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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains an almost complete list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this PDF will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt from the PDF file for this month:


01 May 1968 - (INES 4) - nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

01 May 1962 - (nuclear test) - beryl - Nuclear test site In Ekker, DZA

02 May 1967 - (INES 4) - Chapelcross, GBR

04 May 1986 - (INES 0) - THTR 300 NPP, GER

07 May 2007 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Philipsburg NPP, GER

07 May 1966 - (INES 3-4) - Melekess, USSR

11. to 13. May 1998 - 5 atomic bomb tests - Pokhran NPP, IND

11 May 1969 - (INES 5 | NAMS 2,3) - Rocky Flats, USA

12 May 1988 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Akw Civaux, FRA

13 May 1978 - (INES - Class!) - AVR Julich, GER

18 May 1974 - 1. Atomic Bomb Test - Pokhran NPP, IND

22 May 1981 - (INES 1-3) - La Hague, FRA

21 May 1945 and 21 May 1946 - (INES 4) - Los Alamos, USA

May 22, 1968 - USS Scorpion - sank 640 km southwest of the Azores

24 May 1958 - (INES - Class!) - NRU Chalk River, CAN

25 May 2009 - 2. Atomic Bomb Test - Punggye-ri, PRK

May 26, 1971 - (INES - Class!) - Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, USSR

May 27, 1956 - atomic bomb tests - Eniwetok Atoll and Bikini Atoll

28. to 30. May 1998 - 6 atomic bomb tests - Ras Koh, PAK


We are looking for up-to-date information, if you can help please send a message to:



12. May


RWE | renewable

RWE earns more thanks to renewable energy

The energy group RWE started the current year with a surge in profits. Mainly thanks to the expansion of capacities in the renewable energies business and the more favorable weather, the Dax group earned significantly more both operationally and on the bottom line.


South Korea 

Nuclear power: South Korea says goodbye to nuclear phase-out

In the fight against climate change and for more energy security, the new South Korean government wants to rely on nuclear power, unlike its predecessor.


energy transition | Citizen Energywind | Solar | renewable

The pioneers of the energy transition

For the energy transition, Germany must quickly expand solar and wind energy. The most successful assistants could be those that have been slowed down for a long time: citizens' initiatives.


Russia | Natural gas | gas transitUkraine

Made blackmailable

Gas transit via Ukraine to the EU

It amazed many in the West in the first weeks of the Russo-Ukrainian war that Russian gas transit through Ukraine continued unabated despite all the bombs. But it wasn't that surprising: Ukraine was only a transit country, which derived a claim to transit fees from its geographical location. The goods came from Russia, payment was expected from Western Europe.


weapons shipments | War

Inside the War Machine: Nuclear Escalation?

Opinion The logic of escalation that the West has accepted is becoming more and more of a problem. How heavy should the weapons we supply be?


12 May 1988 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Civaux NPP, FRA 

The Civaux-1 pressurized water reactor was shut down for five days when, during start-up tests, a 25 cm diameter pipe of the main residual heat removal system ruptured and a large leak (30.000 liters per hour) occurred in the primary cooling circuit. The reactor core must be continuously cooled, even when shut down, to dissipate the significant amount of residual heat from the fuel. It took nine hours to isolate the leak and achieve a stable situation. An 18 cm long crack was found at a weld and 300 m3 of primary coolant had leaked into the reactor building. Prior to the incident, the reactor block had only been in operation for six months at a maximum of 50% capacity. The operator EDF suggested classifying the event as level 1 on the INES scale, but the safety authorities opted for level 2.



11. May


Putin warUnited States | weapons shipments | Natural gas

Putin's war gives the US advantages over Europe

In particular, the direct and indirect consequences of the sanctions give the USA considerable competitive advantages worldwide.


Russia | gas transitUkraine

"Stolen Gas" Causes Transit Disruption - Dtek

(Montel) Ukraine has halted gas flows in Sokhranovka amid allegations that pro-Russian separatists in the Russian-held territories stole gas for their own use, a source at Ukraine's Dtek said on Wednesday.


climate crisis | Protest

How is the protest going, Susanne Egli?

With visually powerful mass actions, Extinction Rebellion tries to evoke emotions and open people's eyes about the climate crisis.


ecology | class struggle

"Ecology without class struggle is just gardening"

Can the fight for the environment bring together the current social and economic conflicts?


11. to 13. May 1998 - 5 atomic bomb tests - Pokhran, IND


Pokhran, Rajasthan nuclear test site.

Although the nuclear tests in May 1998 were always justified with reference to the Chinese threat, India's primary aim with the tests is probably to upgrade its international status and try to underpin its equal status with China ...

Pokhran-II Test series Operation Shakti 

The Pokhran II tests were a series of five nuclear tests conducted by India in May 1998 at the Indian Army's Pokhran Test Site. It was the second nuclear test conducted by India; the first test, codenamed Smiling Buddha, was conducted in May 1974.


Pokhran-II consisted of five detonations, the first of which was a fusion bomb, while the remaining four were fission bombs. Testing began on May 11, 1998, under the assigned codename Operation Shakti, with the detonation of one fusion and two fission bombs. On May 13, 1998, two more fission bombs were detonated...

Translated with


11 May 1969 - (INES 5 | NAMS 2,3) - Rocky Flats, United States


Rocky Flats - Plutonium factory near Denver

Rocky Flats was a nuclear facility of the US nuclear weapons program in the state of Colorado about 30 kilometers from Denver. Components for nuclear weapons were manufactured here, especially plutonium triggers for detonating the much more powerful hydrogen bombs, which were delivered to the Pantex Plant for final assembly. Approximately 1953 of these Pu cores were made between 1989 and 70.000, leaving the environment with radioactive dust containing plutonium. The plant was operated by Dow Chemical from 1953 to 1975 and managed by Rockwell International from 1975 until it closed in 1989.


On May 11, 1969, the fire also started in a glove box, which spread from building 776 to neighboring building 777 along the boxes connected with a conveyor belt. In contrast to the 1957 fire, the air filter banks were no longer cellulose-based and therefore flammable, but made of fiberglass and largely withstood the fire. Therefore, the plutonium emission estimate was significantly lower: 0,14 g to 0,9 g (median 0,3 g)...



10. May


climate change | Temperature

New WMO climate report

Unstoppable on the way to 1,5 degrees

There are increasing signs that climate change is accelerating: The World Meteorological Organization warns today that the threshold for global warming of 1,5 degrees Celsius could be exceeded within the next five years.


Russia | Ukraine war | weapons shipments

Where is the loud no to armament?

The first, albeit most difficult, way to resolve the conflict is still: Lay down your arms!


Hydropower | Pisces 

German environmental aid calls for accessibility for fish too:

Small hydropower plants should no longer be subsidised

• Regulations on small hydropower in the Renewable Energy Sources Act must be tightened up
• Small plants cause more harm than good
• No subsidies for hydroelectric power plants up to 1.000 kilowatts; Investments must not be in the "overriding public interest".


Solar | pump storage | storage

sun raises water:

Europe's largest solar pumped storage power plant goes online

The Alqueva reservoir with the attached pumped storage power plant has one more green attraction. 12.000 floating solar panels will generate electricity from the sun and help raise the water.


Solar | Agriculture 

EEG 2023: Agri-PV systems on grassland after all?

The generation of solar power on grassland remains controversial. The Agriculture Committee of the Federal Council now wants to take photovoltaic systems on grassland into account and include some of them in the funding of the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG).



09. May


Russia | Ukraine war | United States

Is an escalation in Ukraine part of US strategy?

Russia/USA The USA is supporting Ukraine with a huge Lend-Lease program. A lend-lease program also preceded the USA's entry into the war in 1941. Is history repeating itself?


Media | Search

Criticism of German media: They avoid backgrounds

Current study examines reporting on the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Mali. The media is limited to agency reports and state propaganda. There is hardly any background research.


Solar | Citizen Energy

Citizen solar park Bundorf in Bavaria

Articles of incorporation for 125 MW project by Max Solar

Traunstein - The Bavarian solar company Max Solar GmbH is planning what is currently the largest citizen solar project in Germany in Bundorf in the district of Hassberge in Lower Franconia.


greenhouse Gas | methane | Farmer | Cattle breeding | Natural gas

Steep rise in greenhouse gases

Methane will rise faster than ever in 2021 - why is the concentration of the gas so high?

Methane is the second most important greenhouse gas in human-caused climate change. The US Atmospheric Administration's report on methane concentrations is all the more disturbing. In 2021, it rose more than at any time since records began. The climate impact of each individual molecule is around 30 times greater than that of CO2.


climate change | OceanTemperature | Weather

Oceans are losing their memory

Climate change reduces the stability and self-similarity of sea temperatures

Uncertain future: Due to climate change, the world's oceans are in danger of losing their memory - the inertia and self-similarity that has so far characterized the reaction of the oceans to climate influences. As a result, sea temperatures could fluctuate more and more unpredictably in the coming decades, as researchers predict in the journal Science Advances. This could become a problem for weather forecasts, climate forecasts and the marine ecosystem.



08. May


Climate killer | methaneNatural gas | fossil

Climate killer methane from gas infrastructure:

Help, one, two, many leaks!

The gas industry is climate-friendly. However, a survey shows that there are completely unnecessary emissions of greenhouse gases in their supply chain.


energy transition | Climate Protection | Nature

Of trees, porpoises and red kites

Safe roads, energy transition and climate protection would be so easy if nature didn't always torpedo people's efforts. A bill due.


Russia | Ukraine war | Hunger

war and famine

The bombs fall, prices rise

Russia bombards granaries, fields and ports. A global hunger catastrophe is thus further aggravated - and agricultural corporations earn a lot. It has long been clear what needs to be done differently.


Russia | Ukraine war

Thinking of the Ukraine war from the end

The slogan "Whoever gives in to a blackmailer encourages him" is widespread. What are the implications?


ground-mounted PV systems | Solar | renewable | energy transition

Are ground-mounted photovoltaic systems worthwhile for farmers?

The desire for independence from Russia's oil and gas is giving a boost to the expansion of renewable energies. But some, like the ground-mounted systems, are controversial. Are they worthwhile for farmers? We asked two experts from BBV LandSiedlung: managing director Andreas Huber and consultant Christian Willms.


United States | Iran

Four years after leaving

US return to nuclear talks on the brink

In view of the faltering talks about reviving the nuclear agreement, the European negotiator in Iran wants to try to get closer. In the US, meanwhile, hopes are fading.



07. May


Ukraine war

"Zelenskyj is just as responsible for the war. He wanted war!"

Lula's May in Brazil: Pinpricks against Biden, the American war in Ukraine, and the overly simplistic narrative


Ukraine war | weapons shipments

Creating peace – but how?

77 years of peace - what a gift!


Power failure | Emergency power supply | blackout

Comprehensive power failure and municipal emergency power supply

Blackout prevention: municipal concepts are coming into focus again. Private consumers must take precautions themselves


wind | renewable

Wind energy: more speed required

If the energy and climate goals are to be achieved, the construction of wind turbines must be accelerated considerably


energy transition | fossil | renewable

Green energies:

This is how Germany can achieve the energy transition

The Ukraine war, the climate crisis and rising energy prices show that Germany must become independent of fossil fuels. Professor Quaschning explains how this can work.

The video on the topic - ZDF plan b: Without oil and gas


07 May 2007 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Philipsburg NPP

On May 7, 2007, the containment was not properly closed after an overhaul "because the limit switch was not switched exactly". A valve was open on both sides of the security lock (INES level 1).

Wikipedia Philipsburg NPP

Reportable event 07/2001: Levels in the flood tanks too low

As part of an inspection, it was found that for years after inspections and other shutdowns, the reactor had been run at subcritical temperatures without all the flood tanks of the emergency and residual heat removal system having the necessary filling level, so that emergency cooling in accordance with the operating manual was not provided during startup in the subcritical state was. This represents a gross violation of the safety regulations, which was already the norm during the revisions of previous years and also practice in other plants. As a result of the investigations, the operating manual had to be made more precise. As with the June 2001 event, this event was also reported by the operator with level N (normal report). This reporting as a level N event was irregular. Level S (immediate notification) would have been correct. An INES officer rated the event as Level 2 ...


07 May 1966 - (INES 3-4) - Melekess - RIAR Research Institute

Wikipedia LAUGH and for VK-50

Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (RIAR) The institute owns eight nuclear reactors. All reactors are experimental research reactors. The institute has mainly been dealing with the problem of nuclear energy since the 1950s.

The worst incident to date occurred in the VK-50. On May 7, 1966, a power excursion by fast neutrons occurred. The shift supervisor got a high dose of radioactivity...



06. May


heat wave | climate change

Heat wave in India and Pakistan as (further) climate warning

India and Pakistan are currently suffering from extreme heat. In this update you will learn how heat waves are linked to climate change and why some heat waves are even overlooked.


RussiaUranium | Rosatom

dependence on Russia

Why is nobody talking about uranium for nuclear power plants?

The EU member states should get rid of coal, oil and ideally also gas from Russia. One topic remains conspicuously under the radar: uranium for nuclear power plants.


climate change | gulf stream

How climate change is changing the Gulf Stream

does it flow Doesn't it flow? The Gulf Stream is moving slower than it has in a thousand years. Researchers are looking for causes.


Hamburg | Policetruncheon | Justice

Court verdict against Hamburg police:

Legal, illegal, don't give a fuck

Five years after the G20 summit in Hamburg, a court has now declared police action to be illegal. However, this has no consequences.



05. May


Czech Republic | Energy cooperationOlive oil | fossil

Energy security in Europe

Germany and the Czech Republic are planning energy cooperation

Germany and the Czech Republic are planning a joint energy project with regard to energy security in Europe. Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the Czech Prime Minister announced on Thursday that they intend to supply the Czech infrastructure with oil from a pipeline that will land in Bavaria. The Czech Republic recently criticized an oil embargo against Russia out of concern about a shortage of supplies.



What does energy cooperation mean? Oil for agreeing to the Russia oil embargo and a little bit of nuclear power here and there?


France | nuclear industry | EDFreactor breakdown | Electricity price

Bleak future of nuclear energy

"Nuclear power is a dying species"

French President Emmanuel Macron promises his nation a "Renaissance of Nuclear Power". For a secure energy supply, the re-elected head of state is pushing for at least six European pressurized water reactors of the new generation by 2050. But the technology so far only exists on paper. Just like the latest nuclear power revolution, the so-called SMR technology for mini reactors. "What will a prototype bring me in 2030?" asks Mycle Schneider in the second part of the ntv talk about the future of the nuclear industry. If the system then works at all: The publisher of the "World Nuclear Industry Status Report" (WNISR) explains in the "climate laboratory" that he is only aware of two nuclear projects that could go into operation on the planned date. The cause? Among other things, a system of corruption and crime.

You can find the first part of the conversation with Mycle Schneider on the German nuclear phase-out, why only China is still building large-scale nuclear power plants and why French ones are often out of order here ...


wind | Civic electricity | Electricity price | citizen energy companies

Mandatory public participation in wind farms is constitutional

Wind farm operators can be required to involve their immediate neighbors and communities. That was decided by the Federal Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe.


Ukraine war | weapons shipments | NATO | Russia

Pope: "NATO's 'barking' at Russia's gates"

The attitude of the Christian churches to the Ukraine war and arms deliveries is contradictory. The Pope has now given a remarkable interview. There he refuses his direct support for arms deliveries and recalls the history of the Ukraine war. The Pope is thus acting more responsibly than the Greens and many German media: for them he must now be considered a heretic, although he does not exempt the Russian government from allegations.



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News+ May 05



Ukraine war | economic consequences | Refugee

The Economic Consequences of the Ukraine War

Why the conflict in Ukraine is a catastrophe for the poor of this planet

In 1919, the renowned British economist John Maynard Keynes wrote The Economic Consequences of the Peace, which was to prove highly controversial. In it he warned that the draconian conditions imposed on defeated Germany after what was then World War I would have ruinous consequences not only for that country but for all of Europe. Today I've adjusted its title to examine the economic consequences of the (not all that big) war that's now underway - the one in Ukraine, of course - not just for those directly involved, but for the rest of the world .

Not surprisingly, after Russia's February 24 invasion, most of the media coverage focused on the daily fighting, the destruction of Ukrainian assets - from buildings and bridges to factories and entire towns - the plight of Ukraine's refugees and internally displaced persons, and the accumulating evidence of atrocities. The potential long-term economic ramifications of the war in Ukraine and beyond have not received nearly as much attention, for understandable reasons. They are less tangible and, by definition, less immediate. Still, the war will take a huge economic toll, not only on Ukraine, but on desperate poor people living thousands of miles away. The wealthier countries will also feel the negative effects of the war, but are better able to cope with it...



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

We, the inhabitants of this world, face great problems,
and we really don't have time for power games...


The internal search:

climate war

brought the following results, among others:


March 10, 2022 - There's war, so the climate doesn't matter


January 30, 2022 - Is there war in Europe?


December 14, 2021 - Call against the arms race - and for the climate



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


wikiTHEK - arte documentary - 00:01:54 - excerpt from the arte documentary "Wy We Fight - America's Wars"

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Warning about the military-industrial complex


climate:neutral - 11:24

War: Fatal for people and the climate!


Raw data dump - arte documentation - 01:38:43

Documentary: Why We Fight - America's Wars - The Military-Industrial Complex


arte - 59:48

The True Story of the 1st Gulf War


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: climate war





ENMOD convention

The ENMOD Convention, English Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques (German: Environmental War Convention), is an international treaty drawn up by the United Nations Disarmament Commission prohibiting military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques Techniques. The convention prohibits the contracting parties from targeted military interventions in natural processes of the environment, but also from using influences of the natural environment as a weapon in a war or armed conflict. The Convention linked international environmental law and international humanitarian law.

Historical Information

Shortly after the end of the Vietnam War with its environmental consequences, the topic of environmental warfare was put on the agenda of the United Nations by the then Soviet Union in 1974. This led to the drafting of the Convention, which was adopted by the UN General Assembly as Resolution 31/72 on December 10, 1976. From May 18, 1977 to October 5, 1978, 47 states signed the convention, which then came into force on October 5, 1978 for the signatory states.

Protection of the natural environment from the effects of hostilities was reaffirmed in 1977 by the First Additional Protocol to the Geneva Conventions. This agreement also extended the concept of the environment to include the social and built environment. Accordingly, human infrastructure, cultural landscapes and human living space are also considered to be an environment worthy of protection. Moreover, the Additional Protocol prohibits attacks against the natural environment as retaliation...




AtomkraftwerkePlag -
Research platform on atomic energy


United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

The UN expressed concern that "certain human activities could change the global climate". There is increasing evidence that the growing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere could lead to global warming and a possible rise in sea levels. They called for more research to be done on climate change and studies to be done. They urged governments, intergovernmental organizations, NGOs and scientific institutions to make climate change a priority and to support all climate change efforts with human and financial resources...



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