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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains an almost complete list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this PDF will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt from the PDF file for this month:


01 September 1982 (INES 5) Chernobyl NPP, USSR

03 September 2017 (6. Atomic Bomb Test) Punggye-ri, PRK

05 September 2008 (INES 1-3) Ascó NPP, ESP

09 September 2016 (5. Atomic Bomb Test) Punggye-ri, PRK

11 September 1979 (INES 4 | NAMS 3,4) Sellafield Nuclear factory, GBR

11 September 1957 (INES 5 | NAMS 2,3) Rocky Flats Nuclear Factory, USA

13 September 1987 (INES 5) Goiânia Goias, BRA

18 September 1980 (Rocket fuel explosion) Damascus, USA

22 September 1980 (INES 3 | NAMS 1,6) Sellafield Nuclear factory, GBR

23 September 1983 (INES 4) Constituentes Nuclear Center, ARG

24 September 1977 (INES 3) Davis Besse NPP, OH, USA

26 September 2013 (INES 2) Petten Institute of Energy, NLD

26 September 1973 (INES 4 | NAMS 2) Sellafield Nuclear factory, GBR

29 September 1957 (INES 6 | NAMS 7,3) Mayak Nuclear Factory, USSR

30 September 1999 (INES 4) Tokaimura Nuclear Factory, JPN


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08 September


reserve nuclear power plant

Habeck's plan for reserve nuclear power plants:

Technically very demanding

The nuclear industry hardly thinks it is possible to restart reactors within a week. In addition, there is a lack of experience for such a maneuver.

... In the case of "sucked out" fuel elements, on the other hand, the cooling water must be free of boron for operation, and that takes a very long time if necessary ...


Mikhail Dudin | Uranium Russia | Lingen fuel element factory

Transports to Lingen are already underway

Russia delivers uranium to the Emsland - because of permits from last year

For the first time since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, uranium has been transported from Russia to Lingen in Lower Saxony. The basis is permits from 2021. There are almost no possibilities to ban deliveries.


green power | Merit order | excess profit

Planned skimming off of profits Green electricity expansion in danger?

The federal government's plans to skim off high profits from electricity producers are met with skepticism by green electricity producers. They fear that this could stall the expansion of renewable energies.


green base | party congress | turn

Coal, gas and nuclear: the green base has enough

The Green Ministers give up one core demand after the other. The members have been involved for a long time. Will there be an uprising at the party congress in October?


Fossil | power exchange | Renewables

Fossil luxury electricity: market interventions do not solve the basic problem

The outrageously expensive natural gas power plants require relief packages worth billions. The fossil-driven electricity exchange is at an end. What now?



07 September


Lingen fuel element factory | Uranium Russia | Mikhail Dudin

Lingen: Nuclear opponents call for Russian uranium transport to be stopped

Environmental organizations from several countries are calling for a uranium transport from Russia to Lingen to be stopped. The fuel element factory there supplies nuclear power plants in several European countries.

According to the organizations, the uranium is on its way to Emsland. At the moment the enriched uranium hexafluoride is on the ship "Mikhail Dudin", which is known for such transports. It was on the way from St. Petersburg in Russia to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, they said...


Zaporizhia | emergency power | store fuel elements | Security

Things are getting very serious at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant

After a shelling, the sixth reactor was also shut down because the last main power line failed. It is now only cooled by emergency generators.

... Probably the greatest danger on the site at the moment comes from spent fuel elements that are not yet suitable for dry storage. They subside in poorly protected pools of water and must continue to be heavily cooled.


energy crisisSwitzerland | Axpo | Rescue

Switzerland also has to save electricity suppliers

Axpo, one of the largest energy companies in Switzerland, needs help from the state: The government has now activated a rescue package for the electricity industry.



nuclear power reserve | Supply secured

Supply also secured in this way

Energy expert Kemfert advises against nuclear power reserve

Economics Minister Habeck intends to keep two nuclear power plants operational until the spring. According to energy economist Kemfert, the German energy supply is secure even without nuclear power plants. "Expenditure and income are disproportionate," she criticizes. Investments are needed elsewhere.


Hydrogen | electrolysis | humidity | renewable

Green hydrogen from the air

New type of electrolysis module uses humidity to split water

Water splitting even in the desert: Researchers have developed an electrolysis system that can produce green hydrogen without liquid water - using only the humidity in the air. This direct-air electrolysis absorbs water vapor from the air and electrochemically splits it into hydrogen and oxygen. The module receives the power for this directly from solar cells or wind turbines. In practical tests, this system proved to be self-sufficient, efficient and very robust, as the team reports in "Nature Communications".



06 September


Zaporizhia | Ukraine | IAEA | UN Security Council

Atomic Energy Agency chief alerts UN Security Council

The head of the IAEA warns the Security Council after his visit to Ukraine. Secretary General Guterres calls for a combat-free zone around the nuclear power plant.


reserve nuclear power | Runtime

Harald Lesch on nuclear power reserve: "Bitter pill"

In view of the current nuclear debate, astrophysicist Harald Lesch warns against pinning hopes on nuclear energy. The months that Habeck is planning with a nuclear power reserve are not the problem - at least in "stand-by" mode.


FDP | runtime extension

Dispute over AKW runtime extension:

The FDP argues sub-complex

With the extension of the runtime, the FDP gives hope for cheaper electricity. This is unfounded - but caught because the Greens communicate poorly.

Nuclear power is not a future technology. You don't have to be born in Wendland or have experienced Chernobyl and Fukushima to see it that way. A look at neighboring France is enough, where most of the nuclear power plants are not working due to drought and safety deficiencies. Nuclear power is and remains a high-risk technology ...


Operational reserve | blackoutenergy transition blocked

No blackout

The electricity stress test is here: Two nuclear power plants will remain in reserve after January 1st. That's okay, but now the big offensive to restructure the energy system must finally come. This system is not sustainable, not to mention the impact on the climate.

Germany only got into this awkward situation because the expansion of renewable energies, the grids, storage and, above all, energy efficiency have been criminally neglected in recent years and decades. 

Neglected energy transition in the south

Germany could already have an electricity system based on 80 percent renewable energy today if the Merkel governments had not stalled the transition after 2010. Then, and if the modernization of the electricity market design hadn't been delayed with dependence on the gas price, Putin's gas crisis in the electricity sector wouldn't have created such upheavals...


energy transition | private investments | Renewables 

Solar, heat pump, wood pellets

Germans invest in personal energy transition

They install solar panels or buy the latest heating technology: almost a third of Germans rely on advanced energy technologies. The development bank KfW warns against forgetting low-income families.

According to a KfW survey, more and more private individuals in Germany are investing in the energy transition ...


Habeck | runtime extension

Lifetime extension of nuclear power plants:

Quite a clever solution

Runtime extension only if there is no other option: Habeck's stress test conclusion is not really satisfactory to anyone. Still, she's smart.

And the intensified stress test, which was supposed to clarify whether a service life extension is necessary to prevent supply problems next winter, was of no real help. On the one hand, it showed that in southern Germany electricity can actually become scarce for a short time in winter if many unfavorable assumptions – nuclear power plant failures in France, low water, gas shortages and sharply increasing electricity consumption – come together. On the other hand, it became clear that continued operation of the two southern German reactors would change very little - but a little bit...


Club of Rome | Earth for All

New Club of Rome Report:

How can humanity still save itself

Decades ago, the report "The Limits to Growth" shook the world's belief in progress. A new report by the Club of Rome is now about measures with which a future worth living could still be achieved.

"Earth for All" is about nothing less than the most important measures with which a future worth living for mankind would still be possible. It's not too late - that's what the report, which is the result of a two-year research collaboration of many experts, conveys very vividly. His descriptions are clear, the proposed solutions are easy to understand and often very specific...



05 September


Habeck | Runtime | Cracks | France | security | blackout

Dear friends,
a dramatic nuclear and climate day is coming to an end. Here is a first classification and current news:

Yes, Habeck actually did it - he wants to extend the service life of two southern German nuclear power plants and is thus announcing the legally agreed timetable for the nuclear phase-out after Fukushima. Not a word this evening about the real security risks of nuclear power plants, for example the threatening cracks, not even about uranium enrichment or fuel element production.

Of course, we are cautiously relieved that Lingen should actually be off the grid in four months as previously agreed, but Habeck's reserve plan is now extending the nuclear debate, is a disaster for BaWü and Bavaria and the entire energy transition and gives the CDU, CSU and FDP new juice for theirs radical nuclear demands - for absolutely no value.

And you must have noticed that there is no longer any talk of new wind turbines or solar systems or the exit from coal or climate protection at all - everything is lost because of the absurd debate on lifespans and gas. Behind this is clearly the intention of the die-hard nuclear freaks to sabotage the energy transition and distract the public from the needs of the climate crisis. And Minister Habeck has unfortunately spurred this on again today, because he is conceding one red line after the other - and the end of the nuclear war is still not at all in sight. The nuclear freaks are already banging their drums tonight, because from their point of view the door is now open.

So it stays like this:

We are calling for the anti-nuclear and energy transition demo at Lingen station on Saturday, October 1st at 13 p.m.!

Another reason is a new Russian-French fuel element deal for Framatome Lingen of all things until 2025 - in the middle of Putin's war in Ukraine!
Just today, the Russian nuclear ship Mikhail Dudin started in St. Petersburg, destination port Rotterdam. That would have meant Russian uranium for Lingen. Then suddenly change of course to Dunkirk, so also Framatome, but probably France. The nuclear pressure in France must be extremely high to continue dealing with Rosatom. Unfortunately, this also has consequences for Lingen. But the federal government has been silent on this so far.

And two more alerts:

1. The French The government wants to simply let most of the idle nuclear power plants back on the grid without further safety checks, despite corrosion damage and despite a lack of water. There, too, not a word about the expansion of renewables as the only real alternative.

2. In the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, there is again the threat of a complete power failure because most of the lines have been destroyed and in the meantime only one reactor is working sporadically. This can continue to lead to a nuclear catastrophe at any time (!).

Therefore: No matter how difficult it may seem, the strong voice of the anti-nuclear and climate movement is extremely important right now - we stay on the road and we need your support for that!

We need the nuclear and coal phase-out and a real energy transition - not at some point, but now!

Anti-nuclear climate greetings

Sofa (immediate nuclear phase-out) Münster


Stress test | emergency reserve

Energy crisis stress test
Two nuclear power plants remain as an emergency reserve

Despite the energy crisis, the German nuclear power plants should no longer produce electricity on a regular basis. However, two nuclear power plants will remain connected to the grid as an emergency reserve until April 2023. This is the result of a stress test.

Two of the three remaining German nuclear power plants should be available as an emergency reserve for the power supply by next spring. This is the result of a stress test presented by Economics Minister Habeck in Berlin. Accordingly, the two power plants Neckarwestheim 2 in Baden-Württemberg and Isar 2 in Bavaria should form an "operational reserve until mid-April 2023". The third remaining Emsland power plant is to be completely shut down as planned by December 31...


energy transition | Merit order | electricity market

Not up to date anymore

The design of the electricity market does not fit either the energy transition or high gas prices

Electricity traders could be getting gray hairs these days. Anyone who ordered a megawatt hour - that is one thousand kilowatt hours - on the electricity exchange in a so-called futures transaction at the beginning of 2023 had to dig deep into their pockets and sometimes pull out more than 1000 euros. Now the price has fallen again to 575 euros. However, it is uncertain whether this will mean a trend reversal in energy prices.

Because expectations are traded on the stock exchange. Nobody really knows what electricity will cost in the coming weeks or even years. There are too many unknowns for that.


This power of the last power plant is also a consequence of the liberalization of the electricity market. Because in the end, only the price of the product counts on the stock exchange...


France | EDF | blackout

Government prepares France for nuclear blackout

Paris therefore wants to bring corrosion nuclear reactors online. Federal Finance Minister Habeck holds out the prospect of extending the nuclear power plant to save France.

The French government has pressured the semi-public electricity company Electricite de France to restart 32 nuclear reactors within months. That comes from a report by the news agency Bloomberg out ...


European Union | Military | peace

Future of the EU: Great military power or global force for peace?

EU at a crossroads in security policy. The war in Ukraine seems to be forcing them into a long-term rearmament phase. But how inevitable is this armament dynamic really and what security policy alternatives are there?

Both the Enlightenment and colonization began in Europe. Europe is the place where nations fought fiercely in dozens of bloody wars - a historical fact whose terrible experiences were also the prerequisite for the attempt to cooperate peacefully with each other in large parts of Europe and transnational structures in the form of the European Union to build ...


Noam Chomsky | Ukraine war | Propaganda

Chomsky: A diplomatic solution is still possible in Ukraine

Noam Chomsky says: Opinion filtering in Ukraine war is extreme and harmful. It takes negotiation and diplomatic compromise. That is still possible.

... As might be expected, the invasion also led to a protracted propaganda war on all sides involved. In this regard, you recently said that by banning the Russia Today (RT) TV channel and other Russian media, the Americans have less access to the official adversary than the Soviets had in the 1970s. Can you explain that a little further, especially since your statement about censorship in the US in connection with the Ukraine war was completely distorted to give the impression that you mean that censorship in the US is worse today than in communist Russia?

Noam Chomsky: On the Russian side, the domestic propaganda war is extreme. While there are no official bans on the American side, Graham Fuller's observations can hardly be denied.

Literal censorship is rare in the US and other western societies. But as George Orwell wrote in his 1945 (unpublished) introduction to his book Animal Farm, the "darkness" of free societies is that censorship

is largely voluntary. Unpopular ideas can be silenced and uncomfortable facts kept in the dark without the need for an official ban.

Which is generally a more effective means of mind control than open violence...


05 September 2008 (INES 1-3) Ascó NPP, ESP



Ascó Nuclear Power Plant

Between September 5, 2008 and November 6, 2008, eight INES accidents were registered in the double-unit facility, five of them in Unit II. (Source: CSN)


The text quoted above on the 2008 INES incidents is in Wikipedia will no longer be found in 2022, and the link to the source of the information has also been removed. 

Apparently, slowly but surely, all important information about accidents in the nuclear industry is being removed from Wikipedia!



Akw Ascó (Spain)

The Spanish safety authority Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN) reported on its website about the incident from 2007, which was classified as an INES level 2 incident, and other incidents that occurred between 2005 and 2008...

- -

Wikipedia - esp

Incident in Ascó 2007-2008

In the 2007/2008 Ascó incident, 84,95 million bequerels (2,3 millicurie (mCi)) were released at the site of the Ascó nuclear power plant in Spain. The incident, classified as Level 1 on the International Nuclear Accident Scale (INES), was upgraded to Level 2 by the CSN for inadequate control of the radioactive material and the submission of incomplete and inadequate information to the regulatory authority. As a result, the director and the head of radiation protection of the plant were dismissed ...

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04 September


EU Commission | Electricity price | excess profit

EU paper on electricity market prices

Redistribute excess profits to electricity consumers

The EU energy ministers want to discuss measures against the explosion in electricity prices at the end of next week. According to a non-paper available to climate reporter°, the EU Commission is in favor of a model in which excess profits from electricity producers are redistributed to consumers.

Manuel Frondel from the economic research institute RWI warned of possible "unexpected price peaks" for electricity this week. He expects electricity prices to continue to rise because electricity demand increases in autumn and winter, especially in countries like France, where electricity is used for heating, said the energy expert at the Rheinische Post...


Merzthutjanix | CDU | blackout

overloading of the power grids

CDU leader Merz warns of a “blackout”

Friedrich Merz fears that lights and heating could fail throughout Germany in autumn and winter - the only way to prevent this: The nuclear power plants would have to run longer.

... Merz's own party, the CDU, had decided to phase out nuclear power under then Chancellor Angela Merkel. The background was the catastrophe at the Japanese nuclear power plant in Fukushima, 2011 ...


Agriculture | Grain crop | Nature Conservation

Grain harvests - better than expected

The farmers' association complains about enormous harvest losses. If you look closely, the harvest is better than last year. Are fears of "food insecurity" fueled here in order to overturn long-overdue nature conservation measures?

Although this year's grain harvest was quantitatively a little better than last year, the quality, especially with wheat, left a lot to be desired, it was said. For the individual types of grain, the results are quite below average. The regional differences are even more pronounced than in previous years...



03 September


Garzweiler opencast mine | Lützerath

"For no coal in this world" - large-scale demonstration against lignite mining

According to the organizers, 2.000 people demonstrated at the Garzweiler opencast mine on Saturday for an end to lignite mining. The participants went from the village of Keyenberg to the largely deserted village of Lützerath, which is to make way for opencast mining.

After a long legal dispute, the farm of the last farmer in Lützerath became the property of the RWE group. Now the small town is to be demolished, which makes the activists particularly combative ...


Ukraine | Zaporizhia

Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (Part 1 | 2)

Attacks, chaos, denials

On September 1, a delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) arrived at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant after a dangerous journey. Both Ukraine and Russia have officially approved the mission of the Vienna nuclear experts. Nonetheless, the Russian-held power plant in the city of Enerhodar came under repeated fire until shortly before the UN diplomats arrived. As usual, the two warring parties accused each other of being responsible. What logic, what interests are behind the chaotic showdown that risks nuclear catastrophe?


Each and every one of these incidents drastically demonstrates the impossibility of operating nuclear power plants in a war zone. They are an easy target to hit and ultimately cannot be defended by military means. The ZNPP reactors were supposed to be hardened against simple artillery fire, as were the 174 concrete containers of the dry spent fuel storage facility. However, they would hardly survive repeated rocket fire or bombing ...


Oskar Lafontaine | Ukraine war | security policy

"Germany is acting as a vassal of the USA in the Ukraine war"

Oskar Lafontaine criticizes "the misery of German foreign policy" and calls for an independent security policy in Europe.

For the vast majority of German politicians and journalists, the war in Ukraine began on February 24, 2022. With this perspective, which ignores the complete history of the Russian army's invasion of Ukraine, Germany cannot make any contribution to peace ...


North Korea

03 September 2017 6. Atomic Bomb Test Punggye-ri, PRK


On 03.09.2017 at 04:30:00 UTC, North Korea conducted the 6th nuclear weapons test. The hypocenter was located in the Kilchu region in the northeast of the country, where the Punggye-ri nuclear weapons test site is located. The subsequent earthquake was reported to have a magnitude of 6,3 on the Richter scale.

- -


North Korea: Nuclear test caused test facility to collapse

Radar data reveals impact and strength of latest nuclear weapons test

Observed from space: Radar data reveal how North Korea's last and strongest nuclear test took place and what the consequences were. According to this, the force of the underground explosion lifted the entire mountain peak above by two meters. Later, however, the rock sagged again and tunnels in the underground test facility collapsed, as the researchers report in the journal Science. The system is probably no longer usable as a result...



02 September


CO2 CCS | greenhouse Gas | fossil energies

Underground CO₂ storage - climate saver or big bluff?

More and more companies want to inject their greenhouse gases underground. Even a first CO₂ pipeline is now to be built through the North Sea. Could the energy crisis-climate protection dilemma be solved in this way?

Energy crisis first, climate protection second - that is the mood in Germany in late summer 2022. Because the governments under Angela Merkel are delaying the energy transition and have made themselves unilaterally dependent on Russian gas supplies, against the advice of many countries and the EU Commission, consumers have to and consumers are now footing the bill. But climate protection is also being put aside - because now it's about such existential questions as blackouts, warm apartments and the continued operation of entire branches of industry ...


Extension | Solar wind | renewable

IWR expects 10.000 MW of new wind and solar power in Germany

The expansion of wind and solar power plants in Germany is progressing further in the current year. The International Economic Forum for Regenerative Energies (IWR) in Münster expects new wind and solar systems with an output of around 2022 MW in Germany alone in 10.000. Above all, the solar output can increase significantly.

According to data from the market master data register of the Federal Network Agency (BNetzA), wind turbines with an output of 2021 MW and solar systems with an output of 63.726 MW (as of August 60.189, 28.08.2022) were in operation in Germany at the end of 10.000. According to a current IWR forecast, wind and solar systems with a capacity of 8.000 MW will be built in the current year, of which around 2.000 MW will be due to the addition of photovoltaics and around 12 MW to wind energy. The additional annual power generation potential through this new building increases by a further XNUMX billion kWh of green electricity ...


Ukraine | Zaporizhia

Zaporizhia nuclear power plant (part 1 | 2):

Scientists for immediate shutdown

The news agencies report sustained shelling of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. How concrete the danger of a nuclear accident has become can be seen from the fact that the Ukrainian authorities in the region have started to distribute iodine tablets to the population as a precaution. The EU Commission has announced that its member states will donate five million potassium iodine tablets to Ukraine. On September 1, a 14-strong delegation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), led by Director General Rafael Grossi, arrived on site.


Nikolai Steinberg, a Kyiv nuclear engineer who directed decontamination work at Chernobyl after the 1986 meltdown and wrote a widely acclaimed book about it, gave an interview to the international engineering association IEEE in which he described the continued operation of the ZNPP as a "crime." The power plant must be shut down to avoid a meltdown and to gain time in the event of a station blackout...


solar panel production | photovoltaic research

Copper instead of silver makes solar cells cheaper

New photovoltaic materials avoid supply bottlenecks and recycling problems

So far, solar cells have required expensive silver for their conductor tracks and contacts. However, a new electroplating process now makes it possible to replace the silver with cheap and plentiful copper - without any loss of photovoltaic performance, as researchers report. They have also found a way to replace the polymer previously required for coating with aluminum, which is more recyclable. Photovoltaics could become cheaper and more sustainable in the future...


Subsidies | fossil energy | Energy price

Study by OECD and IEA:

Subsidies for fossils doubled

Despite the climate crisis, state funds are increasingly being used to promote fossil fuels. A recent study shows that.

Subsidies from 51 countries around the world were evaluated for the study. Together, these countries account for around 85 percent of the world's total energy supply. In total, the payments for fossils amount to a total of 697,2 billion US dollars. The year before, it was $362,4 billion. For 2022, the authors assume that the subsidies will continue to rise - due to the further increase in energy demand and significantly higher energy prices ...


Expansion of photovoltaics | support program

Solar turnaround Berlin

Berlin subsidy program for solar energy started

The Berlin Senate wants to advance the expansion of photovoltaics in the capital in an even more targeted manner. The SolarPLUS subsidy program replaces the EnergiespeicherPLUS subsidy program with immediate effect, which expired as planned at the end of August. The purchase of electricity storage will continue to be funded - with 300 euros per usable kilowatt hour capacity and a maximum of 15.000 euros for one- and two-family houses. For multi-family houses and companies, the acquisition costs are subsidized proportionately ...


Green Party Congress | runtime extension

Application for party congress

Green base wants to prevent lifetime extension for nuclear power plants

The controversy over a possible lifetime extension of the last three nuclear power plants will now also occupy the Green Party Congress in mid-October. This results from an application that is available to the RND. Ex-Environment Minister Jürgen Trittin had already said at the end of July that it would not work without a party congress decision.

A possible extension of the service life of the remaining nuclear power plants Emsland, Isar 2 and Neckarwestheim 2 will now also concern the party conference of the Greens, which will take place in Bonn in mid-October. This is the result of an application submitted to the editorial network Germany (RND) and supported by 98 applicants so far...



01 September


France | energy | Climate Protection

Nuclear power plants are not a reliable source of energy

The nuclear power crisis in France is slowing down climate protection here, says Anke Herold

Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine robbed us of the certainty that we would not be attacked militarily by our partner countries, with whom we do a lot of trade. The sanctions against Russian coal, oil and gas have robbed us in Germany of the illusion of security of energy supply. The French electricity crisis, where more than half of the nuclear power plants are currently shut down, shows that nuclear energy is by no means a secure form of energy supply, even in the absence of serious accidents. The drought caused by the climate crisis this year means that hydroelectric power plants in Italy and France suddenly dry up and no longer supply electricity. Even Norway doesn't have more hydropower in abundance...


climate change | CO2 concentration | Weather

Earth's atmosphere has highest CO2 concentration in a million years

The concentration of CO₂ in the earth's atmosphere has reached its highest level in a million years
The study is based on measurement data from more than 60 countries collected by over 530 scientists
The consequences of climate change, such as exceptional droughts, flood events and heat waves, are already increasingly affecting temperate regions like Germany


Extension | Renewables | bureaucracy

It's time for a Federal Commissioner for Renewable Energy!

The expansion of renewables has been hampered by a jungle of bureaucracy and a lack of coordination for a decade, say Hans-Josef Fell, Eicke Weber and Axel Berger. In order to give the energy transition the right boost, the government should create the position of a federal commissioner for renewable energies, they demand.

Thousands of individual regulations, a jungle of legal paragraphs, ordinances, standardization and certification regulations have greatly slowed down the expansion of renewable energies since 2010. What's more: Due to structural changes such as the switch to tenders instead of the successful fixed feed-in tariff and further changes to the EEG, EnWG and other laws, an oversized bureaucracy has emerged that no one can completely oversee anymore ...


Switzerland | nuclear waste | Repository

Only risk is certain

In the next few days, Nagra will announce where it intends to bury the radioactive waste. In the three possible regions in Aargau and in the canton of Zurich, there has long been organized resistance. Encounters with activists in the three landscapes.


01 September 1982 (INES 5) NPP Chernobyl, USSR



Chernobyl (Ukraine) - Accident 1982

On September 1st or 9th, 1982 (depending on the source) the first serious incident had already occurred. The central fuel element in reactor 1 was overheated and completely destroyed due to an operator error. Radioactive substances were released into the environment and spread through the plant and the industrial zone to Pripyat: iodine, krypton, xenon, tellurium and cesium. When removing the damage, workers were exposed to increased radiation, several died ...



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Demonstration | Runtime | Nuclear phase-out

No AKW runtime extensions!

Demonstration in Lingen on October 01st, 2022 from 13 p.m

A growing alliance of anti-nuclear initiatives and environmental organizations from North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, as well as the Federal Association of Citizens' Initiatives for Environmental Protection, is calling for a protest on October 01st, 22 against nuclear power plant lifetime extensions and the return to nuclear power through the back door. The demonstration starts at 13:00 p.m. at the Lingen train station and then leads through the city center to the market square, where the final rally will also take place. With regard to the so-called "stress test" for security of supply and the Lower Saxony state elections, the initiatives want to send a clear signal.

Femke Gödeker from the Emsland Residual Risk Parents' Association explains: "The attempts by the CDU/CSU and FDP, which have been ongoing for months, to make nuclear power socially acceptable again in this country are a frontal attack on the energy transition and desperate efforts to win back voters. In view of the upcoming state elections, we expect the political parties in Lower Saxony to clearly commit to the nuclear phase-out!”

Kerstin Rudek from the BI Environmental Protection Lüchow-Dannenberg adds: "The Russian war of aggression in Ukraine with the shelling of the largest European nuclear power plant Zaporizhia shows alarmingly how the so-called "civilian" use of nuclear power can become a weapon. A GAU would have unforeseeable consequences, not only for hundreds of thousands of people in Ukraine and Russia! The anti-nuclear movement does not accept this threat without a fight and mobilizes for a hot autumn. It wouldn't be the first time that life extensions have had to be withdrawn, it's better not to decide on them in the first place."

Safety aspects are completely ignored in the debate about service life extensions: as a study by the federal government showed back in 2007, the risk of developing leukemia and cancer is significantly higher for children who live near nuclear power plants.

The risk of accidents also increases significantly over time. The three nuclear power plants that are still in operation are more than 30 years old and are showing dangerous signs of wear and tear. For years, the Neckarwestheim nuclear power plant has been repeatedly criticized for cracks in the highly sensitive steam generator system. The Lingen nuclear power plant is also affected by this damage. The last major security review is overdue for 3 years.

“The economic interests of the nuclear lobby must never take precedence over protecting people from nuclear dangers. The fact that the CDU is now dismissing the largest technical safety check in a nuclear power plant as a "pure paper check" clearly reveals the importance of the safety of the population for the actors in the current mock debate," says Alexander Vent from the "Alliance AgiEL - Nuclear Power Opponents in Emsland". .

The plans for 2 new nuclear power plants in the Netherlands are also met with rejection. Nuclear power plants are too expensive, too dangerous and produce radiant waste for thousands of years. They don't provide heat and don't help with consumption peaks in the power grid because they aren't flexible enough. They have been blocking the grids for renewable energies for years.

“We defend ourselves against the irresponsible fear-mongering of power shortages by the nuclear lobby. That's why we're calling for the nuclear phase-out to be defended here in Lingen!” said Peter Bastian from the Münster initiative for the immediate nuclear phase-out. “An extension of service life and new nuclear power plants are leading us in the wrong direction. Instead, we must do everything we can to make our energy systems more efficient and make ourselves independent with the rapid expansion of renewable energies.



Femke Gödeker, Parents' Association Residual Risk Emsland eV: Tel. 0178 8177 049

Alexander Vent, Alliance AgiEL: Tel.01575-9690000

Peter Bastian, sofa Münster: Tel. 0151- 18945151

Kerstin Rudek, BI Lüchow-Dannenberg: Tel. 01590 21 54 831

Lara-Marie Krausse (IPPNW), Te. 030 698 074 15,

Editors :

Parents association residual risk Emsland

Alliance AgiEL - opponents of nuclear power in Emsland

Action alliance Münsterland against nuclear facilities

Federal Association of Citizens' Initiatives Environmental Protection (BBU)

Citizens' initiative for environmental protection in Lüchow-Dannenberg

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Map of the nuclear world:

The demonstration starts on October 01st, 2022 at 13 p.m. at the Lingen train station and leads through the city center to the final rally on the market square ...


The internal search:

Emsland Lingen

brought the following results, among others:


September 30, 2021 - Rust and cracks in the Lingen nuclear power plant


February 17, 2015 - Thousands of cracks in Belgian nuclear power plants


November 14.11.2002, XNUMX - Cracks found in the steam generator lines of the Unterweser nuclear power plant



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


WDR current hour - 03:37

Nuclear power Germany: Should nuclear power plants be stretched?


ZDF planet e. - 28:38

Risk of nuclear power - Europe's breakdown reactor


ARD Quarks - 43:46

Tihange Nuclear Power Plant – When does it bang?


German TV history - 01:06:28

Because we didn't know anything about it! This show is from 1958.

Atomic dust above us - dangers of radioactive radiation (documentation, 1958)


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




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Keyword search: Akw Emsland Lingen cracks Emsland Lingen Risse





loss of coolant

A fault that could impair residual heat removal and thus lead to a core meltdown is water loss due to water escaping from a leak, e.g. B. by rupture of a pipeline or bursting of the reactor pressure vessel. Such a leak must be controlled by sufficient water make-up. In the early days of nuclear energy use, it was assumed that the worst event to be considered for endangering residual heat removal was the double-ended rupture of the largest pipeline: By definition, such a design basis accident would therefore be an event that still should be mastered, without having a serious impact on the environment ...


stress corrosion cracking

is the transcrystalline (through the structure grain) or intergranular (along the grain boundaries of the structure) cracking in materials under the simultaneous influence of a purely static tensile stress or with superimposed low-frequency tensile pulsating stress and a special corrosion medium. Tensile stresses in the form of residual stresses are also effective ...


vibration cracking corrosion

is the formation of transcrystalline or intergranular cracks in materials due to mechanical vibrations. The occurrence of this corrosion depends on the stress and usually occurs above a specific limit value. In contrast to stress corrosion cracking, the load is cyclic or periodic. Vibration cracking corrosion occurs suddenly and is usually not visible from the outside...



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Current news+ Background knowledge


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