THTR with 300 MW

Werner Neubauer

The THTR 300 in Hamm/Uentrop

has been out of operation since 1989, because the company in charge of the plant - HKG - was unable to control it properly and covered up serious problems. The reactor due to be built in South Africa, the PBMR (Pebble Bed Modular Reactor), is an advanced version of the THTR.

In early 2003, I searched the internet for various key phrases - nuclear power plant, atom, THTR, HTR, thorium high-temperature reactor Hamm/Uentrop, etc. I was soon struck by the fact that there was a great amount of highly enthusiastic, mollifying or purely technical information about this type of nuclear plant, but hardly any critical comments on the scandalous events surrounding the "breakdown at the THTR" in May 1986.

- The half-life period of human memory… -

I have quite a vivid recollection of the events of the years 1986 to 1989, and so I regard it as my duty to record this history from my perspective before my memory, too, falls prey to the weaknesses all flesh is heir to.

(Similarities with living persons cannot be excluded, but should certainly not be put down to malicious intent.)

My reminiscences do not lay claim to completeness, nor can I boast of a comprehensive understanding of all the technical aspects involved. Consequently all of you are heartily invited to submit contributions - after all, one can hardly ever collect too many texts, pictures and ideas.

This website is dedicated to the members of various civic organisations in the closer and wider vicinity of the reactor, quite different people without particular political preferences, who joined hands in front of the THTR to demonstrate their solidarity in opposing a technology cynically disdainful of human needs. Without this commitment to peaceful, non-violent action it would never have been possible to change the "Hip hip, hooray" attitude to nuclear energy displayed by policy-makers at the time.

Nor should we ever forget the continuous, tireless efforts of the farmers, their willingness to test the limits of their endurance in doing everything necessary to take this nuclear plant off stream.

Farmers and Consumers against nuklear energy

But wait a moment

as you will gather on the next few pages, the whole story is far from over: The 'friends of a radiant future' are ready to resume (or simply continue) their efforts to get this nuclear technology back on stream, firstly in South Africa and under the designation PBMR (Pebble Bed Modular Reactor), in order to produce profits for private coffers - despite the fact that this technology was developed, without interruption, in Germany (at the *Forschungszentrum Jülich) and at German taxpayers' expense.

*"Jülich Research Centre". Jülich is a town in Germany. (Translator's note)

If by chance you still have photos, other illustrative materials and / or information at your disposal, please forward it to me because I lost a lot of material in the course of relocating several times.

I hope you enjoy reading this documentation, which is of a very personal and, I hope, still emotionally charged nature.

special thanks to the translater from South Africa who make this english pages possible - respect!

Contributors and supporters will only be mentioned by name at their explicit request.



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