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Nuclear Power Accidents

This PDF file contains an almost complete list of known accidents and releases of radioactivity. As new information becomes available, this PDF will be expanded and updated...

Excerpt from the PDF file for this month:


In October there are three years of incidents in Sellafield alone / Great Britain, as well as one incident in each USAin Jugoslawien, France and Pakistan

01 October 1981 (INES 3 - NAMS 1,3) one of 15 'INES 3' accidents occurred in Sellafield, during this event 0,9 TBq radiation was released.

05 October 1966 (INES 4) the "fast breeder" in the Akw Enrico Fermi overheated ...

07. to 12. October 1957 (INES 5 - NAMS 4,6) the 'INES 5' accident in Windscale / Sellafield, in which 1786 TBq radiation were released.

12 October 1969 (INES 4) one of 5 'INES 4' incidents in Sellafield, in this event 1,8 TBq radiation was released.

15 October 1958 "Vinča" Institute for Nuclear Sciences near Belgrade, during an experiment 6 researchers were irradiated, one died ...

17 October 1969 (INES 4) Akw Saint-Laurent, more than 50 kilograms of uranium fuel began to melt ...

October 19, 2011 (INES 1) Akw Karachi in Pakistan, I have not yet included this 'INES 1' fault in the "INES and the list of incidents" page, as I have no information about this incident.



Climate summit begins in Glasgow

October 31, 2021 - "Hear the Cry of the Earth"


Climate research and climate policy

October 31, 2021 - Global climate frustration - how science despairs of politics


October 30, 2021 - Dear friends,

Today around 7000 people took to the streets in Cologne against the planned repressive NRW Assembly Act - a strong and colorful symbol against the plans of the CDU and FDP! Here the PM and the Twitter messages of the state-wide alliance "Stop NRW Assembly Act":

And tomorrow it will continue in Lützerath at the RWE lignite opencast mine Garzweiler II with a big demo for a real climate protection policy - without coal and nuclear! Last week, RWE suffered an initial setback. The resistance in Lützerath is working!

Everything about this and the demo tomorrow on:

And tomorrow the world climate conference COP26 begins in Glasgow. Right at the beginning our friend and colleague Vladimir Slivyak criticized the Russian climate policy again:

We are very happy that Vladimir will speak in Lützerath tomorrow, as well as an activist from Colombia. Only together across national borders will we change climate policy in solidarity!

Petition against greenwashing of nuclear and gas
And: In just four days, almost 50 people signed the petition against the dangerous greenwashing of nuclear and gas in the EU - please support and spread the resolution:

Uranium waste shipments GB-Russia
Urenco is currently shipping uranium waste from the British UAA Capenhurst near Liverpool to Russia for the third time since mid-September - Urenco's uranium waste export unfortunately continues unabated.

Nuclear-free climate greetings

Action alliance Münsterland against nuclear facilities, SOFA (Immediate nuclear phase-out) Münster,


October 30, 2021 - The love of the bomb


EU sustainability standard

October 30, 2021 - Nuclear power is washed green


October 29, 2021 - UBA denounces environmentally harmful subsidies in the billions


October 29, 2021 - Atomic Energy Organization wants to promote nuclear power at world climate conference


29 October 2021 - World Climate Conference in Glasgow - COP26 issues, issues and hurdles


October 28, 2021 - Fight against coal mining: Eviction in Lützerath postponed


October 28, 2021 - Ischinger's fear of the withdrawal of nuclear weapons


October 27, 2021- Dear friends,

the AGs of the new Ampel coalitionaries have been meeting in Berlin since today. In just two weeks, everything about climate, energy and transport should be fixed - after the experience with the exploratory paper, we fear that other important demands will now come under the wheels because the Greens will fail due to the resistance of the SPD and FDP. That would be absolutely fatal, because especially at the start of the world climate summit in Glasgow, a strong and courageous sign to turn around in climate policy is necessary! We therefore demand crystal clear agreements to phase out coal, nuclear (Gronau, Lingen, Garching, Jülich ...) and gas as well as a noticeable turnaround in traffic.

1.) No green label for atom and gas

But a rollback is currently also taking place at EU level: The EU Commission and several EU countries want to have nuclear and gas codified as "sustainable" and thus in principle make them just as eligible as wind and sun - absolutely blatant.

There is currently a new petition from the EU Parliament that we recommend:

2.) October 30th demonstration against NRW assembly law

As of today, NRW has a new CDU prime minister in Hendrik Wüst, but the interior minister is still Herbert Reul and he wants to continue pushing through his repressive assembly law (together with the FDP...). That's why a new nationwide demo will take place on Saturday, October 30th, in Cologne at 13 p.m. from Friesenplatz:

From Münster there is a joint journey by train. Meeting point: 9.15 a.m. at the main train station

3.) October 31 demo "Lützerath is alive - stop coal excavators"

And one day later, the Garzweiler opencast mine will continue on Sunday in Lützerath. As of Monday, RWE can expropriate the last farmer from Lützerath and drive it out in cooperation with the NRW state government and the police - then the way would be free again for the coal excavators.
That is why there will be a large demonstration on Sunday at 12 noon in Lützerath to support the resistance - as a speaker: our friend and colleague Vladimir Slivyak from Ecodefense and an activist from Colombia.

All demo information:


Active environmental greetings

Action alliance Münsterland against nuclear facilities, SOFA (Immediate nuclear phase-out) Münster,


October 27, 2021 - EU taxonomy: The EU Commission wants to classify nuclear power and natural gas as sustainable


October 27, 2021 - nuclear country Bangladesh - things are getting serious



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News+ October 27, 2021



Garching reactor: "TU endangers international security"

The US nuclear expert Alan Kuperman massively criticizes the Technical University of Munich at a Green party event. 



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Current news+ Background knowledge


Background knowledge




Map of the nuclear world:

TUM Garching - Is nuclear research allowed to do anything? In Kini Jödlers Bavaria already...


The German version of this world map:



Search the

with the keywords:

  Garching highly enriched  

brought the following results, among others:


August 09, 2018 - Weapons-grade nuclear waste "made in Garching"


National nuclear activities and ambitions


The uranium story - nuclear lobby / uranium economy / MiK



YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite"


Frieder Wagner - 01:32:12

Deadly Dust - uranium ammunition and its consequences


hr - Jürgen Neven-du Mont - 01:06:28

Atomic dust above us - dangers of radioactive radiation (documentation, 1958)


Will open in a new window! - YouTube channel "Reaktorpleite" playlist - radioactivity worldwide ... - - radioactivity worldwide ...

This playlist contains over 130 videos on the topic




This search engine is planting trees!


Keyword search: TU Garching



nuclear waste report


Research reactor FRM-II - particularly explosive nuclear waste

The research neutron source FRM II (Research Reactor Munich II) in Garching near Munich went into operation in 2004. The operator is the Technical University of Munich and the Free State of Bavaria. The problem is that the FRM II is operated with highly enriched uranium (HEU, Highly Enriched Uranium, enrichment 93 percent), which is suitable for the construction of atomic bombs and can be misused (risk of proliferation, trade and further distribution of material suitable for nuclear weapons).

From an enrichment of more than 20 percent, uranium is considered highly enriched and suitable for use in weapons. The higher the enrichment, the less material is needed to build a bomb. With an enrichment level of around 90 percent, the estimated minimum amount for an advanced warhead is around three to seven kilograms (kg) of uranium. A compact core of the FRM-II consists of a single fuel element with 8,1 kg of uranium enriched at 93 percent. Four cores are currently used per year, the residence time of a core in the reactor is approx. 60 days. Due to the relatively short duration of use, the spent fuel elements still have an enrichment of around 87 percent and are still highly enriched and weapons-grade.

The use of this fuel contradicts the international program for the conversion of research reactors to low-enriched uranium, which was also supported by Germany with its own depletion program (AF program). The RERTR (Reduced Enrichment for Research and Test Reactors) conversion program is an American development program for new fuels with the aim of making the use of HEU unnecessary with the help of higher uranium densities. It started in 1978 ..





Nuclear weapons worldwide

Inventory of nuclear warheads

According to the Federation of American Scientists (FAS), nine states currently have nuclear weapons.

The global inventory of nuclear warheads, which peaked at 1986 in 70.300, is currently estimated at a total of 13.100. Of these, around 9.600 are in military stocks, the rest is to be dismantled (as of May 2021).

Uranium and plutonium

Uranium and plutonium are needed to manufacture nuclear weapons. Both substances were already in military use before they were used for power generation and isotope production. Weapons-grade uranium must be highly enriched and contain at least 90% of the isotope uranium-235. Plutonium that can be used in weapons must consist of more than 90% plutonium-239 and is produced in special reactors in which natural uranium is used.

The global stocks of highly enriched uranium in 2017 were estimated at 1.340 tons, those for separated plutonium at 230 tons (military stocks) and 290 tons (civil stocks) ...





Highly enriched uranium

One speaks of highly enriched uranium (HEU) when the content of the easily fissile isotope 235U in a uranium-containing material exceeds a certain percentage. According to the definition used in the European Community, highly enriched uranium contains at least 20% 235U; this definition can also be found in an IAEA glossary and other sources. Another IAEA glossary gives 80%.

235U occurs in natural uranium only with a frequency of 0,7%. For use in light water reactors, the uranium must be enriched to a 3–3,5% 235U content (reactor-grade). Uranium enrichment can be carried out using various methods. The degree of enrichment achieved basically only depends on the number of cascades (similar process steps) that the material passes through one after the other. HEU can therefore be produced with all enrichment processes. The various processes differ, however, clearly in how easily and inconspicuously the respective plant can be converted from the production of large quantities with low enrichment (for reactor power plants) to small amounts with high enrichment (for weapons).

In principle, uranium enriched to 20% could already be used in nuclear weapons, but such an explosive device would require large amounts of uranium and would be very inefficient. Therefore one speaks of weapon-grade only from an enrichment level of 85% ...



Further to: Newspaper article 2021



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