2022

Dear Conscientious Objectors, Today we mark our Conscientious Objectors' Day while war is being fought.

With the beginning of the war with Ukraine, the idea of ​​conscientious objection in Russia has become particularly topical. Before the war, most conscripts and their families did not associate conscript service with actual warfare. The conscription appeared as a kind of sports camp with elements of military training.

Regardless of their political affiliation, the healthy feeling of fear of participating in a war on the territory of a foreign country compels people to apply for alternative civilian service and to otherwise protect their right not to serve in the army .

For some conscientious objectors, the ability to state in their application that they oppose Russia's war in Ukraine is important. This is a legal form of expressing dissent directly to representatives of state authorities - a matter of moral importance.

In the months of the war so far, we have observed a completely new phenomenon: cases in which professional soldiers refuse to take part in the special operation* and demand the termination of their contracts. We would like to express our special thanks to those soldiers and police officers who had the courage to refuse to kill and die in a foreign country, who refused to take part in the special operation.

Today, when many people fear the introduction of partial or full mobilization in Russia, the right to conscientious objection offers them support. The movement of conscientious objectors in Russia expresses its solidarity with all those opposed to the war, with all those who oppose the act of aggression. We wish and pray with all our might that Ukraine survives the attack and preserves its independence.





Conscientious objection

Conscientious objection is a person's decision not to take part in acts of war. In states with statutory military service, it is also practiced as conscientious objection, because military service trains people to do military service. If alternative services are also refused, this is referred to as total refusal.

In democratic constitutional states, conscientious objection is a legally protected civil right. However, its exercise is usually linked to certain procedures and conditions, the disregard of which has criminal consequences. Conscientious objection is often illegal and treated as a criminal offense in dictatorships, states of emergency (martial law) and for soldiers in a professional army. If legally inadmissible conscientious objection is combined with political goals, it is considered a form of civil disobedience.

Where people are forced into military service against their will, conscientious objection is only possible as desertion. This was the historical norm for a long time. Only as a result of the European Enlightenment was individual non-participation in war and military service gradually regarded as a civil right. Movements were organized in nation states of the 19th century that demanded this right along with other civil rights. After the First World War in 1918, some states introduced such a right for the first time. Since 1945 it has been legally recognized and protected in more and more countries. In 1987 the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) recognized the right to conscientious objection as a general human right. Since then, the UN Human Rights Commission has been fighting for its verifiable application and legal validity, which is not guaranteed in many UN member states ...


resistance (politics)

Resistance is the refusal to obey or active opposition to the authorities or the government.

It is initially of secondary importance whether the rulers against whom resistance is being exercised exercise their rule legally, legitimately or illegally. Evaluations such as "justified resistance", goals and means of resistance, moral and legal concerns require an observer's point of view: it depends on who, where and at what time the evaluation is made. The resister will always evaluate the resistance differently than the one against whom the resistance is directed. The latter, however, is usually the "authority" who at the same time has the power to define law and order. Accordingly, resistance is outside the set order.

background and demarcation

Resistance as a form of social and political debate has been anchored in European political culture since ancient times. In almost all forms of society there was or is a consensus that resistance can be necessary and legitimate in certain cases. In specific cases, opinions sometimes differ.

Resistance must be distinguished from revolution because it is not fundamentally aimed at reforming the social order. In certain circumstances, the restoration of an old law or a legal system that has been repealed can be the central concern. Nevertheless, a movement that started as a resistance can lead to a revolution...



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