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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains a list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this list will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt for this month:

01 March 2006 (INES 2) NPP Kozloduy, BGR

05 March 1969 (INES 3) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

06 March 2006 (INES Class.?!) NFS, Erwin, TN, USA

08 March 2002 (INES 3) NPP Davis Besse, OH, USA

10 March 1970 (INES 3 | NAMS 2,6) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

11 March 1958 (Broken Arrow) Mars Bluff, USA

11 March 2011 (INES 7 | NAMS 7,5) NPP Fukushima Daiichi, JPN

12 March 2011 (INES 3) NPP Fukushima Daini, JPN

13 March 1980 (INES 4) NPP Saint-Laurent, FRA

19 March 1971 (INES 3 | NAMS 2) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

25 March 1955 (INES 5 | NAMS 4,3) nuclear factory Sellafield, GBR

28 March 1979 (INES 5 | NAMS 7,9) NPP Three mile island, PA, USA


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18. March


MIC and the Nuclear lobby, naturally want an unlimited Runtime for nuclear power plants ...

Response to the war in Ukraine

Belgium postpones nuclear phase-out by ten years

Two Belgian nuclear power plants are to run ten years longer than planned. Shortcomings had raised concerns in the past – including in Germany.



Western elites keep us from sanctioning Russia's ultra-rich

Sanctions In order to effectively hit Russia and its super-rich, an international financial register would be needed. Why doesn't this exist yet? It's simple: the rich in the West don't want it. A commentary by Thomas Piketty


Runtime of the Nuclear lobby, unlimited ...

Fortum wants to let old Finnish nuclear power plants run longer

Helsinki - The majority-owned Finnish energy company Fortum wants to extend the service life of the Loviisa nuclear power plant by two blocks.


Thanks for asking, MIC is fine.

armaments company

Triumph for gun dealers

Record result: Rheinmetall presents business figures – leftists want to expropriate, activists want to sabotage


Russia | War | Ukraine

Zelensky castigates the Germans for lack of support

With his appeals to support Ukraine, the Ukrainian president stretches the truth and keeps quiet about what doesn't fit into the heroic struggle.



17. March


Uranium | Sanctions

Why Russian uranium can still be imported

The EU has not yet put uranium on any sanctions list. Because only Russia can supply suitable fuel rods for many Eastern European nuclear power plants.


Niger | Uranium | France

The Dirty Secret of Nuclear Power: How Niger Suffers for France's Uranium

In order to achieve the goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2050, the EU Commission decided in February to classify certain investments in new nuclear power plants as climate-friendly. In France, in particular, people should be happy about this decision - of course, nuclear power also has its price.

Videos from Al Jazeera on the subject:

The Curse of Uranium - Part 1 | Part 2


Japan | earthquake

Earthquake triggers breakdown in Fukushima nuclear ruins

- After the strong earthquake off the coast of Japan, the decommissioned nuclear power plant in Fukushima broke down.
- According to initial information, the pressure in one of the containment vessels has dropped in the meantime.
- However, the operator gave the all-clear for the time being.


For MIC, war is first and foremost good business...

Even after the embargo: EU countries sold arms to Russia

Up until last year, ten EU countries were exporting war material to Russia. Despite the ban since the annexation of Crimea.



XXL solar system on a remote cattle ranch

A huge solar power plant is being built on a 12.000 hectare isolated cattle ranch in Australia. The 20 billion euro project is being built in the middle of the outback.


Russia | War | Ukraine

"Azov" regiment: The extremists in Mariupol

The Ukrainian port city of Mariupol is primarily defended by the "Azov" regiment of the Ukrainian national guard. But the regiment is controversial because it consists of nationalists and right-wing extremists.



16. March


Runtime of the Nuclear lobby, unlimited ...

Opponents of nuclear power warn of life extensions for nuclear power plants

Environmental organizations and citizens' initiatives have warned against using nuclear power plants in Germany for a longer period of time. With regard to statements by North Rhine-Westphalia's Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart (FDP) about extending the service life of the three remaining nuclear power plants in Germany until 2029, they emphasized that the use of nuclear energy could not solve the current energy and climate problems. "The use of nuclear energy is unsustainable, it is expensive, it is extremely risky and the nuclear waste means a heavy legacy for future generations," it said in a statement distributed on Wednesday.


Japan | earthquake

New strong earthquake in Fukushima brings back bad memories

Another tsunami warning in Fukushima. Almost exactly eleven years after the devastating catastrophe and the nuclear accident, the region in north-eastern Japan is again hit by strong earthquakes.


Nuclear power plants off, nuclear power plants on: Can old nuclear power plants simply be restarted?

- The war in Ukraine is reinvigorating the debate on nuclear energy.
- But in the event of a bottleneck, could a nuclear power plant that had been shut down or that had been prepared to be shut down be switched on again at all?
- It's theoretically possible, says an expert. But in practice there are some obstacles.



The uranium story | Nuclear lobby / Uranium economy / MIC

To all propagandists, experts, pocket fillers,
great statesmen and horror clowns

After the explosions near the Chernobyl and Zaporozhye nuclear power plants, anyone who still seriously claims that having nuclear power plants is a good thing must now ask themselves whether the Military-Industrial Complex (MIC) really pays enough for such suicide propaganda.

Because whoever still wants to tell people in the spring of 2022 that a "dirty bomb" in the back yard can also have its advantages, must consider people to be completely stupid. As a consultant he loses his credibility and is therefore at best still acceptable for dictators. As a politician he loses his credibility for all time and is - even for MIK - at best can still be used as a despot.

The payment must therefore be good beyond all measure.



Gasoline price debate: Green youth calls for halving of train ticket prices

- The Green Youth wants to relieve commuters by halving train ticket prices.
- Because train travel is so expensive, many opted for the car - and now have to pay more for refueling there.
- Union and FDP demand different price reductions at gas stations.



The Media and Ukraine: Simplifying as a Business Model

The fixation on Putin follows the tenet “Great men make history”. A worldview that historians thought had been overcome.



15. March


Asse II

Ailing nuclear waste repository Asse: "Hole like cheese"

55 years ago, the first barrels with nuclear waste from the nuclear research center in Karlsruhe were sunk in the Asse. Since the late 80s it has been clear that water is coming in. The nuclear waste should be out again in 2033 - but where to?


China | energy transition in grand style

China is building gigantic solar and wind farms in the desert

In an inhospitable environment, China wants to build green power plants with the output of 450 smaller nuclear power plants. The country is thus becoming the greatest hope for the global energy transition - while emitting massive amounts of CO₂.


Climate & Environment

Not only way too hot, also way too dry

Extreme years like 2018 will become more frequent in the future, even if global warming is limited to two degrees Celsius. Not a nice view.


"Stop the war. Don't believe the propaganda. You're being lied to here."

"No to war, no to war, no to war!"

Marina Ovsyannikova

Russia | Media | death courage | Respect!

Anti-war hijacks state TV

An activist interrupts the main news program of the Russian TV channel "Channel 1". The UN Secretary-General warns of an "absolute nightmare" in Ukraine. The overview of current events.

More on this topic: 

tagesschau | spiegel



Wow, this woman has reached and deeply touched millions of people without firing a single bullet and without shedding a drop of blood...

These true Russian heroines and heroes who are willing to go to prison for the free expression of their opinions deserve the utmost respect!


15 March 2011 - (INES 7) - Fukushima Daiichi NPP - The Tōhoku earthquake 130 kilometers off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami that killed 19000 people and caused the cooling systems of three reactors at the Fukushima-1 Daiichi nuclear power plant to fail. Reactor block-1 exploded on March 12, block-3 on March 14 and block-2 on March 15, 2011 ...



14. March


SIPRI press release

Global arms trade is declining slightly, but imports to Europe, East Asia and Oceania are increasing

International transfers of large arms slightly decreased (-2012 percent) between 16-2017 and 21-4,6. Nonetheless, exports from the United States and France increased significantly, as did imports to countries in Europe (+19 percent), East Asia (+20 percent) and Oceania (+59 percent). Shipments to the Middle East remained high, while shipments to Africa and North and South America fell. This is according to new data on global arms transfers released today by the Stockholm Institute for International Peace Research (SIPRI).

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Efforts to restore power to Chernobyl continue

The head of Ukraine's energy company Energoatom told the International Atomic Energy Agency on Sunday that power was restored to Chernobyl after workers repaired the damaged power line. However, on Monday, the Ukrainian energy company reported that the line was damaged again "before power could be fully restored."

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Fukushima must not be forgotten

The Environmental Working Group (AKU) Gronau emphasized in a press release on Sunday that the catastrophe in Fukushima and its lasting consequences must not be forgotten


nuclear waste | Croatia

Dispute over nuclear waste storage facility in Croatia:

Fear in the valley of the Una River

Neighbors in Bosnia and Herzegovina are getting plans for a nuclear waste storage facility. Now the government wants to complain to the EU Commission.


Ready for atomic bomb

Modernization of the Air Force

Federal government wants to buy F-35 stealth jets for the Bundeswehr

The Air Force is to get a successor to the more than 40-year-old Tornado. The government relies on a fighter jet from the US manufacturer Lockheed Martin.



Where is the German peace movement headed?

Pacifimus Our author remembers the protests against the Yugoslav wars. The new peace movement has a different face


14 March 2011 - (INES 7) - Fukushima Daiichi NPP - The Tōhoku earthquake 130 kilometers off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami that killed 19000 people and caused the cooling systems of three reactors at the Fukushima-1 Daiichi nuclear power plant to fail. Reactor block-1 exploded on March 12, block-3 on March 14 and block-2 on March 15, 2011 ...



13. March


desire for the apocalypse

War | Propaganda | Ukraine | Russia

"You can't stop Putin with peace doves"

Everyone wants an end to the war - but the path is controversial

More than 20.000 people took part in the peace demonstration in Berlin - including refugees from Ukraine. There is disagreement about what to do against Putin ... 

"Slava Ukraini", honor of Ukraine, she shouted loudly, raised the Ukrainian flag to the sky and said in Russian: "I want to see Putin dead". She is afraid, the woman explained, for her family, friends and acquaintances who live in Kyiv and are now enduring in increasingly precarious conditions while Russian troops "tighten the noose around the Ukrainian capital"...



Thirst for revenge, blood and honor, plus a little thunderstorm

Ignore the lessons of two world wars in order to blithely slide into a third?

No! This is a way of thinking like before 1920. With such expectations, Ukraine is not ready for the EU ...


Fukushima | Japan | Nuclear lobby

Nuclear power unpopular with the population

As the memory of Fukushima fades, pro-nuclear power in Japan is growing louder

For the first time since the disaster in 2011, which led to the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, there was no national commemoration in Japan on Friday.


United States

Far-right billionaire as Republican kingmaker

For the midterm elections in the US, Peter Thiel is financing candidates who believe Trump's vote to be fraudulent.

«I no longer believe that freedom is compatible with democracy» Tech billionaire Peter Thiel explained back in 2009. Thiel is co-founder of Paypal and still Board of directors of Facebook parent company Meta. Forbes estimates his fortune at $2,6 billion.



Peter T. does not mean freedom of violence, press or assembly, he wants Freedom for pocket filler, great statesmen and horror clowns


In own thing: gets hits from Russia again.

On March 6th I noticed that was blocked in Russia. According to the log files, has had a few hundred hits per month from Russia over the last few months, but not a single visitor from Russia has been registered since the beginning of March. Til today!

Vladimir, why are you doing this to me? Please have blocked again, the number of visitors has never been better!


War | armaments policy

"We are in shock"

Interview Sarah-Lee Heinrich, spokeswoman for the Green Youth, does not want to talk about German arms deliveries to Ukraine, but is concerned about the political left. She thinks the 100 billion euros for the military are wrong. Why?

Everyone was surprised by the Ampel government's rearmament plans. Now the left has to deal with the 100 billion program for the Bundeswehr. Sarah-Lee Heinrich, spokeswoman for the Green Youth, faces this dilemma against the background of her party's pacifist roots. But Heinrich expressly did not want to talk about one question: that of German arms deliveries for the Ukraine.


13 March 2011 - (INES 4) - Saint-Laurent NPP - A fuel element has melted in the UNGG reactor A2. The damage resulted in contamination of the building. The reactor was then unavailable for the next two and a half years...



12. March


Russia | War | Ukraine

"Just a dangerous train"

Russia threatens to attack arms supplies to Ukraine

Convoys with arms destined for Ukraine are "legal targets," says Russia's deputy foreign minister. He accuses the USA of an “escalation policy”.


Japan | Nuclear lobby

Response to rising energy prices

Japan's ruling party wants to expand nuclear power

Japan's ruling LDP party wants to bring shut-down nuclear power plants back online in order to make itself more independent from Russia and lessen the impact of rising commodity prices. However, a move by the Japanese prime minister last year was met with criticism from the population.


Propaganda and pogrom mood

Russian hatred like

Facebook simply lets calls for murder go through. Arson attack on Berlin school, children threatened and bullied


12 March 2011 - (INES 7) - Fukushima Daiichi NPP - The Tōhoku earthquake 130 kilometers off the coast of Japan triggered a tsunami that killed 19000 people and caused the cooling systems of three reactors at the Fukushima-1 Daiichi nuclear power plant to fail. Reactor block-1 exploded on March 12, block-3 on March 14 and block-2 on March 15, 2011 ...


12 March 2011 - (INES 3) - Fukushima Daini NPP - The Tōhoku earthquake triggered an automatic reactor trip on all 4 reactors of the Fukushima-2 Daiini nuclear power plant. However, since the cooling system of the reactors failed after the tsunami, the temperature in the condensing chambers of reactor blocks 1, 2 and 4 rose to over 12 °C on March 100, causing the pressure relief systems to lose their function (?) ...



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News+ March 12



War | MIC | death courage

Poisoned bravery

In militaristic praise of the armed Ukrainian resistance.

Gerhard Mangott, Professor of International Relations in Innsbruck and much sought-after Russia expert by the media, will present on March 9.3th. 2022 on the RBB Inforadio: Military support for Ukraine will prolong the war, Ukraine cannot win against the Russian army (from minute 26:24).

"Ukraine is now better equipped militarily than it was when the Russians invaded Crimea in 2014, but they wouldn't stand a chance against the Russian troops," Eastern Europe expert Klaus Segbers (FU Berlin) told the Berliner Morgenpost on March 13. 2. 2022. Norman Paech rightly wrote in Telepolis on March 10.3:

The sacrifices and suffering, escape or death are the only things the people in the besieged cities are sure to achieve. In fact, you only have the choice between a Russian occupation in a halfway intact or largely destroyed city.
Norman Paech

On March 6.3th explains the mayor of Kiev, Klitschko, on ARD: "We will defend ourselves, no matter what the cost." Fighting back is worth supporting.

But taking military action against the Russian aggressor army, which has superior firepower and can reduce cities to rubble in the face of continued outside resistance, is either martyrdom or the ruthless sacrifice of anyone who still wields a weapon be able ...



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Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

MIC still needs the world as a theatre of war ...


The internal search:


brought the following results, among others:


Newsletter LII 2021 - 13. to 18.11. - News+ The "great statesmen" of this world are puppets of the military


September 06th, 2021 - The realm of death: Billions in profits and "cool military commanders"


Newsletter XIX 2021 - April 25th to 27.04th - News+ MiK gears up for important battles to come



YouTube channel - Reaktorpleite


wikiTHEK - arte documentary - 00:01:54 - excerpt from the arte documentary "Wy We Fight - America's Wars"

US President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Warning of the military-industrial complex (Deep State)


Raw data dump - arte documentation - 01:38:43

Documentary: Why We Fight - America's Wars - The Military-Industrial Complex


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 150 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: militarism anti-militarism



AtomkraftwerkePlag -
Research platform on atomic energy


Target nuclear power plant

Additional Risks

Nuclear power plants are not only endangered by natural disasters or internal causes such as quality defects, power failures and human error. Military flight maneuvers and nuclear power plant sites located in flight paths from civil airports also pose a risk, as the past has already shown.

Due to the current threat situation, the risk of an attack has also increased further. There have been several plans for attacks and attacks that have actually been carried out in recent decades.

A study by the Society for Plant and Reactor Safety (GRS) from 2003, commissioned by the Federal Ministry for the Environment, pointed to the dangers of plane crashes, targeted terrorist attacks and the effects of war. This study was kept secret from the public upon completion...

Perpetrated and planned attacks during the operational phase

Brennilis/Monts d´Arrée (France)

On August 15, 1975, Breton terrorists fighting for Brittany's independence from France attacked the reactor with two bombs. 

The separatists had crossed the facility's artificial cooling lake in a boat and cut through the fence. A vent and water inlet were damaged by the blasts. The reactor was temporarily shut down for inspection.

Indian Point (USA)

The terrorist organization al-Qaeda apparently had plans to also carry out an attack on the Indian Point nuclear power plant on September 11, 2001, which is only 56 kilometers north of New York City. Had this been implemented, it is estimated that 43.700 people would have died instantly and 518.000 would have contracted cancer. The cleanup and sanitation would have cost $XNUMX trillion...






Militarism is the dominance of military values ​​and interests in politics and social life, as expressed, for example, by the one-sided emphasis on the right of the strongest and the idea that wars are necessary or inevitable, or by a strictly hierarchical, on command and obedience-based thinking are taught...


is a belief close to pacifism that opposes militaristic tendencies within society and politics. It is thus a counter-movement to militarism in its various forms...



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