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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains an almost complete list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this PDF will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt from the PDF file for this month:


01 May 1968 - (INES 4) - nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

01 May 1962 - (nuclear test) - beryl - Nuclear test site In Ekker, DZA

02 May 1967 - (INES 4) - Chapelcross, GBR

04 May 1986 - (INES 0) - THTR 300 NPP, GER

07 May 2007 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Philipsburg NPP, GER

07 May 1966 - (INES 3-4) - Melekess, USSR

11. to 13. May 1998 - 5 atomic bomb tests - Pokhran NPP, IND

11 May 1969 - (INES 5 | NAMS 2,3) - Rocky flats NPP, USA

12 May 1988 - (INES first 1 then 2 ...) - Akw Civaux, FRA

13 May 1978 - (INES - Class!) - AVR Julich, GER

18 May 1974 - 1. Atomic Bomb Test - Pokhran NPP, IND

22 May 1981 - (INES 1-3) - La Hague, FRA

21 May 1945 and 21 May 1946 - (INES 4) - Los Alamos NPP, USA

May 22, 1968 - USS Scorpion - sank 640 km southwest of the Azores

24 May 1958 - (INES - Class!) - NRU Chalk River, CAN

25 May 2009 - 2. Atomic Bomb Test - Punggye-ri, PRK

May 26, 1971 - (INES - Class!) - Kurchatov Institute, Moscow, USSR

May 27, 1956 - atomic bomb tests - Eniwetok Atoll and Bikini Atoll

28. to 30. May 1998 - 6 atomic bomb tests - Ras Koh, PAK


We are looking for up-to-date information, if you can help please send a message to:



04. May


nuclear waste | Repository | Konrad shaft

»We can still stop the project!«

Opponents of the Schacht Konrad nuclear waste repository are launching a new campaign against the project, which seems out of date to them


weapons shipments | steel thunderstorm | Media

Debate about arms deliveries: Steel thunderstorms in people's heads

Opinion Live fire is being used in the debate about arms deliveries. Some place the main aggressor not in the Kremlin, but among those who question the rhetorical build-up


Civic electricity | Electricity price | citizen energy companies

Study on energy sharing

Community electricity over the grid from up to 25 kilometers

A good 90 percent of all households could be members of energy communities and then also benefit from cheaper electricity prices, shows an analysis for the Bündnis Bürgerenergie. However, it is still unclear whether the traffic light coalition will create the legal prerequisites for this.


Energy supply | Climate | usury

"The last great victory of the petro-chemical industry"

Energy and climate newsreel: Colombia as a new partner? The federal government has little objection to the extra profits of the energy industry and wants to do away with annoying civil rights


Press freedom | Japan | patriotic | Fukushima

problems get bigger

Japan slips down the press freedom rankings

According to Reporters Without Borders' Press Freedom Index, Japan has slipped from 67th to 71st place this year. The working environment in Japan has been deteriorating, particularly since former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe took office, creating a climate of distrust towards journalists.


greenwashing | agricultural | Solar

The sun, the forest and big money

This is what greenwashing looks like: The Lindhorst Group has made a fortune with intensive agriculture and mass animal trade. Research by CORRECTIV and RBB shows how she is now trying to polish up returns and image with solar parks. But there is a risk of losing several hundred hectares of forest.


04 May 1986 - (INES 0) THTR 300 NPP

The THTR-300 pebble bed reactor in Hamm-Uentrop, also known as the bankruptcy reactor, was shut down in 1989 after 12 years of construction and one year of operation. The accident, with which the operators of the THTR lost the favor of the ruling SPD in North Rhine-Westphalia, happened on the night of May 4th and 5th, 1986...



03. May


UraniumGronau | Urenco

Activists occupy power poles of uranium enrichment plant in Gronau

Six anti-nuclear activists occupied two power poles at the uranium enrichment plant in Gronau on Tuesday morning. They have unfurled two protest banners on the masts that supply the system.


Gas | Algeria | Spain

Gas supply in Europe at risk: Algeria threatens to stop deliveries to Spain

Should Algeria turn off the gas supply, the supply situation across Europe will worsen, even if Italy has secured more Algerian gas


Press freedom | Media

“Press Freedom Day” and the double standards

In Germany, the “Press Freedom Day” is a date associated with a great deal of hypocrisy: it is partly an occasion for excessive self-congratulation, also by highly burdened German media professionals. In view of the subordination of many German editors to the current course of war and after the journalistic failure during the Corona phase, this self-perception is difficult to bear. Critical journalism is also produced in the major German media - but often only when it does not touch on specific and central topics such as the economic order or war and peace. A comment by Tobias Riegel.


Dear friends,
Since this morning, climbing activists in Gronau have been occupying two high power poles that supply the Gronau uranium enrichment plant with electricity. Two banners read "Urenco aus" and "RWEg Boxen". There are first photos of the spectacular action and on Twitter.
With the occupation of the power poles, the activists underline the demand for an immediate shutdown of the UAA Gronau and the Lingen fuel element factory, which have so far been exempt from the nuclear phase-out and therefore continue to supply many dangerous nuclear power plants worldwide with uranium fuel - and at the same time have maintained intensive nuclear partnerships with Russia for decades. From 1996 to 2020, around 45 tons of uranium waste from Gronau alone went to Russia for final disposal. However, Urenco is currently also supplying several reactors in the war zone of Ukraine with enriched uranium - e.g. B. the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which was first fired upon by Russian troops at the beginning of March, then occupied and has been under Russian military control ever since...


Press freedom | Assange | United States

Commentary: Freedom of the press is dying with Julian Assange​

On the day of press freedom, we are once again pointing the finger at the autocrats. The villains are also sitting in our midst, says Volker Briegleb.


nuclear waste | Interim storage | Würgassen

Planned nuclear interim storage facility in Würgassen: everything open again?

The possible location for a planned nuclear waste interim storage facility in the Weser Valley near Würgassen (NRW) is apparently to be re-examined. Corresponding signals come from the Federal Environment Ministry.


CO2 | Ocean | climate change

Lots of sugar at the bottom of the sea

Around a million tons of sugar are stored between the roots of seagrass meadows around the world

Surprising find: Huge amounts of sugar lie hidden beneath the seagrass beds of the oceans, a study reveals. According to this, around 600.000 to 1,3 million tons of sugar are stored in the root area of ​​these aquatic plants worldwide - as much as in 32 billion cans of cola. The seaweed releases this sugar when it produces more of it than it can use itself. What is unexpected, however, is that this sugar has not long since been broken down by bacteria.



The sea is not only the body of water in which we dispose of our waste, but the be-all and end-all of life on our planet. Japan will soon be dumping large amounts of radioactive water. Watt should it? We all do that in every day La Hague, Sellafield and many others reprocessing plants around the world!



02. May


Press freedom | Assange | United StatesNavalnyRussia

Günter Wallraff on Julian Assange:

"Death by Instalments"

Günter Wallraff sees strong parallels between Wikileaks journalist Julian Assange and Russian dissident Alexei Navalny.


green power | renewable | fossil

Series: energy system without fossils

"We need Tesla pace"

The federal government's green electricity package is good, but should actually be doubled, says energy expert Volker Quaschning. The turnaround in transport and heating cannot wait any longer either. What an energy system can look like without the fossils - part 7 and conclusion.



Finnish consortium terminates contract with Rosatom to build nuclear reactor

The Finnish group Fennovoima has canceled a contract with the Russian energy giant Rosatom to build a nuclear reactor. 'The war in Ukraine has increased the risks for the project,' explained Fennovoima.


Dear friends,

The anti-nuclear action camp in Burgsteinfurt on Liedekerker Str./Borghorster Str. started on Saturday. Yesterday there was already the Sunday walk at the UAA Gronau and today at 18 p.m. our friend and comrade-in-arms Vladimir Slivyak from Ecodefense will report on the protests for a nuclear and coal phase-out in Russia and on the demand for a complete embargo on uranium, coal and oil and speak gas. Everyone is cordially invited today and in the next few days to advance and network the anti-nuclear, anti-coal and climate protests - the camp lasts until Friday, May 6th.

The start of the trial against six activists originally scheduled for today because of a blockade of uranium transport lasting more than 15 hours in 2017 was canceled at the last minute because the district court in Steinfurt, with the approval of the public prosecutor's office, proposed a cessation against monetary conditions and community hours. Those affected accepted the proposal. This marks the legal end of one of the most spectacular anti-nuclear protests after more than 4,5 years.

All the latest information and contact information for the action camp and on Twitter.

Protest is now more necessary than ever, because the UAA Gronau, the UAA Almelo and the fuel element factory Lingen continue to form an active nuclear cluster, which ensures the continued operation of numerous nuclear power plants in Europe and worldwide and at the same time keeps access to the atomic bomb open. We are currently particularly concerned about the supply of enriched uranium from Urenco to the Ukrainian nuclear power plants in the middle of the war zone. At the same time, Framatome in Lingen still processes Russian uranium, e.g. B. for the Swiss nuclear power plant Leibstadt.

And then there are the supplies from Gronau and Lingen for the crack reactors Tihange and Doel - and a completely new addition to the "offer" is the supply of the United Arab Emirates, "our" new "energy partner", which met two months ago in the UN Security Council refused to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine...

Uranium enrichment and fuel element production remain irresponsible and must be stopped immediately!!
At this point, solidarity greetings to the activists in Lützerath, who have been courageously and courageously defending the 1,5° limit against RWE and the NRW state government there for months.

Nuclear-free climate greetings
SOFA (Immediate nuclear phase-out) Münster, action alliance Münsterland against nuclear facilities, - and on Twitter


energy crisis | Gas | Climate Protection | fossil

Where floating LNG terminals are to be built

Germany wants to do without Russian gas and is now pinning its hopes on liquefied natural gas. Only: How exactly is that supposed to get to the German coast? And who deserves it?


Ukraine | War | arms trade

Kyiv demands weapons and produces enough of them itself

Ukraine war The Selenskyj government is demanding that the NATO countries be massively armed. How does that fit with exporting large scale military equipment yourself?



So that Ukraine can copy and sell more modern weapon systems from the West? Arms dealers from all over the world are already looking forward to it...


02 May 1967 - (INES 4) Chapelcross NPP

AtomkraftwerkePlag - Chapelcross (UK)

Partial meltdown, Lockerbie plane crash and other incidents

On May 2, 1967, a partial meltdown occurred in Chapelcross-2. The trigger was a fuel rod that broke and caught fire. The incident was kept secret for several years, the reactor remained shut down for two years ...



01. May


attacks Söder (Kini Jödler) and Merz on Scholz

Which is really unworthy

The leaders of the CSU and CDU overdid their criticism of the chancellor. In doing so, they are destabilizing the head of government and the federal government at a highly dangerous time – not only is this inappropriate, it is even, if thought through, unpatriotic.


Gas | Waiver | Emergency

Controversy over possible natural gas cuts

But freezing for peace?

If the natural gas quantities are too scarce, the federal government wants to cut back on the economy first. Representatives from the industry are bothered by this and demand that private households should save first. Economists, meanwhile, are proposing flexible tariffs on oil and gas imports from Russia.


France | Flamanville | nuclear industry | EDFreactor breakdown

France's nuclear power: energy policy dead end instead of nuclear energy renaissance

Nuclear power flagship France is in a dilemma: the construction of Flamanville 3 is being delayed, the outdated power plant fleet is struggling with corrosion problems, and costs are getting out of control. Nevertheless, Macron wants to build new nuclear power plants.


1. May | jobs | Climate Protection

Industry: Employees want to organize green transformation themselves

Climate protection union? Employees are often much more advanced than management or politics. IG Metall is realizing more and more that it is at the helm of ecological change


01 May 1968 - (INES 4) Sellafield nuclear plant

Radioactivity escaped from the chimney of building B230 for a month due to a defective filter.

Since the late 1940's and Windscale/Sellafield's inception, approximately 20 incidents of greater or lesser severity involving the release of radioactivity have been reported. The nuclear waste generated during day-to-day operations is discharged in large quantities in liquid form via a pipeline into the Irish Sea.


01 May 1962 - (Atomic Bomb Test) Beryl - Nuclear test site In Ekker

In 1961 and 1962, France carried out 13 underground nuclear tests in the Hoggar Mountains, the second test "Béryl" on 01.05.1962/XNUMX/XNUMX broke through and was carried out above ground ...

AtomkraftwerkePlag - Atomic bomb tests France

Algeria and French Polynesia

Up until 2001, the French government still denied that there were any radiation victims as a result of its 210 nuclear tests in Algeria and Polynesia.

In the Algerian Sahara, shortly after one of the tests, French recruits were deliberately led to the site of the explosion in order to "explore the physical and mental effects of the nuclear weapon on people." Many of the nuclear test veterans now suffer from cancer and other radiation sicknesses...



30. April


BundeswehrSchooling | War

"Armed Forces out of school"

Soldiers who talk about their work and the mission of the armed forces are not welcome in all educational institutions. The teachers' union GEW warns against recruiting minors.


Green base | special fund | Bundeswehr

Small party congress:

Greens support Baerbock on the subject of arms deliveries

The Foreign Minister successfully campaigned for the German government's course in the Ukraine war. But the Green delegates reject NATO's two percent target.


War | Nature | Climate

World War III is here

In the debate about a possible nuclear war, it is completely lost that we are already fighting a third world war: against nature and thus against ourselves. We finally have to understand that we are endangered as a species.


Solar | wind | green power | Emirates | Persian Gulf | Desertec

Green electricity from the Gulf

Where a kilowatt hour of green electricity only costs two cents

Oil and gas have made North Africa and the Gulf States rich. Now the region wants to become a supplier of renewable energies; the Ukraine war is accelerating the trend. Exclusive satellite images show the massive expansion of wind power and solar systems in the region. "Economy from above" is a cooperation with LiveEO.


Gas | Waiver | Emergency

Citizens or industry – who gets the gas cut off first in an emergency?

In Germany, a dispute has broken out as to who should be the first to give up if Russian gas stops flowing. You have to choose between cold water and mass unemployment.


France | Blackout

Nuclear France: Then only 28 reactors were on the grid

Because of the corrosion problems, new nuclear power plants have to be shut down, and at 28 gigawatts, the capacity is now lower than ever


Russia | Green base | special fund | Bundeswehr | NATO

Threat from Russia: Green base wants to overturn special assets for the Bundeswehr

Philipp Schmagold, a Green from the Plön district association in Schleswig-Holstein, is campaigning for a ballot. He wants to prevent his party's approval of the special fund for the Bundeswehr. An additional 100 billion euros are "not reasonable," he says.



29. April


Ramstein | bike demo | peace | disarmament

Bike demo around Ramstein Air Base

"On your bike, off with your armor!" Under this motto, the "Stopp Air Base Ramstein" initiative is calling for a bicycle demonstration. It starts on Saturday at 11.30 a.m. in the parking lot at the Ramstein Memorial.



"America" ​​by Ramstein | We're all living in Amerika, Amerika ist wunderbar ...


climate change | Blackout

Heat wave in India and Pakistan collapses electricity supply

43 degrees: The people in India and Pakistan are groaning under the extreme heat. Power outages lasting up to eight hours are reported in some Pakistani cities.


Putin | Ukraine | War | Ramstein

Putin's "Lightning Fast" Response to Ramstein

Bluff or alert? How dangerous is Vladimir Putin's threat of a "quick response" to interference in the Ukraine war? By Yuri Rescheto from Riga.



Natural gas - pure poison

Commentary by Axel Berg, Chairman of the German Section of EUROSOLAR, on the occasion of Renewable Energy Day and Hermann Scheer's birthday


Climate Protection | fossil

How climate policies were designed to fail

For 30 years, the climate scene has been discussing new hopes again and again: CO2 markets, climate compensation, net zero emissions, nature-based solutions. The names sound good, but they are all about one thing: distraction from real climate protection.


Sweden | Climate | Emission

Climate target: Sweden is the first country in the world to take “grey” emissions into account

Sweden is the first country to include indirect emissions in its climate target - namely those caused by the consumption of foreign goods.



28. April


Ukraine | War | NPP

Risk researchers: Nuclear power plants can hardly be secured against hostilities

Armed Forces expert considers targeted Russian shelling of reactors in Ukrainian nuclear power plants unlikely. Risk researchers: Systems are not designed for military threats.


Ukraine | War | arms trade

Arms turnaround in the Bundestag

What the decision to supply heavy weapons entails and why the Chancellor's about-face was not entirely voluntary


Krsko | Slovenia

Styrians are allowed to decide on Slovenian problem nuclear power plants

The planned expansion of the Slovenian Krsko nuclear power plant is causing unrest in Styria. Now the public can have a say in the plans.



Extension of the AKW maturities?

"You can't buy nuclear fuel at Aldi"

Does Germany have to extend the operating times of its remaining nuclear power plants in order to secure its energy supply? This question has been haunting politics and business ever since the Russian attack on Ukraine. A mock debate for the nuclear power expert Mycle Schneider has no understanding. It is amazing how deep and wide the gulf has become between the perception of the nuclear sector and reality, explains the publisher of the "World Nuclear Industry Status Report". (WNISR) in the "Climate Laboratory" by ntv. The annual report on the state of the global nuclear industry clearly shows that there is no so-called "nuclear power renaissance" anywhere, on the contrary: even - or above all - the nuclear nation France suffers from an insecure power supply. Because many of its 56 reactors regularly fail for an indefinite period due to technical problems and safety deficiencies. A most of the capacity is therefore not available.


nuclear war | Ramstein | MIC | Anxiety

After the Ukraine summit in Ramstein

US Secretary Austin warns against 'talking about nuclear war'

Around 40 countries accept the invitation from the USA: At the US base in Ramstein, Rhineland-Palatinate, NATO partners and allies discuss further aid for the Ukrainian armed forces. The Americans consider the fact that Germany now wants to contribute tanks to be a "significant step".



One of MIK's key representatives, the current United States Secretary of Defense, went before the press and claimed "...the United States is doing everything in its power to prevent the war from spiraling out of control beyond Ukraine's borders equipment."
That begs the question: He hasn't for the last 30 years with-got? And the answer follows immediately: Yes, he certainly has, and if he weren't an experienced and savvy warrior, he should never stand there and take people for fools. In his current job, Lloyd Austin has to lie like Donald Rumsfeld and all the other US Secretaries of Defense before and after him.
But we don't have to believe him.


arms trade | Uranium ammunition

Heavy weapons are an incalculable risk

The protection of the population under the motto "Stand with Ukraine" - the strategists increase existential dangers. commentary and background


antiatom | Climate Protection | EURATOM

Parties in Vienna pass joint anti-nuclear resolution

Last Friday, the 7th anti-nuclear summit took place in Vienna City Hall - as one of the results, a joint resolution of all parties will be passed in today's state parliament.


Ukraine | War

Traveling with four Americans fighting in Ukraine

Americans Rick, Tay, Scott and Alex risk their lives in Ukraine. Who are these men and what drives them?


Poland | Gazprom | Gas

Gazprom stops gas supplies to Poland

"We are prepared": Poland counters Russian gas embargo with new Baltic Sea pipeline

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Szymon Szynkowski vel Sek says his country is not surprised by the Russian delivery freeze. The gas storage facilities have been well filled, a liquefied gas terminal has been set up and a new pipeline project in the Baltic Sea has been pushed ahead. The Baltic Pipe will go into operation in autumn and bring natural gas from Norway to Poland.



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News+ April 28




pocket filler | Russia | MICChange of heartchange of mind

Wind vanes and pocket fillers in tireless use

Wind vanes are a great invention, at first glance it is clear from which direction the wind is blowing, without a doubt.

It's the same with people who act like wind vanes. Everyone else knows immediately where the unpleasant smell is coming from. Therefore, in honor of these dynamically flexible beings, I introduce a new type; after the horror clown and pocket filler, I will in future also pay regular tribute to the common windvane.

Markus Soeder (Kini Jödler) for example is a rare original of the species "vane", and if you want to look at it positively, it represents a politician type who is quite capable of changing his mind. True to the motto: "What do I care about my chatter from yesterday?" Whether it's about nuclear energy, the chancellor candidacy, compulsory corona vaccination or even the distances between wind turbines and villages, Prime Minister has always represented at least two opposing opinions over the years. However, as always, the less talented, less solitary wind vanes are in the majority and rotate on every field.

Gerhard Schröder (Acker), on the other hand, is one of the lone, ironclad contra-wind vanes. He stands by his buddy Vladimir like a one. My respect for that: Only the tough get into the garden! On the other hand: if they are too tough, they break! The state-owned companies Rosneftand Gazprom are not only climate killers of global significance, but also, at the latest since Putin's war against Ukraine and the gas supply freeze against Poland and Bulgaria, very lucrative parts of the active Russian war machine ( MIC). Gerhard Schröder will certainly not make the wind vane, but he should simply take himself out of the wind.

All those who have been puffing themselves up in recent days and weeks as if they had always known better should remember which way the "Wind of Change" turned them not so long ago.

Already forgotten?

Trade through change, nobody objected to that, especially when there was good money to be made from it. That worked very well across all party lines until horror clown Putin "the most terrible" lost his nerve at the end of February and drove us out of the usual and familiar Cold War into an unusually hot one. Putin probably felt driven to war primarily by his dictator-typical paranoia, but certainly also by the corrosively intrusive ones NATO-Falcons with their penetrating eastward expansion that has been going on for over 30 years.

When the war was still cold, you could make good money with the materials that we stokers love and need. Wars for oil around the world kept prices down and the Media were embedded, everything was fine. However, since the war has been heating up here in Europe, things are looking really bad, at least for consumers. Taxi drivers and freight forwarders can no longer earn money with the fuel prices, and the victims of Gerhard Schröder's Harz 4 reforms are completely lost because of the rising cost of living. Yes, of course Gerhard Schröder's Harz 4 reforms, everyone else was always against it anyway (see above).

Wind flags twirl happily in the wind and the hard-working pocket fillers carry on as if nothing had happened. Well, after Corona and the highly lucrative mask business with a humanitarian touch, they now have to use their connections again to do business with nuclear waste, gas, oil, uranium, guns and other mundane things to get their commissions. Life is hard, and with normal poison and arms trade they have always had to bend a lot to keep the humanitarian aspect in the media foreground, but what else is homo sapiens sapiens so flexible and adaptable for?

They will turn it anyway!



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

The wind is blowing cold and people are dying in Ukraine...


The internal search:

MIC guns war

brought the following results, among others:


January 22 - Four nuclear-armed states are ready for war - this treaty could stop them


Newsletter LII - November 13th to 18.11.2021th, 13 - News+ November XNUMXth - The "great statesmen" of this world are puppets of the military



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


wikiTHEK - arte documentary - 00:01:54 - excerpt from the arte documentary "Wy We Fight - America's Wars"

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Warning of the military-industrial complex (Deep State)


climate:neutral - 11:24

War: Fatal for people and the climate!


Raw data dump - arte documentation - 01:38:43

Documentary: Why We Fight - America's Wars - The Military-Industrial Complex



Wild West at the Wismut - atomic bombs from the Ore Mountains


arte - 59:48

The True Story of the 1st Gulf War


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: Russia military-industrial complex





Arms Trade - UN Arms Trade Agreement 2013

On April 2, 2013, the UN General Assembly passed the first global arms trade control agreement. 154 Member States voted in favour. Syria, North Korea and Iran voted against. Russia and China abstained, along with 21 other countries.

The treaty is intended to create global control standards for the trade in conventional arms for the first time. All signatories undertake to check all arms deals to see whether the weapons could be used by terrorists or used to commit human rights violations. The treaty considers these conventional weapons:

  • small and light weapons and large caliber weapons and weapon systems
  • military vehicles and tanks
  • combat helicopters and warships
  • rockets and rocket launchers

At least 50 states have yet to ratify the agreement. It may be several years before the treaty can come into force. The provisions of international law would then only apply to those states that have ratified the treaty ...



Corruption is the abuse of a certain position of trust. It can occur e.g. B. for approvals, item or contract awards. Abuse consists in obtaining or granting any advantage to which there is no lawful right...


Starfighter Affair

The Starfighter affair as part of the international Lockheed scandal was a political affair in the Federal Republic of Germany, which developed due to the circumstances surrounding the procurement of the Lockheed F-104 "Starfighter" fighter aircraft for the Bundeswehr. At its core, the affair concerned two interrelated aspects. On the one hand, it was questioned why the Bundeswehr under Defense Minister Franz Josef Strauss, contrary to the advice of some experts, had ordered large numbers of an obviously immature aircraft, and on the other hand, the question arose as to whether corruption was involved in the procurement - as in other countries was. Strauss could not be proven to have accepted any advantage in connection with the procurement of the "Starfighter" ...





nuclear weapons in Germany

Up to 20 US nuclear bombs from the Cold War era are still stored at Büchel Air Base in the Eifel.

The number of nuclear weapons stored in Germany has been significantly reduced compared to the time of the Cold War. However, the remaining ones still pose a potential risk and contradict the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Germany, a signatory state, has actually committed itself to renouncing nuclear armaments.

In the event of war, the US armed forces would hand over the atomic bombs to German Tornado pilots, who would then "fly attacks with the US bombs as part of the NATO strategy of "nuclear sharing"...



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